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Justin Trudeau: Media critic



Justin Trudeau: Media critic

  1. Justin Rocks… Sun Media not so much!
    gotta Love those Tough Questions.

  2. I expect no better from Sun News is foolishly rash and confrontational.
    Imagine Stephen Harper stating on the record that I expect no better from the CBC. Harper is smart enough to let his minions make those comments.
    If Trudeau is unable to curtail his impulsive and confrontational responses, he will easily be baited into making statements that can be quoted in and out of context and be used as soundbites to brand him.
    His response to the Sun questions were fine and I like that he’s “feisty”, but his shot at Sun News was unprofessional and undisciplined – and discipline is something he will surely need to stare down the Conservative onslaught coming his way should he become the leader.
    Harper did not get where he is by accident; he is a very shrewd politician. Justin cannot afford to have a long learning curve fraught with missteps. His emotional nature is part of his charisma, but will also become his Achilles heel if he doesn’t use his head more than his heart.

    • The guy acts like a 40 year old virgin—if you are a Liberal, don`t walk away from him—run !
      He will be the end of the LPC.

      • you sound like someone who is afraid of JT – as well you should be

        • Haha, yes the JT haters here keep warning Liberals to avoid JT — wouldn’t you think they would be thrilled? They don’t seem to be as excited at the prospect of facing JT in the HoC as one might think, do they?

          • Listen, the guy would be an NDP`er if his name wasn`t Trudeau.
            I really don`t hate the guy—seems very likeable, if a little annoying with his breathless speaking style.
            The problem is that when it comes time to replace the Harper government ( and it will come, just not for some time ), I would much prefer a PM Hall Findlay then some combination of a Trudeau-Mulcair team.
            And he will be the one to team up with the dippers or the separatists—that will be the end of the LPC.

          • I am a Liberal but I am less concerned about a party brand than I am about good, fair, kind government for our country and our people.

          • LOL. Justin has certainly put the fear of God into the Conservatives. Guess their sheer desperation is driven by the results of their obsessive internal polling…

      • “a 40 year old virgin”

        Sounds like he could be a threat to a key Conservative demographic – at least until Kenney takes the reigns.

        • Yeah, that was a weird metaphor, wasn’t it?

      • Yeah the guy with the rock star charisma and smoking hot wife is a “40 year old virgin.” I wonder how fanatical conservatives can breathe with their heads stuck so far up their arses…

        • Hey–Potty Mouth………I said he ACTS like a 40 year old virgin.
          He really needs to mature quickly.

          • No politicians are as petty and immature as the Harper Conservatives. They are pathetic…

    • Rash, confrontational, yes sure. Impulsive? I highly doubt it. Voters don’t want professional politicians. They want passionate human beings and there’s no question Justin gives us that in spades. I don’t want to infer he isn’t sincere because I truly think he is, but I think he might ‘put on’ impulsive when it is really thought-out. They said his sovereignty comments were foolish, too, but the MP from Papineau managed to rally to his side constituents who were maybe disappointed they didn’t join the Orange Crush–not because of his sovereignty comments, but solely because of the RoC’s reaction to them. I think it was truly brilliant.
      Heh, and this is a leadership candidate I DON’T intend to vote for! LOL.

      • Wait a minute,

        Did you just say that Trudeau deliberately spoke in favour of Quebec sovereignty so that the RoC`s backlash against him would then encourage Papineau voters to support him—sounds dangerously manipulative of him—-wonder what his Dad would think that strategy ” was truly brilliant “.

        • Well, no, because he DIDN’T speak favourably of Quebec sovereignty. He said if Canada became the country of Stephen Harper’s dream–the one “we won’t recognize when he’s through with it” he would join the Sovereignty bandwagon. So would I, if non-Quebeckers can come to. And if they can’t, I guess we’d have to start our own Sovereignty movement. Like all those Republicans threatening to move to Canada if Barack Obama is re-elected as President. Only, not because Stephen Harper is our PM, but because Canada has stopped caring about people and the environment we live in, made women no longer persons sovereign over their very own bodies, and the like. Or much like the secession petitions filed at the White House. But the manipulative part I think you’ve got right (politics I am coming to learn, is not just about being factual and sincere) and I imagine his Dad would be super proud. What does your dad think about your manipulative attempt to frame Trudeau’s remarks as being in favour of Quebec sovereignty today?

