Depth is no small matter in this case


This week’s magazine piece—already the subject of several nasty letters to this writer—is now online.

Note. Headline changed because it invited too many easy punch lines.

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Depth is no small matter in this case

  1. Good article.

    A few comments, somebody needs to give that young lad a reading list, except for Ondaatje, that’s a pretty dismal library. I’ve seen Justin a couple of times on TV. Once when he gave his over-the-top eulogy at his dad’s funeral which made me cringe. The second was when I saw him interviewed on TV. He reminded me a lot of his mother, much less of his father. I doubt that the maternal resemblance will serve him well in politics.

    Still he seems so earnest and well-meaning, it’s hard not to wish him well and hope that he makes a contribution to politics in this country.

    • yeesh! He gave an over the top eulogy at his dad’s funeral. How gauche of him. If he had presented it dry eyed and stone faced, you would now be calling him callous. Way to take political hatred to a new low Jarrid.

      • Nothing to do with politics kc, it was like a theatrical performance, it was about Justin performing, he made a bit of a spectacle of himself. You should go have a look yourself, it’s probably somewhere on youtube.

        • I didn’t see the eulogy, nor will I look for it (I find it a private thing, distateful to peek in the window at, but that’s just me). I did read the article and a few other things about Justin as he enters politics.

          I must say, his father was not my favourite politician (Joe Clark is) but I do respect the Charter of Rights and Freedoms he gave us. But I have been mightily impressed with Justin thus far. My biggest fear for him is the ego, moving to fast, kind of thing. Thus far he seems grounded and very well aware that he needs to focus and learn the job at hand–not continuously dream of the ‘big moment’.

          So good luck to him, and great start.

          • moving too fast

          • Uh, Jenn, that “private thing” was carried live on national TV. You may cleanse yourself of the dirty feeling of being the voyeur.

            But the larger point is certainly valid. To hold a long-ago awkward performance eulogizing his recently departed father against his future attractiveness as a politician seems a trifle silly. Particularly considering all the awkward moments every single one of our established politicians have offered us… as politicians!

        • jarrid
          yes i’ll grant you it was a bi theatrical. But yr simply projecting. It was his dad’s funeral, cut the guy some slack. The sins of the father is that it jarrid? At least be honest about it.

  2. Oh MYL, I know it was.. I just don’t think things like that should be. So, I don’t watch them. And yes, I know PET was something of a National treasure and therefore his funeral very much was our business. But still he was a human being with a family, and I feel like they deserve to say goodbye without a gaggle of onlookers. Maybe I feel this way because he WASN’T my favourite politician. Maybe I’d feel differently if he had been.

    I’m really not sure I understand my reaction myself, but just because “everyone else is doing it” doesn’t mean my ethics (or whatever this is) has to change.

    • jenn – Joe Clark keeps on looking better in my book too. I was surprised, pleasantly, and more than a little touched to discover the relationship between the 2 men [T&C] was warm and respectful. Clark gave by far the best speech in the HOC in tribute to Trudeau. Canada could do with more, much more of his kind of politician.