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Justin Trudeau vs. God


Michael Coren cheers that God sent a storm to Sudbury to prevent “Heretic Trudeau” from speaking to Catholic students. Justin Trudeau actually still managed to speak with students, but the crowd wasn’t as large as it might’ve been. Nonetheless, Campaign Life Catholics has sent out a news release—entitled ” ‘Act of God’ spares 900 catholic youth from Justin’s clutches”—to thank God for His efforts.


Sudbury, ON,  December 21, 2012 –   Faithful Catholics in Sudbury are thanking God today for having blocked pro-abortion extremist, Justin Trudeau, from being able to influence the hearts and minds of many children at St. Charles College High School. A winter storm caused the board to cancel school buses. An announcement on the Board’s website states that fewer than 100 students were present for the Liberal Leadership hopeful’s address this morning, contrasted with the 1000 it originally planned to pack into the school’s amphitheater. 

“God is good. He spared 900 Catholic youth from being potentially influenced by Justin’s immoral views in support of abortion and homosexual marriage”, said Kevin Murphy, a Catholic ratepayer and one of the protestors who stood outside the board office and St. Charles College for 4 days.  

Suresh Dominic, a spokesperson for Campaign Life Catholics, a division of Campaign Life Coalition, who helped organize the protests added, “We continue to disapprove of the board’s decision for allowing Justin to speak at the school, but we are thankful for the weather that limited Justin’s exposure to only 100 people.”

The Board had rebuffed critics by claiming that no risk of scandal to the faith of children existed since Justin was asked not to speak about abortion or homosexuality. Murphy disagrees with the Board’s reasoning, “That’s ludicrous”, he said. “There’s widespread public knowledge of Justin’s opposition to these Catholic teachings, so giving him a platform, regardless of the topic, can be interpreted by kids to mean that the Board is supportive of all that Justin stands for.”


Justin Trudeau vs. God

  1. They actually called him a ‘heretic’??

    Can the stakes be far behind?

    • The stakes are currently being used in Prince George where they are burning on lawns at this very moment….just ask Hedy Fry….

      • What year was that Bill? Was it even in this century?

        Wasn’t stakes either.

      • Very true!

        But like a bad penny, they keep showing up.

  2. God is not match for Trudeau. Justin has most of the media party and the entire CBC on his side and all god has is Conservative private members motions. Score Justin 1 God 0.

  3. Has the Taliban started giving underground classes in religious extremism somewhere in Canada? If so they’ve just blown your secret location in Sudbury.

  4. So god is busy doing these things but not saving children from being killed. is he busy in africa giving aids out too?

    • Actually, in my extensive experience, this god spends a LOT of his time worrying about where people’s private parts have been.

    • First time I’ve seen another Sigh on here. I’ve been using that name for a few years now BTL on Macleans.

  5. Religion Destroys Everything.

  6. If they keep this up, Tudeau will sweep the Liberals back into a majority in 2015 without any doubt. Canadians are opposed to religious extremists trying to manipulate youth, including Catholic extremists. Perhaps these nutters will bury the kids in some hole someplace so they never have to come into contact with any “secularists” ever again?

    • Careful now or you might be smitten from the face of the earth……

      • Only five hours left for the smiting.

  7. What a king sized crock of…. They do not need to line up for Trudeau, they only have to look around themselves, the MAJORITY of their neighbours, local and national politicians and citizens hold exactly the same opinion as Trudeau, so why exactly are they singling out this one? Things that make you go hmmmm.

    • Conservatives have convinced themselves they speak for the “majority” but they never actually ask the majority because they would then hear the dulcet tones of “Sod off, wanker!” They wouldn’t want to risk realizing they’ve been wrong all this time. The best they could do was 24,6% of registered voters. That says volumes.

  8. Stephen Harper’s Canada: fragmented to where Catholics can’t stand another Catholic and everybody is terrified of Muslims.

    • Ah, tut tut tut, the “Divide and Conquer” strategy was ushered in by Pierre Scumball Trudeau in 1968.

      East against west, north against south, French against English, Canadians against Americans, the Indians against everybody, the forced metric system: the list goes on ad infinitum.

      The axiom of tyranny brought to Canada by the great “genius’ himself.

      The pock-faced twit didn’t mention muslims but I’m sure he knew about it because he was the first one to start importing them by the bushel.

  9. A great parody. Did April 1 fall on Dec. 21 this year?

  10. Please tell me this parochial school isn’t being funded by the taxpayers of this province.



    • Something we have to end.

      • End what?

        • Separate schools and the public funding thereof, in Ontario.

          • Oh yeah, that public funding business happened in 1971.
            The wags were claiming the Davis reversal was on account of Billy’s brand new wife who happened to be a Catholic – he either funded the schools or slept on the porch..

          • Well wags would be wrong. We’ve always had separate schools.

