John Baird: "Standing with the people of Ukraine" -

John Baird: “Standing with the people of Ukraine”

An op-ed from Canada’s foreign minister


This op-ed was published under John Baird’s byline in the Ukrainian-language newspaper Dzerkalo Ndeli (Weekly Mirror) on Friday. Here it is in English on the foreign affairs department website, and here’s the original. I’ve criticized some aspects of the Harper government’s response to the Ukraine crisis, but I believe it’s always worthwhile to tell people they have company in a time of trial. — pw 

Within weeks of the protests starting in November 2013, I personally walked around Kyiv’s Independence Square to speak directly to the Ukrainian people. Armed with nothing more than a scarf, I saw first-hand the peaceful nature in which the Ukrainian people had gathered to voice their strong opposition to corruption and cronyism, and the desire of the Ukrainian people for the respect of the basic principles of democracy—freedom, human rights and the rule of law.

What started as a popular protest against repudiating an agreement with the European Union has turned into a much broader call for the values of freedom and democracy.

If one seeks to place blame for the savagery and indiscriminate violence, they need to look no further than the abusive opulence of the presidential palace.

As a leader of a nation, Mr. [Viktor] Yanukovych held the solemn duty to not just protect the freedoms of his people, but also the safety of the people. The bloodshed in Independence Square and throughout Kyiv proved spectacularly that he failed the people of Ukraine.

Like Canadians, Ukrainians hold plethora backgrounds and beliefs. However, the common denominator that unites them is their country, their sovereignty, their flag.

The tears shed across Ukraine were for all Ukrainians. Those tears, and the lives lost, must not be in vain.

Ukrainians from every corner of their country have their future in their hands. They want to prove to the world that their unity cannot be shaken by repression, that their freedom will not be dismantled with violence and that their aspirations for a nation built on the fundamentals of democracy will not be curbed by intimidation.

For all that Ukraine has gone through in the past few months, Canadians have stood by you. They did so because they saw the passion in your eyes, the intimidation you felt and the peaceful way you called for change. Ukrainians of every socio-economic background, age and gender filled that square—and your message was united.

As I land in Kyiv again, I am reminded of those people. And while the landscape of Ukraine has changed dramatically since my last visit, the people have not. If anything, your passion should be invigorated, your desire to build a better future for Ukraine stronger than ever before.

The famous Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko once wrote:

“We were not cunning, you and I. We walked a true path; there is not a grain of untruth behind us.”

The road to democracy is one that is filled with many cracks and obstacles. But as Ukrainians will discover, the end of the road is worth the long journey travelled, worth the trials, worth the tears. And those lives lost over the past month will be the foundation upon which you have built your future, and they will never be forgotten.

Shevchenko went on to write, in the famous poem entitled “It Makes No Difference to Me”:

“When Ukraine is lulled to sleep by wicked men, only to awaken her later, robbed and in flames … to this I will not be indifferent.”

Canada has never been indifferent. Canada will never be indifferent. Our country will continue to stand with you in your time of difficulty, and we will walk with you step-by-step in your journey to democracy.

John Baird

Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister

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John Baird: “Standing with the people of Ukraine”

  1. Gonna be hard to walk THAT walk John. Ukranian troops, and their biggest warship just defected.

    • Maybe Junior Trudeau could tell another joke and the problem would just solve itself.

      • His joke turned out to be prophetic!

        • LOL yes it did actually!

          • No it didn’t actually.

        • The Russians invaded the Crimea because they lost a hockey game? With all these lame jokes, Liberals should not give up their day jobs (which appears to consist entirely of believing they are entitled to power…)

          • “With all these lame jokes, Liberals should not give up their day jobs…”

            All these lame jokes? Trudeau made one fleeting reference to the Russians and hockey, then apologized for it.

            I’ve told you a million times not to exaggerate.

          • He only apologized because he was forced to by public opinion. Trudeau still doesn’t see anything wrong with his “joke”.

