'Just how stupid do they think Canadians are?' - Macleans.ca

‘Just how stupid do they think Canadians are?’


The Ottawa Citizen editorial board considers the Harper government’s new position on cap-and-trade.

Here we are in 2012 and the Conservatives’ promised cap-and-trade system is nowhere to be seen. But political parties not keeping their election promises is nothing new. What is new is demonizing Idea X by saying Idea Y is better, then a few years later, when a different party is in Opposition, claiming Idea Y is identical to Idea X.

Just how stupid do they think Canadians are?


‘Just how stupid do they think Canadians are?’

  1. Link please.

    • Fixed.

  2. Is it new? it certainly seems like the Conservatives are a new low, but has this kind of thing been done before? Would be open to examples.

    • How about the Liberals and the GST? Explicitly campaigned on a promise to scrap it, never did scrap it as promised, and now they claim that the GST is awesome and was a great idea after all.

      • That’s a pretty good example.

        Luckily for the Tories there’s almost always an example from the past of the Liberals once doing the questionable thing that the Tories are doing now.

        What we really need in Canada is a party who will promise to hold themselves to a higher standard, and call on the populace to “demand better”.

        Oh. Never mind…

      • Well yes and no. The Liberals at least didn’t then pretend they were always in favour of the GST and that it was really their idea to begin with. Because that’s what they would have needed to do in order to match the level of stupidity and duplicity the CPC is displaying here.

        • Indeed, so part marks for the initial promise to get rid of the GST (and they did cut taxes, rather they went for income tax which experts said was better. hell, if the CPC pulls the same thing and puts in a carbon tax not cap and trade I will be thrilled no matter what they once said!).

          So, any other examples, or is this a new low?

  3. The really funny part is that, at least according to SG’s post, they are essentially identical, in that they put a price on carbon and that cost must be carried forward if the public and the producer is too make choices and or change behaviours. Not that lets the cons off the hook. If it was politically expedient they would be arguing that cap and trade is divinely inspired…in fact that minor diety SH may very well change his mind again if Obama ever finds the political capital to bring it forward off the backburner.

    • Don’t call SH a “minor” deity. The Con universe is a monotheocracy in which he is the only deity.