Judge Pierre (II)


After QP today, Liberal house leader Ralph Goodale was asked to comment on Pierre Poilievre’s assertion, repeated in the House this morning, about the veracity of the Cadman tape.

Here’s the transcript.

Question: Mr. Goodale, can I ask you what do you think of Mr. Poilievre’s allegation that this Cadman tape was doctored and it was proven in court?

Ralph Goodale: Look, I obviously cannot — cannot comment on the detail.  I just refer you to the statement that was issued a few days ago by the party although you might be interested in asking Mr. Poilievre if he’d come to the microphone and answer the question.

Question: So what do you make just in general?  I don’t know if you’ve said a lot about this but the fact that everything was dropped last week. 

Ralph Goodale: The party’s statement refers to — makes the complete statement.  There’s no further comment.

Question: But the Prime Minister said in the House this would be the biggest mistake that Stéphane Dion ever did in terms of, you know, that you’re going to end up in court over this and all that stuff.

Ralph Goodale: He’s withdrawn his action and there’s no further comment.

Question: So if you’re not making any further comment, is it appropriate for Mr. Poilievre to stand up in the House and say that the tape was doctored and that was proven in court?  The part about that was proven in court, I’d understood that generally speaking members of parliament weren’t supposed to misrepresent (inaudible).



Ralph Goodale: Well, in terms of any comment by me, all I can say is you’d be well advised to ask the question of Mr. Poilievre.  It’s his conduct that’s in question here.


Judge Pierre (II)

  1. The whole thing stinks. I hope the NDP and Bloc (and media, perhaps………………) pursue it. SOMEONE has some ‘splainin’ to do!

    • agreed… this reeks frankly.

  2. That would probably be what the grits are hoping for. Considering the funds they were forced to spend as part of the case, the fact that in the end there would be no real culpable deliberation against the PM (except to his reputation, but that has occurred in this result somewhat too), I’d say they’ve probably accepted Harper’s ‘offer’ and will let the chips fall where it may…
    But yes, agreed, someone hopefully will continue to pry into this. Why haven’t we seen James dog-in-a-rain-coat Moore stand before a microphone and back up or back-out of his past statements?

  3. Yes I agree.What are the Liberals trying to cover up?

  4. The Liberals have nothing to cover up. They wanted to avoid future legal fees (and possibly pocket some CPC hush money).

    • Do you have proof for that? Please share the evidence.

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