John Manley says he wasn't a player in the Donolo move -

John Manley says he wasn’t a player in the Donolo move


Among some versions swirling around Parliament Hill of how Peter Donolo was recruited as Michael Ignatieff’s new chief of staff, John Manley’s name figures prominently.

But Manley categorically denies reports that Ignatieff asked for his advice, or that he offered it. And he says he is mystified by a related rumour that he circulated word that Donolo was returning to Ottawa.

I have not spoken to Manley directly on this (he’s not in Ottawa today). But through staff at the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, he told me he has not talked to Ignatieff since August, when he briefed him on the situation in Afghanistan. Manley said he was not in the loop in any way on the Liberal leader’s deliberations about shaking up his staff.

In fact, Manley, who held a series of senior cabinet positions in Jean Chretien’s government, has generally been keeping his distance from Liberal party matters since June, when he was appointed as the next president of the CCCE. His term there begins officially on Jan. 1, 2010, but he’s already moved into an office at the umbrella group for Canada’s top corporations.




John Manley says he wasn’t a player in the Donolo move

  1. Sounds a bit like the "three wise men" incident when the Coalition formed and claimed Manley was acting in an advisory role on financial matters.

    Basically the Liberals are flailing, and whenever this happens somebody decides to circulate rumours about Manley's involvement to counter the impression that they have no idea what they're doing.

    Of course, every time Manley dispels the rumours then the Liberals look even more hopeless.

  2. So – the source of that story (I think Susan Delacourt was the one to break it) needs to reveal who told her.
    Susan has great credibility with me – whereas I frankly never did have much trust in Mr. Manley!

    • Susan's source: Obviously Velshi, who she will now out…..

      So delacour has great credibility with you? Well, this may very well be the second time in less than a month that she has been caught out. Once is an honest mistake, twice is a problem. I look forward to her twittering about how angry she is at the anonymous Liberal who told her this……still waiting…….and waiting and waiting…..

      • Excellent point. And it appears that Susan has now pulled that blog posting, it doesn't show up anymore.

        Here's what she had to say about Velshi spreading false rumours of liberal defectors:

        Q. Is it possible that the Conservative source made up this story to make "mischief," as Liberals allege?

        A: Yes it is. But our usual practice is to "out" the source if we find out it was a deliberate lie, so stay tuned. Seasoned political people know that you only get to lie once to a reporter.

        So will Susan Delacourt follow standard practice and out her source?

    • I'd believe Manley over Delacourt any day. She needs to out her sources for burning her yet again. This is getting to be a habit with her.

  3. This denial by Manley does nothing to refute what Manley is being accused of, namely disseminating information in a brief to the members of the CCCE that Davey was about to be replaced by Donolo as Ignatieff's Chief of Staff, even before Davey himself knew and preempting the delivery of the news to the media in an organized and professional fashion.

    Well done John Manley. Not.

    As for John Manley, he is a complete sell-out in my opinion in taking the job as the head of the CCCE and cashing in on years of so called "public service" and advancing the inetrests of Canadian CEOs over the interests of Canadians at large.

    Obviously CCCE's new recruit Manley is anxious to show the membership of the CCCE, his "value added" and did so in a way that compromised his sources within the Liberal Party and made the Liberal party, and himself, look like gossiping children in a school yard. What better qualifications than that to serve as head of the self serving CCCE, better known as the Council of Controlling Chief Executives.

  4. Reading comments above, I have to admit I'm a bit mystified. A rumour from an anonymous source is now viewed as more credible than the on-record statements of a former finance, foreign affairs, and industry minister?


    As for public service, Manley's work in industry speaks for itself.

  5. Re: "As for public service, Manley's work in industry speaks for itself"

    Actually no it doesn't, so perhaps you might like to elaborate. Whereas the nature of Manley's sell out as head of the CCCE is self evident and does, indeed, speak for itself, assuming you were even listening.

  6. Dear What became of my original post?……the one that Jonathan responded to. What gives? Why was it removed?

  7. The usual landing strip for former Lib cabinet ministers is to wait for a crown corp. appointment or maybe a plush position at a Lib-friendly consulting firm. Since these are no longer available there seems to be some anger from the Lib faithful towards Mr. Manley for pursuing his future in a non Lib- friendly atmosphere.

  8. Re: "Since these are no longer available there seems to be some anger from the Lib faithful towards Mr. Manley for pursuing his future in a non Lib- friendly atmosphere"

    Yes, so much so that Macleans deletes comments that are critical of Manley in his new role of lobbyist king for Canada's CCCE, such as the one that I posted that was deleted for no legitimate reason apart from censorship. What's the point of inviting comments from the public if only to screen from public view the ones that are presenting an alternative explanation and challenging the spin put on this matter by Manley and the CCCE?

  9. I am wondering if Ignatieff thinks Donolo is just the guy to lead the attack on Conservatives about patronage appointments – not .

    Donolo served as Chrétien's director of communications from 1993 to 1999. Following that, he served for two years as Canadian Consul General to Milan and later was a vice president at Air Canada.

    What really got in my craw last night, ( as if to stick it in the eye of the Canadian taxpayer), was a picture in one of the media of Kinsella, Chretien and Donolo together – the natural reaction was back to the good old days of sponsorship. No accusation that Donolo directly participated in Sponsorship fraud but he obviously was part of Chretien's inner circle at the time and should have been be aware of the shenanigans going on – a man of principle would resign and not want to be anywhere near that mess.

  10. what can we say, but, and I believe this to be on behalf of 99.999999999 % of Canadians – "Who Cares?"

    • So, .3 of a Canadian cares?

  11. All I know is there is a saying that you can never go back. Donolo was in 1999 when the Liberal faced a divided (no) opposition and really the Libs were the only game in town.

    Libs are always trying to find a saviour i.e. Davey the son of Keith Davey who was respected in Liberal ranks. Obviously the skills that the senior Davey did not transfer to the son.

    Of course the Libs couldn't find a leader in Canada so they had to go to the United States to find one. Now they are hoping beyond hope that Donolo can become the next saviour of the Liberal party.

    Well let's remember that Donolo was successful during the time that there was no real opposition. So we shall see how succesful Donolo is in the end.

    Remember they can change the advisers but the fact remains it is the leader who has hoof and mouth disease not the advisers.

  12. The interesting question that no one has yet asked – what does this mean for the future of Warren Kinsella as war-room manipulator? Donolo has always privately loathed Kinsella and his relentless self-promotion…one can only wonder how long before Warren walks the plank…

    • Well, there is much to loath about the Jackal. And a great way to put the amateur hour behind Iggy would be for Donolo to give the Jackal his walking papers.

  13. donolo as a pick was the wrong move.