          • And you and your fellow trolls will keep obsessing about a minor “incident’, completely stepping on your own Con government’s attempts at international leadership.

            Keep it up. The constant white noise coming from braying Con trolls (about a minor incident) completely obliterates their message about the real issues.

            So get on with it. I’ll watch.

          • Keep telling yourself it’s a “minor incident” when a leader of a Canadian political party is seen to be mocking people who are putting their lives on the line for democracy.

          • And you keep telling yourself it’s a catastrophic blunder. It’s a harmless diversion and, as long as you’re fixated on it, you’re not running with scissors.

          • Try adding up ALL the goofs JT makes….

            Go put on your hockey helmet.

          • 1.2M Ukrainian-Canadians probably see the situation over there are more than a “harmless diversion”. To Liberals, everything is a “harmless diversion” as long as it does’t affect them.

          • And Trudeau’s comment is, I can pretty much guarantee, inconsequential to all 1.2 million of them.

            Are you, on the other hand, permanently arrested on the remark? Is it keeping you awake at night? Has it become an ear worm? When you are catching fitful snatches of sleep, is it haunting your dreams? Are you having trouble concentrating? Do you try to imagine various well-known character actors playing his role as the villain whose verbal misdeed overshadows the most heinous war crimes of the 20th century?

            Because you’re starting to sound that way.

          • Of course he’d have to rely on the English translation.

          • You and your trolling is amusing to read.

            How much does JT pay you to defend all his gaffs and be his little fluffer?

            It is what you would call job security.

          • “Trudeau still doesn’t see anything wrong with his “joke”.”

            How would you know that? Seems like there’s 2 options…you’ve asked him or been told by someone close to him this is his view, or your lying and making sh*t up again….hmmm toughie that one!

          • Why did he wait 4 days after uttering the stupid comment if he realized at the time that it was insensitive? He knew what he said on the show before it aired, so he could have gotten ahead of the story long before it was even public knowledge. But he didn’t. Because he didn’t see anything wrong with it.

          • That’s the first decent question i’ve heard you raise on the subject…pretty near any subject really come to think of it.
            I made the same point on the liberal blog, that the party should have gotten out ahead of the story once it became obvious it might be a problem.
            But your conclusion is as always something you’ve pulled out of your arse without examining it for flaws.Maybe he just didn’t think it was all that insensitive, since he isn’t actually a Time Lord? I imagine he didn’t think it all that big a deal at best, at worst he hoped it would slide by without much comment; pols do the latter all the time. It was poor gamble if so. The LPC must know by now that every single time the guy so much as farts someone like you will be claiming he’s undermining SH’s grand climate change plan. Lesson learned. Move on.

          • How come harper didn’t call Justin Trudeau to congratulate him for winning the liberal leadership ? harper didn’t even call Justin up like he did call tom over the Ukraine. I thought that was the height of ignorance on behalf of your guy, and the only reason harper wants to stay on to try and beat Trudeau in the 2015, is because of the hatred he has for him(Trudeau), and harpers hate for Trudeau will be his Achilles Heel.

          • Trudeau hasn’t learned how to think before speaking.

            No exaggeration.

          • “All these lame jokes? Trudeau made one fleeting reference to the Russians and hockey, then apologized for it.”

            Trudeau is running for the leadership of the country yet he keeps acting like a complete airhead. Probably because he is one.

            This guy is dumber than W. Of course, he’s the guy who agrees so much with W’s economic policies, he feels there’s no need to change a single thing… Stupid and useless. He’s got my vote!

          • If he’s so self-evidently fallible, you don’t need to exaggerate the facts, do you? One fleeting sentence, in the context of an otherwise entirely serious exchange, becomes “all these lame jokes” in your take, as if he’d done a whole stand-up routine.

            If he’s as flawed as you claim, surely faithfulness to the facts of the incident should suffice. Try sticking to them.

          • Lighten up.

        • Clearly Trudeau is a genius.

        • His joke turned out to be offensive.

      • Not our problem to solve.

        • There’s that empathy you’re so famous for.

