Joe Fontana charged


Former Liberal MP Joe Fontana, currently the mayor of London, has been charged by the RCMP in connection with a cheque used to pay for his son’s wedding reception.

The charges of fraud, breach of trust by a public official and uttering forged documents were filed against him Wednesday by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police following an investigation of more than two months. They relate to a $1,700 cheque issued by Public Works Canada that was used to pay the Marconi Club — a London social club. A copy of the stub from that cheque was obtained by The Free Press and published five weeks ago. The invoice number on the cheque stub, dated April 6, 2005, matched that of the Marconi Club invoice issued about six months earlier. A former Marconi Club manager told The Free Press Fontana later produced a similar cheque for the $18,900 balance owing. He said he remembered the payment clearly because he had to chase Fontana six months to get it.

At the time, Fontana was a Liberal member of Parliament for London North Centre and federal minister of labour and housing. He was elected mayor in late 2010 and is midway through his four-year term.


Joe Fontana charged

  1. Terrible. may there be a full hearing and the proper penalty meted out, and more of the same for Del Mastro.

  2. There you go again Wherry, your liberal bias showing through once agai . . . oh. Wait. Nevermind.

    • This has been in the news for over a month ( http://www.lfpress.com/2012/10/18/you-paid-for-it-but-werent-invited ). I’ll bet you didn’t know that.

      Wherry waited until he was charged before saying anything. And he hasn’t said anything in this post either.

      In the aftermath of Adscam, while the Liberals were still in government, while PM Paul Martin was claiming the Liberals had turned the page and cleaned things up, a Liberal cabinet minister was doing this. Just like Adscam, it was years before it was discovered, and might never have been discovered.

        • Congratulations.

      • Hi. This is not national news. I never heard about it on my local newscasts until yesterday. Why the hell would Wherry cover it, given his beat?

        • How is it not national news for a federal (national) MP in the federal cabinet to be using federal taxpayer dollars for personal purposes?

          • Um, he’s a mayor, not a sitting MP. Also, Fontana didn’t regularly make the news for stuff like unneccary limos and ^not when he was an MP, unlike Oda. She was a cabinet minister at the time of her transgressions.

            Did you hear about the estate that the (former) mayor of Halifax was the executor of…the estate where he can’t account for ~$60,000 dollars of the inheritance?

          • Hello? What the heck are you talking about?

            “She was a cabinet minister at the time of her transgressions. “

            So was Fontana! That’s what enabled him to steal so much money!

            You don’t know what you are talking about, the fact that he is a mayor has little to do with the story. You are actually making my point for me, albeit unintentionally.

          • Ya, I skimmed that part. Wherry does seem to be covering the story, strangely enough.

          • Once again you are proving my point. You shouldn’t have to read my blog comment to know the national news. That was my point. If Wherry, or anyone else, were covering the story, you would know the story.

            And you’re also ignoring this comment: http://www2.macleans.ca/2012/11/21/joe-fontana-charged/#comment-716894913


        • ” I never heard about it on my local newscasts until yesterday”

          My point exactly. If it were a Conservative MP rather than a Liberal MP, you would have heard it.

        • Here’s another way of looking at it.

          When a Conservative cabinet minister expensed a more expensive hotel room while attending an international conference on government business, and expensed a very expensive orange juice at that hotel, which was certainly excessive but not illegal, that was enough for Wherry to post about it 5 (yes, 5) times, including one post titled “A glass of orange juice that shall live in infamy”.

          When a Liberal cabinet minister expensed his entire son’s wedding, which had nothing to do with government business, entirely and obviously illegaly, and hid the expenses, and nearly got away with it, that’s “Why the hell would Wherry cover it?”

          Wherry is only mentioning this story now to save face. The rest of the media either don’t want to even bother pretending, or they’re doing the same thing, they waited to see if he’d be criminally charged before deciding to report anything at all.

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