‘Just sit back and wait and see what the results are’


Add Patricia Davidson to those Conservative MPs calling for a moratorium on wind turbines in Ontario.

“We know that there’s a tremendous amount of concern in the community,” Davidson said. That’s why MPs in southwestern and eastern Ontario pushed Health Canada for a study, she said. “In the meantime, I think that it makes perfect sense for all of us to just sit back and wait and see what the results are.”

Suncor Energy is proposing to build the Cedar Point Wind Power Project, which could see as many as 62 wind turbines placed in Plympton-Wyoming, Lambton Shores and Warwick Township as early as 2013. More turbines are proposed for other projects in Lambton Shores and neighbouring Middlesex and Huron county’s. “If all of these turbines go ahead and we find that there are health issues,” Davidson said, “then that’s really putting the horse before the cart. I think we need to have the results first.”

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Ontario’s chief medical officer reported on the available scientific evidence on wind turbines in 2010. Health Canada has extended the deadline for public submissions ahead of its study.


‘Just sit back and wait and see what the results are’

  1. Power corrupts.

    NIMBY power corrupts nimbly.

  2. Health care is provincial….tell the Cons to stop playing politics.

    • Perfect!

    • Maybe with enough of them we could re-locate Peterborough.

      • …into the SUN!

  3. Sit back and wait until 2014…
    Oh, wait, the study hasn’t even started yet and theres a delay…
    We’ll never see the end of this “research” as long as the conservatives are pushing their oil agenda down our throats.
    Inspite of the fact that the province already completed their study and found no health issue. ie those in charge already made a decision, Cons are once again imposing their own aganda.

  4. “The horse before the cart.” Indeedy, we wouldn’t want that.

  5. Funny, I haven’t heard Preston Manning weighing in on this debate.

    After all, didn’t he within recent weeks criticize Thomas Mulcair for his stance advocating enforcement of existing laws in connection with oil sands, calling Mulcair out for not adopting the same stance with respect to hydro projects in Quebec?

    Now, when his fellow travellers are trying to put a stop to wind turbines on the basis of their (to date unsubstantiated) beliefs that the noise they cause is a health hazard, I don’t hear Preston squeaking “wait a minute, have we checked if oil sands extraction might be causing any health hazards?”

    Hypocrisy is as hypocrisy does . . ..

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