        • Go stick your head back in the sand.

          • Emily One

            Why do you insist on personally attacking those who post things you don’ like.

          • Why do you insist on defending the ill-informed and ignorant?

            You can post whatever you like.
            I’m free to criticize it.

        • And If Russia decides to invade Canada?

          Who will defend us if we let this pass.

          But hey Putin has the body and Junior has the hair. Should be a real team.

          • Yup……Russia definitely needs more acres of snow.

            DO be serious.

          • Emily One
            Russia wants the oil and other resources under the snow and water. If you doubt that ask anyone in grade 6

          • Russia has plenty of oil and gas of it’s own. And Russia is the biggest country on the planet.

          • Do you not know how much oil and gas Russia has already?

          • So why are they planting their flag under the North Pole?

          • To look like they aren’t the rusted out decaying country, that they are.

      • During times of international crisis we must not question our government’s response but continually remind people of a joke the leader of the third party said during a comedy/variety show.

        • “Leader of the third party”… translation: not to worry, this guy is nowhere near real power. I’m sure the CPC will be reminding folks come election time what Justin would look like at the head of our country.

        • Of course the fact that cons are a joke mustn’t be forgotten.

          • Of course the FACT that the CPC is the MAJORITY party and the libs a distant THIRD, must not be forgotten.

      • How’s this?? It’s OK for you to male light of a grave situation but Trudeau shouldn’t? ‘Splain the hypocrisy here.

        • How’s this explanation: one is a commenter on a Maclean’s blog political thread, and the other is applying for the job of chief statesman of our country.
          While the efforts to continually lower the bar for our man child PM in waiting are understandable, I suspect the public expects a little more from a PM.
          I suspect by the end of the campaign that Justin’s bar won’t just be low, but underground. “Sure Justin used a profanity about the PM of England, but it wasn’t the “c” word! My cousin Eddy uses that word all the time, and Justin didn’t go there, so he’s got that going for him!”

          • Trudeau has a way to go before his public utterances reach the depths of stupidity displayed by our PM when he minimized an Obama administration’s decision regarding a politically-charged energy/environmental matter as a “no brainer”. And this was a comment delivered on an American outlet to an American audience, not on a backwater regional show.

            So, don’t get all smug and finger-pointy about Trudeau’s verbal lapses. I can keep trotting out more examples of Harper’s spoken idiocy, too, if you want. But I’d be stooping to your level in doing so and I have better things to do.

            Besides, all this taunting merely deflects from real grown-up discussion about the crisis in the Crimean. Maybe you want to keep the discourse on the level of the trite and the banal because you’re incapable of a more mature exchange.

          • But it does tell us, even if nauseatingly often, that the guy the conbots fear most is JT…why are they so afraid of this utterly unaccomplished half wit with the famous last name? Clearly it’s the evil media’s choice isn’t it…and no extreme is too extreme to prevent that happening.
            I feel for charlie[ and Rick and Jamie Halifax and the other mental midgets that troll for their team @macleans] if not Harper, who? There’s only Rob and Doug left for them. It’s that or stay home in 15. These guys are in it to the bitter end.

          • How are they ‘fearing’ the shiny pony?

            By laughing at his continued gaffs and fumbles?

            Offensive jokes about the Ukraine, a self-balancing budget, etc….

          • And there would have been even more stupid utterances by Stephen Harper but for his continually locking himself into washrooms when on international junkets. Thank goodness for that at least.

            Makes Joe Clark’s lost luggage look trivial in comparison.

          • What ‘stupid utterances’ has Harper made?

            I would be happy to post JT’s.

          • Uhhhh …. Didn’t you read neuroticdog’s post? I thought he was pretty clear.

            But just to top it up:

            “if there was a recession we’d have had it by now”

            “Now is a good time to invest”

            “I first heard about it in the news” (in reference to Nigel Wright’s one easy payment plan)

          • “Now is a good time to invest” He was clearly right. The stock markets are WAAAY up since he made that statement.

