Joe Preston will not take your bait


Various questions and answers from Conservative Joe Preston’s scrum after QP today. The topic is expenses incurred by CBC executives.

Reporter: You believe, right, on your side, your belief — you guys think generally they’re a bunch of lefty fat cats that need to be cut, right?

Preston: Even if that was the truth, I think they should control their spending either way.

Reporter: So what’s the solution? If the perception is that they’re, you know, spending out of control and sort of a la-di-da gang, what can you do?

Preston: Well, I say the suggestion is the same as other corporations: control your spending, take a look at it. Talk to your people and say these are the levels of spending we think are appropriate in the organization.

Reporter: Privatize, sell it off, shut ’em down?

Preston: Well, let’s start off with controlling some spending. You know we can get to the others if that’s the end result but, no, let’s start off with controlling some spending. Thank you. Thanks.

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Joe Preston will not take your bait

  1. Was that just one reporter? Either way, what kind of bizarre, borderline-unprofessional BS questions are those? Preston seems pretty reasonable to me, unless I’m missing something.

  2. Aaron are you going to name this unprofessional reporter?

    If not, will you perhaps stop complaining about anonymous press briefs from the CPC?

  3. What’s so unprofessional about this? Reporter asks cutting question, politician comes back with a dignified non-answer, end of story.

  4. John: Cute. But the transcripts that are sent out each day do not identify reporters. If only, I suspect, because the transcribers have no ability to know who is shouting what based purely on voice.

  5. Fair enough. Sorry Aaron, thought you were posting this as a witness.

  6. uhm, right.

    cause in an era when pols repeat the same two sentences ad nauseum, no matter is actually being asked in a given subject area and who construct all answers in a manner that says nothing at all and to cover their own ass, the last thing we would wanna do is question aggressively or in a manner that might get someone off their game and give up the goods…

    CPC supporters and their support for non-transparent government is astounding.

  7. The unnamed reporter isn’t responding/listening to answers. The reporter clearly wants to try and start something and Preston doesn’t take the bait, as Aaron says, but the reporter won’t stop and adjust their line of questioning.

    I wish the Cons would get rid of CBC, why does the government need it’s own tv and radio channels, but they are too cowardly to do anything about the State sponsored lefty propaganda the CBC presents. So we get sniping about expenses instead, like that’s the real issue here.

  8. JWL – If the CBC does, as you claim, present “state-sponsored lefty propaganda”, isn’t it pretty clear that it is not, in fact, the government’s “own tv and radio channels”? Don’t forget, the Conservatives are the government.

  9. I haven’t forgotten Kady, it’s one of the many reasons why I am not impressed with the Cons. The government gives CBC more than 50% of their annual budget so I would say government/people own the Mother Corp.

    I would have thought the CBC should be making their output as politically neutral as possible because they are funded by people of all political outlooks but they come nowhere near that utopian dream of mine. Instead, they are rather bolshie. Like to talk ‘truth to power’ when it comes to Cons but are happy to kowtow to ChiComs when they don’t like something in the schedule.

    I should have written ‘to’ instead of ‘it’s’ in “why does the government need it’s own tv and radio channels”.

  10. well jwl, unless there is a different english language where you are, the reporter asks three distinct questions, to which preston answer exactly none of:

    1) what is your perception of the CBC execs?

    2) what can the gov’t do re out of control spending at the CBC?

    3) is privatization an option?

    do ongoing CPC supporters actually want a less accountable government now that their party holds power?

  11. JWL – I think that’s more likely to be the result of spinelessness than professional courtesy for ideological travellers, but as they say, YMMV. Considering how many self-proclaimed lefties lament the recent rightward tilt of the current CBC, I think it may be closer to “politically neutral” than you realize. And really, what *is* “politically neutral” coverage? Someone is *always* going to complain about bias — there are Americans who think Fox is too far left, for heaven’s sake.

  12. Sea ATM

    I have no problem with media holding the Cons feet to the fire, it’s why they are there. I only wish the msm would behave the same way towards all the parties. And how you phrase the questions is not nearly the same as unidentified reporter’s.


    The ‘spinelessness’ you talk of only seems to happen for certain parties/ideologies. Maybe I missed them but I don’t recall reading/seeing stories about CBC kowtowing to conservatives/Cons on a regular basis. When more CBC employees go to work for Fox than Al Jazeera, I’ll believe there is no slant at Mother Corp.

  13. JWL : 10 points -> When more CBC employees go to work for Fox than Al Jazeera, I’ll believe there is no slant at Mother Corp.

  14. jwl with all due respect i think we always all think that the other team is getting off light while we get hammered. but i think what goes around usually comes around when a party is in power. the MSM hammered the Libs on the income trust investigation (prob cost them an election), the sponsorship investigation, etc….

    the two teams that get off easy are the NDP and the BQ…. because neither has/is likely to hold power.

    i agree that my phrasing was not the reporters. but the essence is the same. that is the point of my earlier post. that no matter how you phrase it, a reporter gets the same response.

    so you start to try to throw people off and see what you get… can include lulling people into feeling safe(r), or pitching high and inside…. might not work but you aren’t getting anything less then were gonna.

  15. “la-di-da gang”??! …Yeesh.

    If reporters demand that the PMO be transparent in their dealings with the media, maybe the media should exercise the same transparency by naming the reporters asking idiotic questions. Like most Canadians I have limited time to peruse the media and I usually avoid the reports from incompetent journalists/columnists (e.g., Margaret Wente).

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