Jim Flaherty to get state funeral next week

Jim Flaherty to get state funeral next week

Funeral for former finance minister will be held Wednesday in Toronto


OTTAWA – Jim Flaherty, eulogized as an Irish lion after his sudden and unexpected death this week, is going the way of Thomas D’Arcy McGee.

A state funeral will be held for Flaherty this Wednesday in Toronto, the Prime Minister’s Office announced Friday, a formal government send-off for the man who shepherded Canada’s finances for the past eight years.

Flaherty, who died at age 64 Thursday of a reported heart attack, revelled in his Irish ancestry and was known for his ever-present green neck ties.

He’ll become the latest in a tradition of Canadian state funerals that began in 1868 with McGee, an Ireland-born nationalist who became a member of Parliament and was assassinated on the streets of Ottawa after a late night of debate in the Commons.

Flaherty was only a month removed from stepping down as finance minister, a portfolio he had held since the Conservatives came to power in early 2006.

A book of condolences was been made available Friday to the public in the Hall of Honour on Parliament Hill, and will be open to public expressions of remembrance until Monday.

In Toronto, the CN Tower is to be lit up in green Friday evening and Wednesday, the day of Flaherty’s state funeral in Toronto, a humourously fitting tribute to a man who began most public speeches with a self-deprecating joke about his five-foot-three height.

Flaherty raised a family in and represented the city of Whitby, Ont., just 50 kilometres east of Toronto. His wife Christine Elliott, is a member of the provincial legislature at Queen’s Park.

The last federal politician to receive a state funeral was former NDP leader Jack Layton, who died of cancer in August 2011. His funeral, too, was held in Toronto.

It is an honour normally reserved for current and former governors general, prime ministers and sitting members of cabinet — although a state funeral may be offered to any eminent Canadian at the discretion of the prime minister.

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Jim Flaherty to get state funeral next week

  1. Condolences to Mr. Flaherty’s wife and his three sons, and to his extended family;

    > The State Funeral is an honour to this man for his achievements, among others, in steering the country through one heck of a mess in world finances, but also, just for his decent character in the sense that he earned the honourable in the “Hon. Jim Flaherty, PC, MP” especially at this time when we know of several who have dishonoured our Parliament, both in the House of Commons and in the Senate of Canada.

    > To those who are using the various internet news sites and this time to be insulting, or even crass, you do not even come close to this man. By the way, this writer is a LIberal supporter from Quebec but this has nothing to do with politics. Mr. Harper did the right thing with the State Funeral; this taxpayer has no problem with that at all.

    > Mr. Flaherty, Sir, thank you from someone Montreal.