Justin Trudeau releases an ad

Tease the day: The Liberal leader responds to his Conservative detractors

Trudeau’s other opponent

Photograph by Adam Scotti

Justin Trudeau, a man who hopes not to be defined by his enemies’ political advertising, has released an ad all his own. It’s a positive ad where Trudeau, the brand new Liberal leader, is sitting in a classroom and talking about talking. He has pledged to not resort to gutter politics. His chief political foes in the advertising world, the Conservatives, are well known to thrive in the gutter. That’s the line in the sand, at least for now. Cue the online bickering, the sniping, the analysis, the speculation.

Where are these ads, you ask? You’ll have to go elsewhere to find them. Those savvy folks on both sides, masterminds who know how easily their ads will proliferate online at virtually no cost to their pocketbooks, won’t find any free advertising on this particular post.

What’s above the fold this morning?

The Globe and Mail leads with a third man questioned by FBI officials in connection with the foiled Via Rail terrorist plot. The National Post fronts a previous pardon granted to accused terror plotter Raed Jaser after he uttered death threats in 2001. The Toronto Star goes above the fold with denials and silence by the suspected plotters during their first court appearances. The Ottawa Citizen also leads with the suspects’ first court appearances. iPolitics fronts human rights advocates’ attempts to convince the federal government to implement forthcoming UN recommendations on how the country can improve its human-rights record. CBC.ca leads with the RCMP’s surveillance of suspected terror plotter Chiheb Esseghaier for over a year. National Newswatch showcases the Toronto Star‘s blow-by-blow of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s first advertisement.

Stories that will be (mostly) missed

1. Call centre. A marketing company used by the Conservative Party to raise money has asked for creditor protection, a move that leaves a number of charities waiting for outstanding payment. 2. Smuggling. A Quebec soldier based at Ontario’s CFB Borden, David Theriault, faces over 30 charges related to weapons smuggling that involved hundreds of firearms and parts.
3. Gender equality. A new study by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives says the proportion of women on corporate boards has only risen by 2.3 per cent in the last two decades. 4. Charbonneau. Former Montreal mayor Gérald Tremblay will likely testify at the ongoing inquiry into corruption in Montreal’s corruption industry, several months after resigning his post.


Justin Trudeau releases an ad

  1. I’m not sure I’m feeling the correct reaction to the ad. I’ll wait until I hear from someone who knows a lot more about advertising than I do; this optimism I feel might be misguided. I might be in way over my head

  2. ” Those savvy folks on both sides, masterminds who know how easily their ads will proliferate online at virtually no cost to their pocketbooks, won’t find any free advertising on this particular post.”

    Wherry posted the videos an hour before you took this brave stand – is Wherry a dupe of Lib party?

  3. Justin says he’s a son. Justin says he’s a father.

    Harper is a son. Harper is a father.

    So the difference is that Justin is a teacher?

    • Oh. I thought the difference is that Justin appears in, and provides the voice for his own ad.

      • Good point!

        But does it not matter then what he says? What he says is that he is a son and a father. And he is being the teacher by telling us to all get along nicely now.

        But i am not waiting for a teacher to tell me to all get along nicely. I am an adult and know that already.

        I am an adult waiting to vote for someone who tells me what direction this country will take under his or her leadership. And on that front, teacher Justin has nothing to tell!

        • He was just elected as leader of the party… give him a few months to at least develop a platform and then you’ll know the direction in which he plans to leave the country. For now, the CPC attack ads couldn’t go unanswered, which is why this ad exists now.

          • *lead haha. That came out wrong.

          • (I’ve read your correction to your post…. :)) ….)

            But does Justin not realize that he has given his opposition more ammunition with this ad???

          • That all depends on your point of view. Perhaps they gave him more ammunition with their ad?

          • Of course, if you think that Quebec values are superior, well, then continue……as you see fit! Maybe Quebeckers like incorrect math too. Lol

          • Francien, you have descended into binary partisanship of the worst variety. You have lost all objectivity and have become a squawking parrot of simplistic memes and schoolyard shoe piddling.
            I don’t care for Stephen Harper, but I don’t resort to thimble filling either. Why are you so damned scared of Justin?

