Just like being there


Report #1 from the press gallery pool reporter.

U.S. President Barack Obama and Govenor General Michaelle Jean met for a private meeting Thursday.

The two spoke spoke together in front of media for about a minute before the meeting.

They spoke in low voices and  appared to be comfortable in each other’s company. 

Obama smiled and leant toward Jean as she spoke to him.

The two were seated, flanked by advisors in a room at the Canada Recpetion Centre at Ottawa airport during the brief photo opportunity, moments after Obama arrived on Air Force One.


Just like being there

  1. The President appeared to have one lace of his shoes partially untied.

    The Governor General crossed her left leg over her right leg, turned her hips slightly to her right and her head approximately 45 degrees to face Obama and maintained that position throughout the public appearance.

    After they smiled and spoke, they straightened up and smiled at each other and then turned slowly to face the media and smiled again.

    They rose from their chairs to face the media. Obama appeared to push off with his right leg while Jean stood straight up with equal pressure applied by both legs.

    They waved to the media.

    They proceeded out of the room with their backs to the media.

    Obama’s footsteps sounded like a clop clop while Jean’s footsteps sounded more like a clipclop clipclop because of her high heels.

    An aide opened the door a full 100 degrees with his left hand for them to pass through.

    They passed through the open door.

    The aide closed the door with his right hand.

    The media continued to snap pictures of the closed door.

    And then the public appearance was ended.

    • LOL, Ted.

    • Yeah, that was fantastic.

    • You should get into the software biz .. that was one of the best algorithms I have code checked.

    • But where’s the detail, man? How come I don’t know how they both waved? I mean, did Jean do the “royal” wave? Was Obama’s more like a full arm swing?

      Geesh, you can never find anything out these days.

  2. Obama smiled and leant toward Jean as she spoke to him.

    Must be part of the bailout package.

  3. any word on who’s asking the Qs?

  4. ALERT! I just caught Peter Mansbridge talking about the lunch menu a while. Could someone please post it, already? I want to make snide remarks about it. I caught “Acanadian buckwheat” so I know there’s a rich vein of comedy to mine there, as always.

    • Well, I have a politically incorrect comment about your quote, but the thought police will jump all over me.

      • Haha! That totally just made me think a thought that I will also only allude to, and not share with the group!

  5. For a brief magical instant, the US president and the Canadian governor-general appeared to be breathing in sync. Then the president tilted his head and smiled, and just as fleetingly as it had begun, the ephemeral moment was over.

    • I wonder how Mrs Obama is gonna feel about all this warm and fuzziness ….

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