Justin Trudeau returns to the chalkboard

A new TV ad from the Liberals


A new ad from the Liberal side that will apparently begin airing on television on Monday.

This follows the ad the Liberals ran in April to respond to Conservative attacks.


Justin Trudeau returns to the chalkboard

  1. Fantastic video! exactly what they should be doing, and hits back at the Tories in a way that actually appeals to Canadians. Great timing for these ads as well. The Liberals might just be back. Not entirely sold on Justin yet, but this is a good start!

    • So why do the Liberals under Trudeau’s leadership not demand that Wallin, Duffy and Brazeau be suspended?

      Why does the media now think that Ford should resign? What happens to due course and presumption of innocence! What does Justin about that?

      • So why doesn’t Harper demand that Gerstein and Del Mastro resign?

      • Cuz, like, they weren’t caught posing with drug dealers while sucking back on some coke, when Ford had denied all along there was even a video. We don’t actually know what the senators are guilty of yet, or why since no one but the auditors and the internal board has seen the files.
        In any case, he’ll get his day in court too.

      • trudeau will not make that demand for their resignations, because its not his monkey. the monkey is on harpers back.

      • Why do you continue to defend Nigel Wright. He is a deceitful manipulator who pocketed his taxpayer funded paycheque while writing secretive cheques aimed at continuing Duffy’s pork barreling unabated?
        You are an absolute phoney with your unbalanced and irrational sense of ethics.
        Your babbling nonsense is an affront to every thinker in the land.

        • LOL you think Nigel wrote the check to enable Duffy’s illegal expenses? You think Nigel was planning on continuing to repay Duffy’s illegal expenses in perpetuity? HAHAHA. You’re really not that bright, are you?

          • But Rick, Stephen Harper himself told us of Nigel Wright’s deception. Certainly Harper would not lie about it.
            The writing of the cheque was designed to bury the story, which undoubtedly would result in Duffy carrying on in the Senate. Sure they would watch his expenses more closely, but he would still be claiming everything he could.
            Now if Duffy is the utter bloodsucking pariah that Harper says he is, why would Wright want to help him keep his job? Because Nigel Wright is a duplicitous man who has demonstrated highly unethical behaviour. Need proof? Harper fired his sorry ass, didn’t he?
            You can vouch for Wright all you like, but it’s clear he is a man of poor judgement and questionable character, words that might equally apply to you.

          • You have no idea what you’re talking about. No doubt he made a mistake, but now you’re trying to drag a good man’s name through the mud for no good reason.

            If you want to talk about someone’s judgement, then let’s talk about Justin Trudeua, the sitting MP who’s chilling around his pool smoking dope. How do you think that affects his judgement? What kind of judgement does he have smoking weed as an MP in the first place?

            Which judgement is worse? Writing a friend a check, or getting high as $hit when you’re supposed to be a representative of your riding and a role model to children?

          • Look at Harper getting drunk as $hit.

            Does getting drunk as $hit show good judgement when you’re supposed to be running the country and a role model to children?

          • When has Harper even been drunk? I’ve heard he’s had a grand total of 4 beers, total, since becoming PM.

            But continue lying, if you feel like it.

          • When has Trudeau ever been high as $hit? I’ve heard he had a grand total of one puff since becoming an MP.

          • He’s only told the public about doing it once. He never said that was the only time. Like most drug addicts, he’s probably lying about how often he uses.

          • Harper’s only told the public about doing it 4 times. He never said those were the only times. Like most most drug addicts, he’s probably lying about how often he uses.

          • Now Trudeau’s a drug addict? You are really on your stupid game today.

          • Someone’s keeping track of how many beers Harper drinks? What a weird thing to make up Rick.

          • Face it. Stephen Harper is the one that used the term “deception” and told everyone that he fired Wright. If the cheque had not come to light, Duffy would still be in the Senate and would be cashing a regular paycheque. But now Harper wants to fire Duffy as well.
            Connect the two: Wright is a duplicitous sneak whose deception betrayed both the PM and the taxpayer. He was writing the cheque to smooth over Duffy’s malfeasance, thus enabling Duffy’s steady supply of government money. You can’t have it both ways. If you believe Harper’s story, then Wright is a deceitful sneak who Harper took to the curb like yesterday’s trash.

            JT? He took his case to the people voluntarily (no tawdry gangland video/shady drug dealing/police report), and the overwhelming majority saw no crime. The populist view was that it was acceptable.
            Let’s see how Rob Ford makes out with his quest to sway the masses. I’m sure Harper will make a statement any minute now, waving off Ford’s misdeeds and calling him a great man, because that is what friends do.
            Just ask Nigel Wright how his good buddy Harper stood up for him

          • So if Ford comes out and admits that he was smoking marijuana in that video, you’ll give him a free pass? Of course not, because like a typical Liberal you have a double standard for conservatives. Like a typical hypocrite.