          • Oh yeah, brilliant advice for those worried about losing their jobs and having to cover their mortgages.

            Just goes to show how much the CPC actually cares about hardworking Canadians who play by the rules.

          • Uhh…Try reading my question and answering it.

            Provide a link.

            Those aren’t nearly as good as:

            “The budget will balance itself”

            Or wanting to find the ‘root causes’ to a terrorist issue.

            Or offensive comments about the Ukraine.

          • Let’s see you post these utterances that Harper has made.

            Then, I’ll post the beauties from the shiny pony.

            Go ahead, trot them out.

        • Neurotic dog
          Mainly because I am not a politician.
          We expect better than bad jokes from those who present themselves as potential leaders as Junior has done.

          Best description I heard of Junior Trudeau was “he was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple”.

          • Oh, I see. I would have thought that in your absurdly politically correct universe, inappropriate levity about the Ukraine would be unacceptable regardless of source.

            I guess you’ve granted yourself an exemption.

          • Originality is not your strong suit …. That was something said about George Bush Sr. Many years ago

          • If the shoe fits!!! it fits.

            Junior Trudeau is comparable to Paris Hilton.
            Nothing but for Grandpa’s money and Daddy’s name and that is not original either but has been said many times before and is true.

    • Do some research before posting for once, emilynone.

      There is no confirmation of a ship defecting, but an admiral did.

      Try to pay attention.

  2. Yeah that was worth republishing… Maybe the Cons can make it into an Economic Action Plan ad…

    • It was on the Oscar telecast last night…..

      • Just once? Usually the Cons flood the airwaves with their self-promoting ads during big TV events. When it comes to freeloading campaign advertising on the taxpayer dime, nothing but the best for the Con men…

  3. Unfortunately, the actions of Putin were easy enough to predict, as he did the same thing with Georgia. Displace the local ukranians with russians, then invade under the guise of protecting Russion citizens.
    Clearly, Russia did not want to lose Ukraine, and has been planning this for a while. They just needed a weakling in the Oval office to bring the plan to fruition. The timelines were just sped up to account for the protests that kicked out the sypathetic Ukranian president. Plans change…..Russia changed with them.
    The difficulty of course, will be trying to explain why it was ok for the USA to invade Iraq, but not ok for Russia to invade Ukraine. Both were looking out for their national intersts…so there you go.
    I just hope no one (or nation) does anything stupid….because Russia is serious about holding this territory and will fight for it.
    Bring on the sanctions…..because the Crimea is once again going to be Russian territory.
    The Ukraine will be divided, and the Russian parts will become a part of Russia. The Soviet Empire is back.

    • Yup. Putin just single-handedly restarted the Cold War. Meanwhile the Liberals are telling Canadians we’ve got nothing to worry about Russia invading a sovereign neighbour. The look on their faces will be priceless when they finally get around to looking at a globe.

  4. It’s hard to imagine someone who spent his adult life (until almost 40) dropping in an out of university courses and hanging out at lavish ski slopes on his daddy’s earnings could muster the serious statesmanship evidenced in that document. Alas, the man child did not dissapoint with his awkard joke. Watch the whole video of Trudeau’s latest and note how among the group being televised it was the one who seeks to lead Canada who was the one with the deer in headlights surprise that a Russian invasion joke was inappropriate.

    The Liberals could have had a steely astronaut. They chose the political Paris Hilton instead. How sad for the once great party.

    • I like your style. As conservative partisans we must do our best to continually exploit this international crisis for partisan gain. What is happening in Ukraine and what our government does in response to it is secondary to the primary important of leaving comments reminding people about a joke the leader of the third party made on a comedy / variety show.

      • Every time Justin acts like Justin, we must turn the other way, lest the critique “exploits” the situation?
        I think the shorter version goes like this: “you can’t critique Justin”.
        No, sorry, this is a democracy and when one who seeks to lead this great land acts buffoon-like, commenters are “allowed” to say so. Indeed, the more serious, the more it us upon the concerned electorate to say so.
        You’ll just have to get used to those meany detractors pointing out the results of the Liberals nominating a wholly unaccomplished man-child.