          • I see your point, but that`s a very thin line Trudeau spoke off when he starts to put conditions on when it would be ok to ” join the Sovereignty bandwagon “.
            As to the reactions of one`s father I`ll say this:
            If Mulcair were to become PM (shiver !) and he were to take this country to the edge of a socialist nirvana, the last thing I or my father would do would be to think about abandoning my country or encouraging others to do the same.
            And if Trudeau truly believes that Harper represents any real danger to his country, then he should not be making idle threats about Separation, but rather he should be pledging to work harder to replace him.
            But, he does not really believe that Harper poses any threat to his Canada—it was an idle threat he made to appeal to the separatist leaning voters in his riding–truly brilliant ?
            His father would not have done that.
            I will avoid the temptation to ask how your father might feel about your rationalizing of Justin`s actions.

          • I’m not quite sure how the man can pledge to work harder after pledging to contest for the leadership of a political party while also an MP and a father of young children. But, this is where we might differ. Neither Justin or I are waiting for the disaster to totally befall us before working just as hard as we can, in our own way, to prevent such disaster from befalling us. If we fail, we’ve already given it all we have. I, of course, will NOT be pledging to contest for the leadership of any party because I’m not totally stupid but I am totally unsuited for the job and I want a GOOD country, not one led by, uh, me.
            And I’ll tell you what my father would think of what I’m doing. He was a strong Conservative. He’s probably been rolling over in his urn for years. :) But maybe not, because he was a strong PROGRESSIVE Conservative and he’s probably rolling the other way because of what Harper’s done to his once-proud Party.

          • You’re awesome, Jenn. Whose your choice candidate? As you know, I’m excited about JT in the race. I went to meet both him and Marc Garneau when they were out here a few weeks ago. JT is amazing in person, hate to sound so fawning, but his presence here in Conservativeland was very welcome and very exciting — and literally hundreds of people showed up to meet him with only a few hours notice. Marc Garneau impressive in other ways, and of course, he’s only Canada’s first astronaut, and a former Commander in the RCN — so much for the death of the LPC, nobody impressive wants to lead that dead duck.

          • Who’s, not whose. Gawd.

          • I’ll trade you that whose for my to instead of too earlier up :)
            Thanks, Patchouli. I’m going all in for David Merner. He’s a young(ish, but everyone’s young to me now, sigh) lawyer out of BC, who agrees with LEGALIZING marijuana (not decriminalizing, which is where I part ways with M. Trudeau), environmental protection while being a trading nation, cutting payroll taxes, and COOPERATION. He’s a westerner (a lot of time living in Alberta as well as BC) and the easiest-to-talk-to lawyer I’ve ever met, including my own lawyer! Making every vote count . . . I could go on but I’ll just provide his website link instead. http://www.davidmerner.ca Let me know if you want the link to our event videos featuring David as the Liberal (Cathy McLellan as the Green, James Gordon as the NDP and Stuart Parker because we liked what he had to say)

          • Thanks, Jenn, I will read up on him since I know nothing about him at all. And if he comes knocking in this city, I will be sure to go and see him too. Bestest to you.

          • But you didn’t avoid the temptation to…oh well.

            Finally a post that i could pretty much find some areas of agreement. I’ve never considered whether JT was insincere [toward separatists] before. I was inclined to be critical in much the same way you were – stay and fight. But that IF was[??] maybe pretty damn smart – slippery but smart.Perhaps this guy has hidden depths? Who cares if he is leading sovereigntists up the garden path with those comments. I disagree though that his father wouldn’t have done exactly that if he had to. Mostly though he was never truly in the losers corner vis vis QC.

          • Darnit, I need to work and here are kcm2 and 2Jenn, all gathered on an article about JT!