          • My comment is not about Ford and you know it. I don’t live in Toronto and don’t really care.
            How about your double standard? Is Harper telling the truth or is Nigel Wright a deceitful sneak? Which is it?

            JT played his cards very well.
            Harper? The story just won’t go away, will it?

            I’m gathering from your tone that you have never puffed any marijuana, or been around friends or coworkers that do. Well I’ve seen enough of it to know that it is pretty much the same as alcohol: moderation is pleasant and harmless and abuse is just plain trouble.

            You don’t like painting yourself into a corner, do you?

          • So you wouldn’t see any problem with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau smoking dope in the back yard at 24 Sussex Drive? And you wonder why Canadian voters don’t sympathize with Liberal supporters.

  2. Oooooh …shot across the bow. Nice one too!

  3. Classy guy.

  4. why settle for grey and grey with a beard, when you can get jet black.

    • Wonder if Justin will do the beard-growing contest this year. Good time for it.

      • He should leave off that Spanish goatie thing he had going there for a while. Not even i want to vote for a guy that dorky looking.

        • ??? Very rakish looking actually….Errol Flynn or Johnny Depp….

          Whereas I tend to see Harper in denim overalls with a straw hat. LOL

          • I thought that cowboy rig was kinda cute myself.

            Trudeau needs to ditch the curls for good. He’s after a man’s er, grown ups job now. Much as i’d love to see him skipping to work as PM just for the fun of it. Maybe he can practice sliding down rails or pirouettes or something as compensation? A rose in the lapel always looks cool.

          • He’s 41….is there a cut off age?

            Nothing wrong with curls….lots of men with nekkid heads would kill for curls.

            He won’t do the rose.

          • I would steal for curls all right. I’d commit murder just for more hair. Not that i’m envious of the guy, but if he wants my vote to be PM he needs to prove to me he can at least empathize and suffer for me a bit. Off with dem curls i say.

          • So I guess the Duffster would get your vote? Merely due to the empathy of the hairless head?

          • Ouch! Less is sometimes so much more then you might want. Now try and imagine the Duffster with curls, if that doesn’t blow your mind a bit.

          • The Blue Boy – can’t remember the artist…

          • Gainsborough!

          • Does he live on PEI too?

          • Yes, in a little house with green gables.

          • I bet he has a little girl called Anne as well.

          • No I think that is Paul Calandra’s little girl, or one of them…

          • Does he live on the island too? Maybe they got a nest of Conservatives over there? I hope they aren’t all claiming expenses for the same little place.

          • Haven’t we established that nobody has to actually live on PEI?

          • I dunno, it’s hard to keep up. Maybe we should find out if there’s any senators living sinfully on the wet coast for a change?
            One thing i can guarantee, there are none living north of sixty anywhere near me.

          • Isn’t there one that’s supposed to be up north, but actually spending most of his time in Vancouver? Can’t remember the name…

          • Not that i know of.

          • Haha! That was funny.

          • Yes – thank you.

          • Gainsborough, but it is more like the Blue Whale.

          • LOL it depends on how short he cuts it as to whether it curls or not….but we could use some dash in a PM

            His father wore a cape to a Grey Cup game….took nerve

          • One of my all time favourite images. Justin should also wear a cape.

          • patchouli, do my eyes deceive me or did you just presume a familiarity of intimacy to a degree that you had the nerve to call the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada by his first name Justin, after you raked me over the coals for doing the exact same thing? This makes me wonder if you are really ‘one’ person who is blogging here or a number of different people using the same moniker. Who would exhibit outrage and demean one individual for engaging in a practice that she engages in herself? Was the feigned outrage all a rouse to win an argument?

          • If he does do a rose, it ought to be an AB rose – just to bug Steve.

          • LOL Assuming Steve is still around to bug!

          • Alberta roses are not amenable to being pinned to the label of any person’s suit. They are a wild and quite delicate “single” rose, as apposed to the double roses that are used for corsages and boutineers. They wouldn’t stand up to the rigors of the job plus the Alberta roses are notoriously thorny and it is illegal to dig them up and transplant them. They are quite beautiful though.
            I wouldn’t advise Justin to wear a rose. It is quite costly to outfit yourself in a perfect red rose each day and it is a reminder to the average Canadian that he can personally afford luxuries they cannot.