        • We shallnt let Justin get away with his comment!

          Trudeau: “It’s very worrisome. Especially since Russia lost in hockey, they will be in a bad mood. We are afraid of a Russian intervention in Ukraine.”

          Lepage (host): “Only because of hockey?”

          Trudeau: “No. It is an attempt to bring a light view of a situation that is extremely serious.”

          The above exchange is the most offensive, disgraceful comment I have ever heard made in the history of Canada. I would even say racist. He’s practically encouraging the Russians to take military action. Justin Trudeau hates peace as much as he hates the troops, jobs and Canada.

          • Do you think the Russians were more, or less inclined to invade after Trudeau’s lame attempt at humour?

            And it says nothing of the total disregard for the Ukrainian people that Trudeau is making jokes about them while they’re dying in the streets fighting for their freedom.

          • My guess? It didn’t even register.

          • Rick,
            What’s happening in Crimea is pretty much a done deal. Russia never gave up their aspirations for that territory; and its acess to the seas.
            What’s more of a concern, is what China will do while the rest of the world is distracted. What Russia wanted with Crimea, is what China wants with the Sprately islands. I wouldn’t be surprised to see China make their move soon to take over these island chains. Obama is a weakling who’s ruined American’s reputation for strength. If I were a Japanese politician…….I’d be sprucing up the Japanese Navy….they’re going to need it.

          • That has to be your crappiest attempt at spin yet. At least i hope so, you couldn’t possibly be that galactically dense could you? To think Putin might be swayed by anything the leader of a third party in a middle ranked country like Canada has to say? I doubt if the guy even glances at what the PM has to say before he scratches his arse in the am.

          • You guys really need to get your message straight. Am I supposed to disregard everything Trudeau says, because he’s the leader of a dwindling 3rd place party? Or am I supposed to take him VERY VERY SERIOUSLY because he’s imminently going to be the next Prime Minister of Canada? You can’t have it both ways.

          • If you had said…it doesn’t really matter what Trudeau says because yadda yadda yadda, you would have at least been nearer the mark.
            Frankly i don’t think you’re here to take anything anyone takes seriously other than your Party’s bilge. Why not stick to praising that? Leave adults to discuss what Trudeau has got right or wrong.

          • Why would I take the Liberal Party’s bilge seriously when Trudeau responds with a (bad) joke when asked about civil uprising in the Ukraine? Am I supposed to take a guy who fancies himself a comedian seriously?

          • In the case of Putin, it doesn’t really matter what anyone says.
            Justin Trudeau makes another ridiculous comment…..which doesn’t matter because no one takes him seriously when the topic is a serious one….
            Harper or Baird make serious comments about a serious issue, and most people take them very seriously, as they know that at least some serious thought went into the comments.
            As far as Putin is concerned, both comments carry the same weight. He simply isn’t listening.
            Crimea is composed mainly of Russian people….and it was Russian territory up until 1954……which by the way, means that the entire Ukraine was also Russian territory at the time. Do you think RUssia would have given that territory up if they knew that Ukraine would realize their independence 60 years later?
            The most we can hope for, is that the Ukraine military doesn’t try and take it back……resulting in the entire Ukraine once again becoming another Russian satellite.
            The Russians will wait for the “election”…..the people of Crimea will want to be staying with Russia….and Putin will drop the ex-president of Ukraine in Crimea to run the place. All democratic and such.
            Don’t give Putin an excuse to expand russia’s reach into the rest of the country.

          • Indeed let’d keep on Harping on JT’s little joke…meanwhile, hey look over here! Baird is actually comparing Putin to the Nazis. Condemn and isolate Putin all you like, but don’t for god’s sake tell the Russian people they are behaving like the Nazis. Anyone with a grade 7 grasp of Russian history will tell you why. IOWs i don’t expect you to get it.

