Joyce Murray won't let her big idea fade away -

Joyce Murray won’t let her big idea fade away

Tease the day: The Liberal leadership candidate works to keep co-operation on the agenda


From left to right, federal Liberal leadership candidates Justin Trudeau, Martin Cauchon, Karen McCrimmon, Joyce Murray, Martha Hall Findlay, George Takach, Deborah Coyne, David Bertschi and Marc Garne after the party's first leadership debate in Vancouver, B.C., on January 20, 2013. (Darryl Dyck, THE CANADIAN PRESS)

Stubbornly, the idea that Liberals and New Democrats and Greens should co-operate to defeat the Conservatives in the next general election refuses to die. Even as Justin Trudeau runs away with the Liberal leadership, and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair rejects the idea, Joyce Murray’s co-operation idea earned some real estate on The Globe and Mail‘s front page this morning. She won’t win her party’s leadership, barring some major shift in the race’s complexion, but Murray’s getting a boost because of what’s happening in Labrador.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper hasn’t even called a date for the byelection that follows Peter Penashue’s resignation as the area’s MP., but the Greens have already decided they won’t compete in the upcoming race—at Murray’s request, no less. For its part, the NDP nominated Harry Borlase over the weekend and refused to stand down. Nonetheless, the co-operation idea’s getting more air-time.

You have to admire Murray’s tenacity. She may not win her party’s leadership, and she may prompt a lot of eye-rolls within her own party, but she’s pulling strings wherever she can to ensure her big idea survives wherever possible. What’s she planning next?

What’s above the fold this morning?

The Globe and Mail leads with Liberal leadership candidate Joyce Murray‘s insistence that her party should work with the NDP and Greens to defeat the Conservatives. The National Post fronts the ongoing investigation surrounding two Canadians who helped facilitate a hostage-taking at an Algerian gas plant. The Toronto Star goes above the fold with the federal government’s fight to refuse EI benefits to a mother who struggled with breast cancer. The Ottawa Citizen leads with the next-to-final stretch of David Kawapit’s 1,500-km walk to Ottawa from his aboriginal community of Whapmagoostui. iPolitics fronts questions about whether or not Justin Trudeau has charisma. leads with the last-minute bailout of Cyprus. National Newswatch showcases a Hill Times story where two former auditors general suggest both houses of Parliament should be subject to comprehensive audits.

Stories that will be (mostly) missed

1. Mentally ill prisoners. Defence lawyers will opt for prison sentences instead of not-criminally-insane pleas if new legislation passes into law, warn mental health experts. 2. Charbonneau. Gerald Tremblay, the former mayor of Montreal who resigned amid an eruption of corruption allegations, will testify at Quebec’s Charbonneau Commission this week.
3. Policing costs. MPs from the House public safety committee will travel on two trips—to the United States, as well as Europe—to study policing costs. The trips will cost $200,000. 4. Newfoundland budget. A sagging economy means Newfoundland and Labrador’s government may table an austerity budget, a move derided by critics as unnecessary and harmful.

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Joyce Murray won’t let her big idea fade away

  1. That story is no where on the front page of my Globe and Mail. Car racing, casinos, Cypruys and Myanmar.

  2. Pulling strings? In Labrador? The Green party got 139 votes in 2011. If Joyce Murray is pulling strings, they are nanofibers.

    But Elizabeth May is really pulling some strings. Kudos to her for not having to waste limited money on a riding she can only get a handful of votes in and getting a lot of positive press out of it to boot. May is the one with the pull in this negotiation, as it is her party that benefits. Meanwhile, maybe the Libs can win this riding, maybe they can’t – but, alas, they will have to do it without much of a boost, since the Greens can’t deliver in this riding.

    • A little over half the green vote moving to the liberals would have kept Penashue out.

      It’s good to remember that the whole point of developing nanofiber is that it’s incredibly strong stuff.

      • Why do you think those 139 people voted Green even when there was a Liberal candidate who was the only real contender to the CPC at the time? Do you think they are going to move enmasse to the Liberals now?

