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Journalism Win


In the process of reporting on a dispute between the Conservative party and the CRTC, Stephen Maher demonstrates—with three words—how to refer to what one side is saying, while also reporting the truth (emphasis mine).

In May, he recorded a caller from “supporter services” seeking money. The caller starts by saying that NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair had revealed that “he wants to impose a carbon tax on Canadians,” which isn’t true.

Here, again, are the reasons why this is farcical.


Journalism Win

  1. This is only a win for journalism if you believe msm should act as arm of our left wing political parties. NDP want to impose cap/trade system which is a tax on carbon but not exactly a Carbon Tax. If Maher plans to editorialize about who is, and isn’t, telling truth he should do it for all parties, not just Cons, and Maher better have his facts straight which he doesn’t.

    Maher and his chums believed Pierre Poutine was going to be Canada’s Watergate but its been damp squib so far. Maher’s judgement doesn’t seem to be that great, why should public believe him when it comes to informing the public about what is true and what isn’t?

    • So, it WASN’T a carbon tax when the Tories were proposing it, but now that they’ve gone back on an explicit election promise to impose a cap and trade system, and the NDP are on board with a cap and trade system instead of a straight-up carbon tax, suddenly cap and trade is a tax??? (Though I do realize that you may feel that the Tories were lying about it not being a tax for all those years that they were advocating it).

      It is, to be sure, a brilliant political strategy that the Tories are using on a number of files. Spend years advocating for Policy X, insisting that it’s not Y. Then, once you’ve got an opposition party or two on board with Policy X, reverse policy completely and immediately start hammering the opposition on the basis that Policy X is Y, and who in their right mind would suggest Y?!?!? (It’s like how the Tories spent years on the F-35 file talking about the contract they’d committed to, and the terrible dangers of the opposition’s desire to “rip up the contract” only to reverse position on a dime and start blaming the opposition for creating the impression in the public consciousness that there was a contract!).

      As I said, politically brilliant! It’s Machiavellian and Orwellian at the SAME TIME!!!

  2. Hmm…Reading the comments to that article we find the associated Journalism Fail…from user Hutch65…

    “I love the exemption for newspapers, allowing them to telemarket – i.e.
    the Globe & Mail calling our house and trying to scam our 13-yr old
    daughter into a subscription, especially after she clearly indicated
    that we were not available. Because that’s got integrity and lawfulness
    written all over it. (Yes, I complained about that.)”

    • Hey everybody! Is that Herring Red? Everybody go look!

  3. This Maher fellow is clearly a genius for solving the puzzle.