          • Maybe you should listen to what our Foreign Minister is saying today – he is comparing the situation to Germany in 1938. If that were to be the case wouldn’t you think it would be time for your side to drop the pol tools – and concentrate on this – according to Baird – grave situation. We have athletes on their way over very soon – has there been any attention paid to the wisdom of them going? By the way, are you a new Rick Omen – you don’t sound much like the regular one servicing this site?

          • If you think it through, Baird by invoking Godwin’s law has risked far more damage to our ability to influence events over there than JT’s joke ever could have. They only need one more dumb move, like pulling the ambassador from Russia at a time when he would be most useful, to finish the job…oops!
            This is one time i’m glad Canada has a relatively constrained voice in world affairs.

          • And now Harper in QP today – `We haven`t seen this kind of behavior since the Second World War`. They both seem to have a missed a few key events of the 20th century. Hopefully none of this going beyond CBC and CTV.

          • It’s like those guys are stuck in a 50s time warp. Don’t be shocked if one of them doesn’t start dragging out of context Winnie quotes next. Fun fact: even though Churchill coined the phrase iron curtain he never advocated trying to storm it…nor did he throw around well used Nazis analogies willy nilly.

    • And this has what to do with the crisis in the Ukraine?

      • I take it you hadn’t heard about Justin making a fool of himself by joking about the Russians invading Ukraine? Justin, the one currently applying for the job of top statesman in our country. And don’t you just love how folks are now hiding behind the fact that he is just some third party leader. The insinuation being, we should take comfort in the fact that he is nowhere near real power.

        • We’ll just wait till next election. But it’s gonna be a tough fight going against neocons’ 25% popularity.

          • Ahh yes, polls taken two years out. Like the ones showing the Liberals doing fine, before the plummeting to oblivion on election day the last election. I have fond memories of Harper’s “destroying democracy” leading to an assured defeat the last time (and the time before that).

        • See, to the extent that you are parrotting Con talking points, you underscore the difficulty any thinking person has with Con foreign policy, since it’s framed always and entirely on domestic, partisan considerations.

          So, instead of having a mature debate about the options available to Canada as a member of NATO, or Canada as the home of a large Ukrainian diaspora, or Canada’s trade relations with Russia, or Canada’s obligation, if any, to provide cash infusions to bankrupt Ukraine, or any number of other serious implications of the current crisis, we get Con spokepersons and comment board twits like you yapping endlessly about a fleeting comment made by the leader of the third party on an obscure regional talk show.

          You and your party will never grow up.

          • “My party” was responsible for that mature statemenlike document above. Justin was responsible for joking about Russian tanks invading the Ukraine at the precise point in time when that was the most serious matter on the planet.
            A Justin supporter wanting the other side to “grow up” , how marvellously rich.

          • Actually. your ilk by definition is never going to grow up. Growing up is not in your DNA. Con is a con and he’ll always try to go backwards, to eventually becoming irrelevant. It’s coming and not a minute too soon.

          • Then why don’t you comment on the brilliant magnum opus above, instead of seizing the opportunity (yet again) to yap about Trudeau? You are the one who chose the subject matter of this specific thread and it has nothing to do with Baird’s statement.

            Your determination to score partisan points actually deflects attention away from Wells’ post of a Con attempt at statesmanship and international gravitas.

            Nice favour you’re doing your team.

          • C’mon macleans, isn’t it about time this troll was turfed…again? It isn’t just the partisan nature of the comments[ he’s entitled to his opinion, same as all of us] it’s their repetitive, boring and in this case blatantly lying content. It’s not as if the guy ever adds anything new to a thread…ever!

          • While they’re at it, they should ban you for being whiny. I don’t see you complaining about the people who come here 10 times a day to say “Stephen Harper is the devil”, do I? Or about EmilyOne and her irrational mumbling’s. Or even acknowledging the fact that 75% of your posts are you complaining that people shouldn’t say anything critical about Trudeau, because cookies. It’s seriously time for you to grow a pair.