        Also, you need to factor in the backlash. This energizes the NDP and CPC base, so I think the LPC may lose more votes due to this than they win. Also there is a reason the GPC is so unpopular in Labrador. Fortunately the whole thing is a minor perturbation because the Green presence is so tiny in Labrador, that one can hope the backlash will also be minor. Unless May or Murray insist on making a big deal of this, it should blow over quickly. Then the LPC will just need to do what they would have to do in any case, work hard to earn more votes than the CPC.

  3. Its very shallow to talk about a power grab from the Conservatives. That shows how idiotic politics has become in Canada. What is important is to see that every Canadian has a job and that the Provinces reduce their massively grown deficits, something the media refuses to talk about, but in total (All Provinces) its over $980 billion according to Financial Post.
    In addition several Liberal hopefuls are opposed to resource development. How in the hell is Canada going to get revenues without resource development? The GREENIES showed their stripes in Ontario, a Province that massively subsidised GREENIES and now is in a have-not position paying for HUGE mistakes by McGuinty. Folks its not about STYLE and HAIRSTYLE. Its about SUBSTANCE, that is ECONOMICS. If we dont get our fiscal house in order then Canada will soon slip into same problem as USA or Spain or Italy or Cyprus.
    You can protest all the pipelines you want. Go for it. But you shoot yourself in the foot like Mulcair is doing. The DIPPERS think that the Government makes money. I got news for the DIPPERS. Governments collect and spend money. Dont matter which Government is is power. Theres no free lunch. We are in a world economy folks. We are not isolated.
    We can increase taxes. We can increase corporate taxes like DIPPERS want. Then watch our Govt revenues fall like a stone and companies leave town. Our Healthcare systems is unsustainable. Most Education systems are unsustainable. Alberta just found that out, richest Province in Canada. We are outspending ourselves. We are down now to 3 HAVE provinces, soon to be two. Thats the worst signal Canada can get.
    And all we care about is getting into power. Who cares for Canada? Canada missed the recession. LIberals and Dippers want to bring Canada down. Its only a matter of time. House Equities and Savings will vanish, say the best economic advisers. Stay tuned.

    • Well said my friend! Intelligent, reasonable and concise.

      • And wrong.

    • It is the fault of the Conservatives that our country is lacking in funds. They cut taxes and as a result there’s not enough to maintain public services. It would not surprise me one bit if there was an intentional plan in order to push their oil/gas agenda and make their wealthy friends more wealthy. Future citizens will be stuck with a poor environment.

      • You have obviously drank the Harper koolaid.

    • “How the hell is Canada going to get revenues without resource development?” Yes, because all we’re good at is being hewers of wood and drawers of water.

      It’s really sad to see people like you deny the vast amount of creative energy, intelligence, and drive that Canadians have and would be willing to put to use if they didn’t have to compete with the government supported resource removal industries.

      Then again, perhaps it’s a simple case of projection.

    • “…something the media refuses to talk about, but in total (All Provinces) its over $980 billion according to Financial Post.”

      The FP isn’t one of the media, then?

  4. @Philip Martin – which of the Liberal leadership candidates are “opposed to resource development?” Please backup such nonsensical statements with evidence and sources. Not one of the candidates has said such a thing.

  5. “You have to admire Murray’s tenacity.”

    Bob Russell – You know what they call a leader with no followers? Just a guy taking a walk.

  6. You know what’s sad about this whole Joyce Murray proposal? The fact that we need to discuss it in the first place, in order to restore the democratic intent of the voters. If we had a more representative system, using either PR or STV, we wouldn’t feel the need to hack the vote in order to achieve democracy.

    • You know what’s sad about Joyce Murray’s proposal? Tom Mulcair would become PM.

      • Based on what? Her proposal would actually prop up the Liberal Party based on the results of the 2008 election (she considers the 2011 election an “anomaly”). That’s why it will never fly. Her math would have Liberals run instead of NDP in ridings which the NDP actually won last election. It’s kinda hilarious that nobody in the Liberal leadership race has pointed this rather obvious flaw out to her.

  7. If the Opposition parties officially cooperate, only one of the party leaders will be able to appear in the leader’s debates. Clearly, Mulcair will have the best claim to be the leader chosen to debate Harper. Why doesn’t anyone ask Joyce Murray if being forced out of the debates is good for the Liberal Party?