          • Alberta roses are lovely, we have them on our old dogs grave. Alberta SPCA mutt. The best.

        • I thought he looked very D’Artagnon!

          • Yup….true. Derring-do and all that.

          • In a dorky kind of way.[ guess i got something against the continental look eh]

          • It’s okay to be continental now….we just signed the trade deal.

          • Somethings ought to stay on the continent in that case.

          • Lederhosen?

          • That might be a start. Less of that more BBC programming, like Sherlock.
            The German’s can keep their leather shorts and send over their beer instead. We need to be selective don’t we?

          • We have some awesome Canadian beer too. Where you live can you get Granville Island brewery beer from the little brewery right on Granville Island in Vancouver. Very good.

          • You’re right. Canadian micro brewery stuff is as good as anything out there.
            Still I love my hefe wiezen…a first class German wheat beer.

          • Like the Speedo – too late, it’s already here.

          • True, along with Beckham, canned spaghetti and coronation street. It could be worse. Have you ever watched any German tv drama?You’ll weep, but not tears of joy. Italian drama is probably worse but far funnier, though not likely by design. I shudder to think of what they might think of the cbc.
            I’m actually beginning to think we ought to call this trade deal off altogether. Some trade barriers are best left intact.

          • What if they took the cheese tariffs off and applied them to things like European swimsuits? I was once stuck in an airport hotel in Frankfurt for a couple of days with a 4 year old. Watched a lot of Sesame St. in German – absolutely hilarious.

          • You just haven’t the Speedo modeled by someone who should wear it. If the Canadian national water polo team comes to your area for an exhibition, check it out. It can be a thing of beauty.

          • It’s hard to look like D’Artagnon without a little dorky shining through. Try it sometime!

          • Oh i have. You don’t want to go there.

          • LOL, this is fun. You bald li’l musketeer you.

          • Mostly bald thanks. Musketeer i dunno. I’m prone to cutting myself with sharp things so i need to be careful.
            So, the lone balding musketeer perhaps.

          • Hey – bald is considered powerful in a man – go with it!

          • If you wear the hat, who will know?

  5. To be entirely honest [ if i can take off my liberal partisan tin foil hat for a moment] that is classic liberals for ya! More for everyone out there who might even be thinking of not voting conservative or ndp.[ Don’t lean too hard on the how to do it pedal]

    Not that dislike it. It’s pure liberal in the mushy middle boiler plate, and will likely be very effective.It’s the Canadian way…likely always will be. Hear that, most Canadians like it that way Stevie, so leave us alone eh. Go build the senate of your dreams somewhere on your dime. Preferably somewhere that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with Canada.

    Now Jack would have dragged in the kitchen table as well, and a blue sweatered Harper might be seen trying to not show how much it irked him to have to wait like everyone else in the Timmies line up. Specially when he could peel in and out of the drive through in a 10 car cavalcade without once having to answer any questions, ask Nigel for a loan or speak to the fool in that order thingamebob.

    On thing missing JT. Where’s the kid with the funny hair that should be in the corner behind you scawling: i hate liberal teachers o so much i does! In crayon on the wall, over and over again?

    • Or kid screaming – I just want to be a welder!!!’

  6. In studies of the social origins of the German Nazi Party, the new middle class of white-collar employees and civil servants has received scant attention. This inattention is surprising given that the German new middle class was the fastest growing segment of the German population during Weimar.


    • Gotcha…middle class Canadians ought to be wary of becoming nazis…yeesh!
      That is just about all of us you realize that!

    • So having a middle class leads to Auschwitz. Good luck selling that to the public.

  7. Orwell – Road To Wigan Pier:

    “The first thing that must strike any outside observer is that Socialism, in its developed form is a theory confined entirely to the middle classes. The typical Socialist is not, as tremulous old ladies imagine, a ferocious-looking working man with greasy overalls and a raucous voice …. a prim little man with a white-collar job, usually a secret teetotaller and often with vegetarian leanings, with a history of Nonconformity behind him, and, above all, with a social position which he has no intention of forfeiting. This last type is surprisingly common in Socialist parties of every shade; it has perhaps been taken over en bloc from. the old Liberal Party.”