          • You must be the perfect example of a dormant single-cell brain with no historical knowledge of anything but yourself and your skate board.

            In Ontario we’ve only been “funding” them since 1971. (edit, it was 1984)

          • Oh “sigh” yourself you ridiculous thing, who could be bothered quibling over the date? It’s yours.

            It wasn’t 1971 that Billy’s new wife sent him to the porch it was 1984, thirteen years later, that he became Premier “No More Poon Until You Fund the Catholics.”

            I’m sure glad I’m not you. It must be hell to wake up every morning knowing you’ve wasted your sad life fretting about the love life of some fat Brampton lawyer.

    • I attend the school and actually attended the presentation by Trudeau, and I can assure you that the staff and the rest of the students at the school do not have the same beliefs as those religious nutjobs. They’ve just been hounding out school parking lot for the last week.

  11. What if someone is killed as a result of this storm tonight? Would they be a casualty of God’s war on Trudeau?

    • Yup, most certainly, if the victim was an infidel like Trudeau.

  12. Elephant in the room here…a 90% success rate is great…for a HUMAN BEING

    (A perfect god +/- 10%)

  13. Where the fook were these people when priests were sexually assaulting kids and the church was systematically covering it up and enabling it’s continuation by quietly shuffling the predators along to fresh flocks?
    These “faithful catholics” follow a religion so riddled with rot and decay that I refuse to listen while they wave banners and spew platitudes to save society

    I am a tolerant, patient person, but this is just plain BULLSHIT.

    • Where were they? Having heard it directly, I can tell you some of them were busy worrying that all the negative publicity would reflect badly on other priests. It didn’t seem to occur to them that they could counter that if they spoke out against the cover up and in support of the kids.

  14. It’s always great to see the religious bigots of the “progressive” left come out and spew their vile garbage.

    • Vile garbage to you, unimpeachable facts to us. Physician, heal thyself, I would say. The Catholic Church is fatally flawed and the powers-that-be, along with the blind faithful like you, refuse to acknowledge it.

  15. I’m glad to hear god has time to save 900 students from trudeau, too bad about the 20 he was unable to save from the assualt rifle.

  16. Justin was fabulous. He delivered a message to us – the kids who actually wanted to come in on a snow day. Considering the amount of coverage this guy got for his visit, I’d say he achieved what he set out to achieve.

  17. Key words – cross in the sky…google it and open you’re hearts to the truth and let go of the hatred

    • Preach elsewhere please.

  18. We will always need abortions if we can’t control gang rape.

  19. Who is this hypocrite
    Trudeau? What does he really stand for?

    “Let me say
    very clearly that I support Bill 101,” Trudeau said Thursday.

    “It is a
    reality that helps Quebec remain mainly French in a bilingual
    country. If we want Canada to
    remain bilingual — and I want it — we need to understand that Quebec must remain
    primarily francophone.” Justin

    “Canada isn’t doing well right now
    because it’s Albertans who control our community and socio-democratic agenda. It
    doesn’t work,” Trudeau said in French to interviewer Patrick Lagace on the
    Tele-Quebec program Les francs-tireurs (The Straight

    Lagace then asked Trudeau
    if he thought Canada was “better served when there
    are more Quebecers in charge than Albertans?”
    Trudeau replied: “I’m a Liberal, so of course I think so, yes.
    Certainly when we look at the great prime ministers of the 20th century, those
    that really stood the test of time, they were MPs from
    Quebec… This country – Canada
    – it belongs to us.”

    Trudeau specifically
    named prime ministers Pierre Trudeau, Chretien and Paul Martin but also included
    Progressive Conservative Mulroney on his list of great Quebec prime ministers of
    the last century.

    “I always say that
    if, at a given time, I
    believed that Canada was really the Canada of
    Stephen Harper, and that we were
    going against abortion, that we were going
    against gay marriage, that we were
    moving backwards in 10,000 different ways,
    maybe I would think of wanting to
    make Quebec a country,” when the interviewer asked
    for clarification he replied
    “Oh yes, absolutely. If I no longer recognized
    Canada, I know my own
    values very
    well.” Justin Trudeau

    .” ….Given these facts,
    should French-speaking people concentrate their efforts on Quebec or take the whole of Canada
    as their base? In my opinion, they should do both; and for the purpose they
    could find no better instrument than federalism”, Pierre

    Justin Trudeau
    supports the racist, bigoted, xenophobic bill 101. Yes he supports a French only
    Kebec (proper native spelling) and forced french “bilingualism” all over the
    country, nice eh? Just like a daddy a French first, Kebec first bigot,
    hypocrite, from the province of the Qlue Qlux Qlan. Get back to the tax and
    spend, have not, high debt, socialist province of Kebec and shut up you parasite Trudeau,
    yes Kebec where you fit right in.

  20. Michael Coren has proven himself to be, on one too many occasions, as a know-it-all character pretending to be a Christian.