Justin Trudeau: Cool high school teacher


The Liberal leadership hopeful explains his support for the decriminalization of marijuana, zings high school student.

By this point in the response, the student who originally asked Trudeau the question had stopped paying attention to the MP’s answer and began talking to his friends. Trudeau noticed, and didn’t waste the opportunity to point out that while a number of studies have shown marijuana is less hazardous to health than alcohol and tobacco, the drug can also affect brain development if used heavily during teenage years.

“And the effect of marijuana on the growing brain is being demonstrated by the muttering in the corner right now,” said Trudeau of the unaware students. His comment drew gasps, then laughter and finally thunderous applause from other students and staff.


Justin Trudeau: Cool high school teacher

  1. Some call it tampee
    Some call it the weed
    Some call it marijuana
    Some of them call it ganja

    Legalize it – don’t criticize it
    Legalize it and i will advertise it

    Singers smoke it
    And players of instruments too
    Legalize it, yeah, yeah
    That’s the best thing you can do

    Doctors smoke it
    Nurses smoke it
    Judges smoke it
    Even the lawyers too


  2. Trudeau opposes cannabis decrim, please update with correction.

  3. MacLeans reported in 2010 that Justin opposed cannabis decrim, he now says he is a huge supporter. What will be his position next week? Maggie Trudeau blames her me.tal health issues on chronic cannabis use and Justin says he saw the negative effects of weed when he lived in Whistler.

    • Could you link the story, please?

  4. Rightly or wrongly Justin represents change, and therefore hope.

    Yup, a lot of that sentiment going around this year.

    Naturally Justin would oppose the status quo….probably on a lot of things.

    • Hahaha, Justin Trudeau represents change? He’s been a part of the Liberal Party (“Natural governing party”) since the day he was born. He grew up in 24 Sussex Drive for God’s sake! That’s like trying to spin Jeb Bush as the “change” candidate for the GOP, it just makes the person saying it look stupid.

      • Stop with the trolling Rick. Nobody cares about your talking points.

        • You’re going to accuse me of repeating talking points while you’re repeating the Trudeau Junior campaign team’s spin of being the “change” candidate? Or are you going to tell me you came up with that all on you’re own? Cause if you did, you sure seem incapable of defending the idea. But I wouldn’t expect much more from Macleans.ca’s Top Liberal Troll of the Year. How’re things in Junior’s campaign office?

          • You’re really bad at this Rick….tell HQ to send a replacement.

  5. that was clever and like his more salty shot at Peter kent, justified. Like the last minute change to the question about global warming in the HoC, it shows he can think on his feet to wrong foot an opponent. If he can pull off one of those a week during a campaign, it would serve his party well.

  6. Too bad he’s for the status quo on supply management. Coming out against that would have been both gutsy and the right thing to do.

    • I agree….you shouldn’t talk change if you don’t actually propose any.

    • Junior will say whatever he thinks the room wants to hear. And I’m sure 90% of the media will let him get away with it too. I can’t wait for him to start saying one thing in Quebec and another thing to the rest of the country.

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