    • .”
      In addition to this there is the horrible—the really
      disquieting—prevalence of cranks wherever Socialists are gathered
      together. One sometimes gets the impression that the mere words
      ‘Socialism’ and ‘Communism’ draw towards them with magnetic force every
      fruit-juice drinker, nudist, sandal-wearer, sex-maniac, Quaker, ‘Nature
      Cure’ quack, pacifist, and feminist in England. One day this summer I
      was riding through Letchworth when the bus stopped and two
      dreadful-looking old men got on to it. They were both about sixty, both
      very short, pink, and chubby, and both hatless. One of them was
      obscenely bald, the other had long grey hair bobbed in the Lloyd George
      style. They were dressed in pistachio-coloured shirts and khaki shorts
      into which their huge bottoms were crammed so tightly that you could
      study every dimple. Their appearance created a mild stir of horror on
      top of the bus. The man next to me, a commercial traveller I should say,
      glanced at me, at them, and back again at me, and murmured
      ‘Socialists’, as who should say, ‘Red Indians’. He was probably
      right—the I.L.P. were holding their summer school at Letchworth. But the
      point is that to him, as an ordinary man, a crank meant a Socialist and
      a Socialist meant a crank. Any Socialist, he probably felt, could be
      counted on to have something eccentric about him. And some such
      notion seems to exist even among Socialists themselves. For instance, I
      have here a prospectus from another summer school which states its terms
      per week and then asks me to say ‘whether my diet is ordinary or
      vegetarian’. They take it for granted, you see, that it is necessary to
      ask this question. This kind of thing is by itself sufficient to
      alienate plenty of decent people. And their instinct is perfectly sound,
      for the food-crank is by definition a person willing to cut himself off
      from human society in hopes of adding five years on to the life of his
      carcase; that is, a person but of touch with common humanity.”

      Why do you always cherry pick? Read but a little further and it becomes clear Orwell is talking about real class pretensions of his age. Whatever else Trudeau is talking about it isn’t class in this context.
      Thx anyway. I feel a desire to reread him again. My god that man could write.

  8. What is the middle class, not the political class and what class does Trudeau think he belongs to? The Dauphin is son of former prime minister, Trudeau is part of Canada’s 1%, he takes enormous amounts of $$$ from public schools for talking.

    I don’t often agree with Trudeau but I do with his message that Canada wasn’t built by the numpties who go into politics.

    • He’s acknowledged he comes from a privileged background on a number of occasions. Surely what’s important is what he gives back or puts in?

    • Hester…. give the Nazis and the Commies a rest.

      Justin is upper middle class….the same as millions of Canadians

      • Ya, “millions” of Canadians were born with million dollar trust funds.

        • Upper middle class Canadians have that worth, yes.

          • Oh, I’m sure Trudeau’s net worth is much more than the million dollars his daddy left for him. He’s been spending years taking money from charities to pad his own pocket.

            But the point is that most Canadians who are “upper middle class” (let’s be serious, Justin is a 1%er) worked for their wealth, and weren’t handed it on a silver platter.

          • LOL why do you do this stupidity to yourself every single time Rick?

            Harp’s dad was an exec at Imperial Oil so don’t pretend Stevie is some po’ boy from the hood. LOL

            And our 1% is 3rd Baron Thompson of Fleet and our 24 billionaires. Justin isn’t even close.

            Not to mention that the Trudeaus did what you want everyone to do….work hard and become a success. Justin’s grandad ran gas stations after all.

            ‘Course if you want to elect some factory worker, or welfare recipient to be PM, feel free.

          • Best not to ask why with Ricky, best to simply assume, because he is, in his case.

          • Well jeepers I understand partisan…..but Rick gets rabid….and worst of all contradicts himself!

          • So by your math, 25 people constitute 1% of the population of Canada? You don’t have to be a billionaire to be a 1%, you have to be in the top 1%. That’s not rocket science. For someone who claims to be an economist, I’d think you’d be able to figure this out.

            Trudeau claims to have been making several hundred thousand dollars a year on the stealing from charities speaking circuit. You think that doesn’t put him in the top 1%, even before taking into account his million dollar trust fund? If you don’t think he’s a 1%, you’re an idiot.

            And I didn’t claim that Harper grew up poor. In fact I didn’t claim anything about Harper. But Harper DID grow up middle class, unlike Justin Trudeau who, again, was born with a million dollar trust fund. Spent his “formative years” travelling and being a general bum. I’m not saying it’s not a nice life if you can get it, just don’t be claiming to speak for the middle class.

            Harper on the other hand, worked, and went to University to get an education, not to pass time as Trudeau did.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • You’re just scum. And stupid scum to boot.

          • Well I think we’ve heard enough out of you.

            Everybody joking around and having fun, and you foam at the mouth. Cons always go over the top.


          • I seriously doubt that. Worked is such a relative term. In any case if his family money was earned legally, handed or even deserved doesn’t enter into it. In this case he’s pleaded gulity to being privileged. Do you ever tire of striking out?