            I just want to say there’s been lots of strategy to date already. The pr problem of Ignatieff and Dion was that the Cons moved quickly to define them to Canadians, negatively.

            How can they define JT, who is truly Canada’s son, who we have all known and seen for his whole life? They called him wimpy and opportunistic, so he ran and won in a tough riding instead of an easy one. They called him shiny pony, but he boxed a guy with the biggest forearms I’ve ever seen and won — defining himself once again as a guy who does not take the easy way out.

            There’s so much more to JT than great hair and charm. But there’s lots of that too — he so far owns his image, and I don’t think CPC can take that away from him like they could with someone new, or with someone who’s been around like Martha HF!

          • It’s tough to tarnish true authenticity, if that’s what JT turns out to have…so far the signs are positive…read opposition worried.

      • Agreed….Justin is not impulsive. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

      • I truly hope you are correct.

    • I disagree — have you ever watched Sun Media? This is not actually journalism in any way; it is just partisan rhetoric (ex PMO communications guru Kory Teneyke is VP at Sun Media, right?). They consistently refer to JT as “the shiny pony” when they refer to him. They squealed with delight at his sure loss to Pat Brazeau, crowing and maligning — until he won, and even then, he showed good-natured disdain for Ezra and Lilley when they wanted to talk to him after the match.

      The ony women you will see working for this “news outlet” are bare-armed, in slinky dresses, usually blonde and young. Their star woman is Krista Erickson, who for crying out loud, LIVED common law with former CPC MP Lee Richardson — she was his “other” for travelling. A working conservative-loving journalist travelling on public money as a paramour for an MP — how balanced can her journalism be?

      He might as well declare war on Sun Media, and let the chips fall where they may. As Doyle pointed out in the G&M the other day: Sun has an audience of .01 per cent, yet they want mandatory carriage with cable companies. They crow about public spending, yet they want us to be forced to pay for their channel even though none of us watches it. They crow about public money even though their Barbie doll journalist travels around with her boyfriend on it.

      Sorry, I’m ranting at you — JT answered her “tough questions” and she kept following him asking the same question. If other parties cannot get balanced coverage from a so-called media outlet, then why should they have to kowtow to that outlet?

      • Yes Sun Media is an openly slanted and gaudy infomercial, and personally I have no use for it.

        If Justin is openly stating his disdain for Sun, then I can’t blame him. I just hope it is a thought out stance as opposed to a provoked off the cuff remark. They are going to attack him no matter what, but by declaring war, it can turn into a pissing contest, and that is energy better spent elsewhere.

        • It may well have been a provoked, off the cuff remark, but he has not too much to fear from a pissing contest with an outlet that has only .01 per cent of the viewer share. The haters will hate on (read the Sun comments), no matter what he says and does. It’s hard to watch that clip and NOT realize that the journalist is disingenuous, as he says, to ask about such a silly thing in the face of the current real news about veteran treatment. I personally feel that his spontaneity is prove to be a good foil to the cold, sterility of harper and the calculated anger of Mulcair.

          • Completely agree with you – his authenticity, warts and all is his best weapon. To extend the metaphor, what subliminal message would he have sent if he had said…’of course you’re right, i must do what Sun says…creep creep…the media is always right…ceep…suck…creep’. Voters will take note.

            It is quite fascinating to see echoes of his Pappa appear from time to time. The studied walkaway, the insouciant last minute turn with a biting or withering remark…pure PET…all it needed was a pirouette or a finger…hmmmm, maybe not!

          • Here’s hoping JT saves his fuddle duddles until he’s in power.

          • Think he should stick with his characterization of Kent as a POS though…that’s a keeper.

  3. I am contractually obligated to ask those “tough” questions…but just not to Conservatives.

    Game set and match to JT.

  4. We’re starting to see the real Trudeau. Keep it up, Justin.

    Remember: Justin has a father AND a mother!

    And remember: No doubt Justin has promised his wife that if he looses the leadership race, he will back out of politics.

  5. Justin Trudeau was high school teacher for a short time. He quits courses he starts. He’s got where he is by his name and his family’s wealth. Give me a break.