Journalism Fail -

Journalism Fail


The Financial Post’s interview with Joe Oliver, including that silly question, was reprinted by the Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald, Victoria Times Colonist, Regina Leader-Post, Vancouver Sun, Montreal Gazette, Saskatoon Star Phoenix and Ottawa Citizen.

Here, again, are the reasons why this is farcical.


Journalism Fail

  1. Journalism Fail

    Naw, it’s economies-of-scale. Putting all your cracked eggs in one basket.

    Diversity of opinion on an equal footing – now that’s the ticket!

    • Are you a communist or sumthin?

      • Two baskets – cracked eggs bad, whole eggs good.

        Humpty’s Law.

  2. Which is how
    “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth can get its pants on”

    I just wish our media wasn’t a part of this shameful ‘disinformation’ campaign.

  3. Too lazy to look it up. Are those all postmedia papers? Just say’n.

  4. I appreciate your calling them on it. All those papers are part of the network, so it’s really all the same content. Trust me: the local papers you mention have very little local content.

  5. Careful Aaron or you’ll end up like the rest of us waving our canes at the TV news …

  6. I love Aaron sometimes. This is one of those times