          • You see, and I had always thought that calling Harper ‘scary’ and a ‘dictator’ and saying that Harper has a ‘secretive agenda’, that the CPC are a bunch of ‘dinosaurs’, that sort of stuff was the real descention into partisanship of the worst variety.

            Why are you so scared of Harper!

          • Can’t speak for Pickngrin, but I’m not scared as much as disappointed and disillusioned. And I think his policies are taking us in the wrong direction on a great many fronts. I also don’t trust him as far as I can throw him for the simple fact that we have caught him in so many lies and underhanded dealings.
            As far as the dictator bit goes… you have to admit the man is a control freak who does not brook dissention. (He must be seething over the backbench revolt.)
            And secretive? The man promised open and transparent government and delivered the most opaque Canadian government ever. So yeah – that shoe fits like Cinderella’s glass slipper.
            When there was a PC party I tended to alternate voting between them and the Liberals (I’m fiscally conservative and socially liberal). The CPC won’t be getting my vote without some substantial changes in the leadership.

          • Oh, how nice of you KeithBram to keep pushing the same old line; pretending you state any solid reasons for ‘wanting to throw Harper as far as you can’ but in reality you just repeat the same old, old,

            Don’t forget to repeat it for the next two years! Remember, when it was used in the past, Harper babababababad, it only gave Harper more votes, not less!

            Take your chances is all I can say!

          • er…did you read ANYTHING Keith wrote? Pickngrin is right, you are a parrot.

          • Truth hurts Francien? With anyone NOT a CPC troll I’d elaborate, but you are apparently quite comfortable with Poutine, In & Out, and the rest of the endless list and actually believe the ends justify the means.

            One truly telling bit from the article Nick links to:

            “Conservatives, as a rule, also don’t give details on their spending or targets of negative ads, but they usually place them on programs watched by Canadians who don’t follow the political news that closely.” [my emphasis]

            Proving, in other words, what anyone paying attention already knows: CPC targets the clueless.

          • Everyone has a reason for blogging.
            Some come to play the loudmouth barfly and order round after myopic round of the same old, same old.
            Some love to feel part of the crowd and warm their hands by the glowing embers of a torch wielding mob.
            Some are just plain ornery and contrary, no matter which party is in power.
            Some come to engage in witticisms, wordplay and humour. There’s something universal in laughter.
            I’ve donned various cloaks and guises and travelled down a number of paths, and it has been a long journey to where I stand now. I no longer think Harper is evil, or other such dumb terms. He’s just another politician. But I am no fan of the man; he is not my kind of guy.
            T-h-a-n-k y-o-u v-e-r-y m-u-c-h.

            I have learned a great deal from various calm, rational and persuasive Conservative arguments on these pages. They have altered my outlook, tempered my views and opened my eyes. I’ve “talked” with people I don’t necessarily agree with politically, but would be proud to have as neighbours or friends.
            But I continue to learn nothing from people who trade reasoned conversation for hypocritical, divisive hyper partisanship – mainly because it’s not worth sifting through their shit to see if they have something worth pondering.

    • The difference is Harper is a son of a bitch.

      • Very well articulated. I’m so glad to see that Liberals are taking their cue from Junior and not going negative, sticking with evidence based decision making, etc. Keep up the class act!

  4. I think the ad will be effective whenever it airs in the same time slot and place as the Conservative ad. In the first couple of seconds, trudeau turns off a TV playingthe CPC attack ad, which is pretty well what most of the viewers were thinking when they saw the CPC ad. The rest of the ad basically says: ‘Proud to be hard working teacher’

    • You are doing a lot of assuming here. Or do you know for certain what ‘most viewers were thinking’ when they saw the CPC ad?

      Please give us the evidence if you think you know for certain what most Canadians think!

  5. I’m sure Greece, Italy, Spain and France all heard the the same gullable line” You deserve better.” Everyone retires at 55, dozens of national paid holidays, Free this, Free that, off work at 2 every day………and look at them now. They can’t compete in the world, and there in huge debt, so others control their finances now……that is where Trudeau will lead Canada……..

    • Pity those Greeks who could, wouldn’t pay their taxes. The mostly rich and likely Conservative ones of course.

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