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Justin Trudeau vs. The inauthentic

‘That’s not me. And I don’t think that’s what Canadians want either.’


The Liberal leadership frontrunner explains his approach to politics.

And Trudeau acknowledges he has made mistakes, but he says that’s the price of being unscripted and genuine — or, in other words, being the breed of politician he believes Canadians are hungry for. “I’ll always choose to be that rather than to be inauthentic … and hyper-controlled and totally scripted the way other people are,” he says. “That’s not me. And I don’t think that’s what Canadians want either.”

Authenticity is a troublesome idea. But the talking point may be the illness that is choking the life out of our democracy. So what if Mr. Trudeau is somewhat right? What if there is a great yearning for free-speaking politicians? What if part of the blame for the decline in voting rests with the increasingly scripted nature of political discourse? Could a politician succeed while being less disciplined? How would that work exactly?


Justin Trudeau vs. The inauthentic

  1. De gustibus non est disputandum

    Terrific, next election will be two bookish nerds and an authentic loon. I find it ever so weird how some people think Trudeau is dauphin with no clothes while others think JT is bee’s knees. My opinion is Trudeau is a good egg, I would probably have most enjoyment on night out with Trudeau than I would with Mulcair or Harper, but JT is lightweight when it comes to policy and ideas.

    • Now you oppose educated leaders?

      Only one PM in our history was uneducated.

      And while I certainly regard Harper as an authentic loon….along with Mackenzie King…they both had an education.

    • Now please give us your citation, any citation, that contains any proof of JT being lightweight — and please, not just something some pundit wrote saying so, but an actual example from his own mouth or career. Sayin’ so doesn’t make it so. He’s travelled the world, attended excellent schools, his father was a world-class intellectual and his mother, despite her struggles with mental illness over many years, is a divine speaker and writers, so she’s no lightweight. He is absolutely great meeting people of all ages, from all stations and places in life. I think people are assuming good looking people cannot be smart, and I’m living proof that we can be both. Maybe JT is too.

    • and he did punch out Brazeau… it’ll probably be the only punishment he actually suffers.

    • I have trouble with statements like this “JT is a lightweight when it comes to policy and ideas”. Since when is the job of the leader to come up with the policy and ideas. should not that be the job of the team surrounding him. you know the Members of Parliment, the Cabinet ministers, The people of Canada working together as a team to better our country.

      Why do so many have this fixation that the leader has to have all the ideas, What is wrong with looking for leadership that inspires us all to come up with the best policy, ideas, laws.

      I am a rather jaded, fat, fifty year old male, and talking to Justin Trudeau has inspired me to do better, to do more and that in my mind is real leadership

  2. To modify an old saying, “if you can fake authenticity you’ve got it made”.

  3. “Could a politician succeed while being less disciplined? How would that work exactly?”

    Wherry I just finished reading Moore’s 1867 – How The Fathers Made a Deal and it was good reminder on how responsible government used to work. MPs represented their constituents while Cabinet Members worked for Crown (something like that, I hate public admin, it is diabolical). MPs had to run second time in local election if they were appointed to Cabinet to make sure locals approved of change of job status. Moore had a few examples of MPs asking their own leaders awkward questions but one I specifically remember was Con MPs played significant role in bringing down John A’s government for Pacific Scandal.

    It is only more recently where we expect MPs to behave like borg and mindlessly follow leader’s instructions. I forgot when exactly but sometime in early 1900s leaders of political parties stopped being chosen by other MPs and started to rely on party votes at convention. Leader of Party responsible to party members, not other MPs, and it is been downhill since.

  4. Well to paraphrase PMSH: Political leaders are blamed for two things: 1) being over-controlling or 2)not being in control. so…choose your poison.

    • How does that work? It seems to me we are talking appearances here. After all, harper seems like a very controlling person, but is he actually in control at all? And if a politician is open and even occasionally impulsive, does that actually mean they are not in control?