          • Striking out? Did I enter into a game of baseball here? I’m pointing out that Mr. “Middle Class” is in fact a 1%er, has no idea what living in the middle class is like, and never will.

            Oh, “worked” is only a relative term to Liberals. Most Canadians go to work every day and they earn their money. If you think Trudeau showing up at a seniors’ home and collecting a check for $20,000 after giving a speech is “work”, then I’d say you’re a classic Liberal.

            I know you’d vote for that empty suit even if he was caught on video beating up babies. That’s just the type of person you are. But don’t try to deny the fact that he was raised a spoiled elitist brat who’s had everything he’s got handed to him on a silver platter. He’s never worked for a damn day in his life.

          • What you’re really saying is that YOU aren’t middle class…and are jealous of everyone who is.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • I thought so. Maybe if you’d worked harder and quit with the class envy?

          • Says the internet economist who posts lies on blogs full time. Loser.

          • He’s never claimed to be m/c, but why spoil a good rant with facts eh.
            As for what you “know”, i’m pretty sure that wouldn’t fill up a good size post card. I hear a handy cure for that is reading a book or even two…but that’s what us elitists does eh.

          • You are right kcm2, Justin Trudeau admits he is not middle class.

        • It’s not millions, it’s ‘a million’. With the price of houses in big cities today, a lot of people will be inheriting this amount when their boomer parents pass.

  9. “Ask yourself, what are their priorities?”


    Way to deliver a swift kick to the goolies, when the MAN’s gasping on the mat for air JT.
    I think we know their is singular in this case.

  10. Enough, already, with the banal fixation on Trudeau’s curls, etc.

    I’m waiting to see the caliber of candidates coming forward for nomination to run in the next Liberal campaign. Like any government, his would only be as good as the quality of the caucus and cabinet he’s able to assemble. If anything, that should be the lesson from watching the pathetic collection of mostly mindless lemmings sitting around Harper on his side of the House in recent years.

    Contrary to Harper’s spectacularly leader-centric example, politics is a team sport. Trudeau is just the captain. Some would say he’s just the mascot.

    • Very insightful comment neuroticdog. People should really hope that we get a decent bunch of representatives instead of scrapings from the bottom of the barrel like Harper manages all to often to find. I really hope your comment about Justin Trudeau being a leader rather than a mascot is true. I hope he proves to be smart. Harper is obviously smart but ethically bankrupt. I do worry about voters who are so fixated on our the looks of the people who could be leading our country. I don’t give a crap if the next prime minister looks like the elephant man if he can get the job done.

  11. Well, I can tell you what Harper’s priority is: Suspend those senators who were caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

    If the media now calls on Rob Ford to resign, then why is it wrong for the PM to ask for Wallin, Duffy and Brazeau to be suspended?

    The media does not adhere to any rule. The media just selectively presumes innocence and due course for SOME people when it suits them

    The Liberals, under Trudeau, have NOT demanded those three senators resign. What is their priority? To save their own senators when more Liberal senators will be caught with their hands in the cookie jar?

    Tell us, Justin: what are your priorities?

    • When will Harper being calling on Del Mastro and Gerstein to resign?

    • Well, I can tell you what Harper’s priority is: Suspend those senators who were caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

      Let me fix that for you, Francien:

      “I can tell you what Harper’s priority is: Suspend those senators I appointed and who I assured that it was entirely OK to have their arms in the cookie jar up to their chubby elbows, as long as they’re doing so in order to shill for me and don’t become an embarrassment in the eyes of the party’s base.”

      It’s a lot longer but much more accurate. And as he tells us repeatedly (to the exclusion of any actual facts), accuracy and being crystal clear is a big thing for Harper these days.

      Think nothing of it.

    • Of course he wants to suspend them and in doing so change the channel as quickly as possible. I want the crooks out of there as well. I have no interest in paying them more money or in giving them a sweet pension. Every Canadian should want their exit expedited as well. However, Francien don’t kid yourself, all Canadians want to know exactly how the PM and the PMO were involved in this dirty business. Just because we want one bunch of crooks gone doesn’t mean we don’t want a full reckoning of what happened.

  12. Poor Just in, forced to take a back seat to Mulcair, an experienced politician with the chops to take on Harper. He needs to do an apprenticeship, say two elections or so, noblisse oblige only goes so far.

  13. Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau violated the one inviolate CRAP rule: Don’t Get Caught”. You get caught, you get cut. Simple.

    • Well, normally, you get caught, you get a Senate appointment. But what do you get the person who already has one of those?

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