          • I don’t waste that much time on people who think Harper the devil either…stupid is as stupid does. E does what she does, i couldn’t care less. Even at that her posts are almost rational most of the time compared to most of yours.
            Don’t blame me for attempting to inject a bit of rationality into the discourse here that you and folks like Biffer frequently like to run off the rails. I can see i’m far from the only one trying to roll that stone up the mountain of your ignorance.

          • Time for regime change here and it’s coming!

          • And it will be bloodless.

          • Blah, blah blah blah blah blah. You people have been here claiming the imminent demise of Stephen Harper for 3 elections in a row. I guess even a broken clock is right twice a day, but comon. This shtick is getting old, and annoying. You might want to at least wait until Trudeau stops putting his foot in his mouth at every turn before you start declaring him the next Prime Minister of Canada.

          • Then ignore us…please.

          • Not a chance that Charlie boy will mention the remarks were pre taped.[ thank goodness or JT might have really done himself some real lasting damage] At worst it was an ill judged attempt at black humour. But in Biffer and Rick Moron’s minds it’s a form of preordained high treason to be squeezed for every ounce of bile they can get out of it.

          • At worst it was an ill judged attempt at black humour.

            You’re getting closer to understanding that all of Trudeau’s numerous verbal gaffe’s aren’t about the gaffe’s themselves, but about the terrible judgement he displays in doing so.

          • Bad judgement leads to good judgement…got that lesson around the time you were attempting to crawl thanks. JT’s got a lot to learn no doubt. But JT was older than Harper the day he was born.

          • Bad judgement leads to good judgement

            Sure, and budgets balance themselves!

          • Don’t you think it’s more important that the leader of a federal party be discussing the things you listed, rather than telling jokes? Why aren’t you criticizing your party’s leader for ignoring those issues, instead of attacking some random dude on the internet? Newsflash: Charles isn’t the leader of any political party in Canada.

          • This is hilarious. Wells just gave your government’s guy unfiltered exposure of his statement on the Ukraine and you and Chuck have been stepping all over it all day, filling most of the comment board with drivel about a minor incident last week.

            No wonder this government thinks it’s having difficulty getting its message out. Even when it gets an assist from the MSN (about which it constantly whines) along come the dolts in Con-dom, distracting from the message altogether. You’re not likely to win any converts here but you’re sure helping to screw up the government’s message by keeping up an irrelevant sideshow.

            So, maybe the real problem this government has with media like MacLean’s is that they give space to the Cons’ own prattling sycophants.

            What’s that old saw? “With friends like these…”

            So keep yapping about an old story from last week. You’ve pretty much drowned any reasoned discussion of Baird’s statement on this comment board.

            Me? I’m lovin’ it. If I didn’t have better things to do, I’d keep baiting you as long as you’ll keep taking it.

          • You actually believe more than 20 people read these comments? You probably think you’re rants here are shaping a lot of opinions, don’t you?

            Unlike Justin Trudeau, Baird’s statement stands on it’s own. He doesn’t need me or anybody else to defend it, or deny that it was said, or explain that it was said, but it was lacking context, as Trudeau constantly needs you guys to do for him.

          • He doesn’t need me or anybody else to defend it, or deny that it was
            said, or explain that it was said

            …or to even reflect on it, since his fanboys are all over it, instead, with inconsequential drivel about something in last week’s news cycle.

          • “You actually believe more than 20 people read these comments?”

            So, basically you’re engaging in the discourse equivalent of public masturbation.

        • Trudeau made a lame joke in the middle of a longer statement of clear condemnation and concern about the situation in the Ukraine. I suspect that many of the people who profess to be outraged by his joke have not watched a video clip of the full conversation – particularly as it was in French.

      • It appears to be what the harper government is focusing on INSTEAD of the Ukraine. It’s not the CPC that makes gains when they focus on justin, it’s Putin.

    • So, you are a Trudeau hating moron. Any thoughts on Ukraine?

      • And you’re a Trudeau loving moron. Any thoughts on Ukraine? Or Trudeau’s idiotic jokes about the country?

