Where does John Williamson stand?


The Conservative backbencher speaks with reporters after QP today about the government’s online surveillance legislation.

I have concerns about a way that the bill is drafted but I’m going to leave it at that … I think it’s too intrusive as it currently stands and does need to be looked at. There’s a lot of concern I think across the country.

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Where does John Williamson stand?

  1. Guess he’s bent on staying a backbencher… or finding a new party. Either way, I applaud his courage and hope there are a lot more like him quietly putting pressure on Toews and Harper to change or kill the bill.

    When is Harper’s next chance to prorogue?

  2. Remember when some party was promising free votes on everything but confidence matters? Who was that again?

  3. Way to go!!  I am glad you are my MP!

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