        • Why’s your last sentence relevant on this post…oh, right, you’re endorsing Charles’s bilge merely because you hate Trudeau too. Do you have any involuntary reflexes that aren’t strictly uber partisan?

          • Yes I hate Trudeau, and yes I have involuntary reflexes that aren’t strictly uber partisan. What was your point?

          • Well Rickie that was wot eddicated peoples calls a rhetorical question…my bad for leaving the ? at the end. Bit confusing i know.

          • So you didn’t have a point? I was asking that in a non-rhetorical way….. still waiting for an answer.

          • The point is in there, you just have to use a little imagination.

      • It’s interesting how opposition to liberal thoughts, ideas or people invariably are the result of “hate”. That not supporting him must be the result of some irrational rage.
        I don’t hate him. I just think his complete lack of credentials, intellectual thought and writings, his track record which is more befitting of a spoiled live-in adult than a statesman (in and out of university programs until he was 40), and his penchant to take money from charities rather than donating his “speaking” as a means of some desperate grasp at self-worth, make him one of the most unqualified individuals to try to lead a nation in our generation.
        It is the opposite of “hate” that liberals blindly follow this shallowest of men.
        It is something much, much worse, that the media does so.

        • He should have amended his comment to paranoid, obsessive, hating moron.

        • Hi Biff!

          You have no emotion at all about Trudeau. I believe that. You just, for some silly reason, think that repeating the same lies over and over and over again are going to make them magically come true.

          Anyhoo, I see you have managed to sidetrack yet another post, though I am somewhat surprised you chose this one. Usually you are all over the posts that are critical of the CPC, but here you are, changing the topic of a post that is positive press for them.

          Just some advice…maybe try to help your team out every once in a while.

    • Paris Hilton is a very good comparison.
      Without Grandpa’s money or Daddy’s name Junior Trudeau is nothing.

      Just the guy born on third who thinks he hit a triple.

    • Baird has been living off the public purse, not his daddy’s earnings, or maybe both? Funny how Trudeau was actually the only one who called it like it was – he understood the Russians might act – unlike Harper and Baird who were busy lapping up the Olympics. Easily distracted, I guess. Look! A panda!

  5. “Canada will never be indifferent” – Canada announces $0.2M in aid. Ukraine’s finance minister says they need $35B in aid. Canada’s contribution is not a drop in the bucket.

    • You don’t really understand how international aid works, do you? Were you expecting Canada to just cut a check for $10B and let them do with it as they see fit?

  6. Great letter!

  7. Baird is a joke. Paul Wells is a joke. Mclean;s is a joke. Too bad the shrilling for the HARPER CONS is beyond funny but terribly destructive and very sad.

    • “Shrilling”…I like that. A new verb, to shrill. Or noun, shrill. It has possibilities:

      After losing one’s voice from yelling: The shrill is gone.
      After being shouted down (e.g., in daily QP): I was shrilled to death
      Deliriously-ill shouting: Shrills and fever
      Upon being shattered by the shouted insults of one’s critics: I was shrilled to bits.


  8. John Baird is a national hero and I’m putting together a team of fund raisers so we can erect a statue of the man, it will be of him reading Stevie’s talking notes.

  9. Interesting to read over 100 comments about JT on a blog post about Blair’s letter on the situation in Ukraine. An excellent example of the CPC strategy for re-election.

    edit (again!): that should be Baird, obviously

    • Who his Blair?

      • pssst…it’s a typo. Compounded by your addition of a possessive pronoun he didn’t actually mistype…but you did…lol

        Too funny in ways you’re not likely to grasp. At least not until someone points it out to you…oopsie, spoiler alert.

      • I’ve tried to edit my comment a few times to read *Baird* but disqus is not cooperating

  10. How dare this hypocrite who has had no other career aspiration other than to live off the taxpayer’s dime involve himself in anything related to democracy?

  11. Trolls to the left of me / trolls to the right / here I am / Stuck In The Middle With You