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Justin Trudeau vs. Whoever this lady is

The Liberal leader talks marijuana with a concerned citizen


This woman’s degrees of separation from Vic Toews might be an interesting political story, but it probably matters less than how you think Justin Trudeau handled himself and whether you think he won the argument.


Justin Trudeau vs. Whoever this lady is

  1. She had no argument. She is a foolish woman, trying to blame a guy with a future vision for her daughter’s problems right now. Trudeau answered her questions well and honestly. She was sent out as an attack dog; she just isn’t that good at it — she should have said no when asked to do it. And she should ask some real questions of a more appropriate person and get some real help since she says her daughter is already smoking pot and drinking booze. All irony was totally lost on her: that despite the harper government’s tough on crime BS and the fact that it’s illegal, her daughter still has it — and just who is buying her kids’ booze because that is also illegal!

    Poor stupid conservative sheep. She has real problems and no idea how to fix them.

    • Maybe you are being a little hard on the woman. However, I don’t think she asked quite the right questions in quite the right manner but that said I don’t really think Trudeau gave such a great argument. What he did do was show a lack of patience when asked questions. In any event, teenagers having access to alcohol and drugs is nothing new. As long as the peddlers are out there our teens are at risk and once they are exposed to the effects of these substances it is hard to break them free and so the ball continues to roll from one teen to another. As an example, we want gun control in the United States but as long as there are illegal guns available, teens have access to these as well. There is no answer to solve these issues. As long as a teen is vulnerable and not able to say no to the temptation they are at great risk.

      • Conservative staffer Candace Canacade is also connected to a evangelical minister Harper hired to try to sell the “pot makes you crazy” lie.

        More to this story than a failed trolling attempt.

  2. I thought trudeau handled himself very well, very astute and listening very closely to what this women was saying. she should spend a little more time at home educating her daughter about the dangers of vices in life, instead of out doing a lot of charity work(charity begins at home). trudeau still has a huge bulls eye on his back and we may see a lot more of this kind of hijacking by the harper governments cronies.

  3. Trudeau isn’t going to win an argument about prohibition in Steinbach, which had total prohibition until 2003, and only recently loosened laws to allow bars and pubs. For decades the people of Steinbach enriched the economy of La Broquerie where they would go to drink and buy their alcohol. That”s pretty much the same system that we have for marijuana currently. It’s officially against the rules, but with minor impediments, making it like permanent high school, where we sneak around to get our kicks doing “bad” things, rather than just growing up and getting over it.

  4. anon – vox populi, vox Dei

    • Yes, that has worked out really well all over the place . . . for instance Jim Crow laws, and perhaps soon to be Charte des Valeurs Quebecoises

  5. alcuin of york – nec audiendi qui solent dicere, vox populi, vox Dei, quum tumultuositas vulgi semper insaniae proxima sit

    • Translation:

      ‘And those people should not be listened to who keep saying the voice
      of the people is the voice of God, since the riotousness of the crowd is
      always very close to madness.’

      • I’m no pal of Emily. However, Hester Eastman has shared two Latin quotes (I’m not sure why) showing two sides of the arguement. Emily has translated it. Why would some fool vote down the translation??

        • Pal or not, Tom….thank you.

          If I just said ‘good morning’ on here…..someone would vote it down

          In fact they follow me around doing just that on every post

  6. I think pot should be fully legal and taxed, but I don’t think that anyone should assume that support for, and opposition to, legalization breaks down cleanly along partisan party lines. It doesn’t. Not by a long shot. I’m very glad that JT has helped make this a national issue with significant visibility. Here’s hoping he keeps at it.

  7. The Harper Conservatives keep falling into their own traps. They’re the Wile E Coyote of Canadian politics.

    • Beep Beep!

    • ~ buying more shares in ACME ~

  8. So a close relation of a recent Minister of Justice has direct knowledge of a crimes being committed by a family member, and not only has not contacted the police but is screaming at Justin Trudeau for saying the family member SHOULDN’T be in jail?

    • I sure hope the daughter wasn’t Vic’s babysitter.

    • Are you kidding me? Justin Trudeau has personally admitted to committing the exact same crimes himself!!!!

      It’s truly amazing the double standards you people hold against Conservative’s compared to one of your own.

      You’ll slam a guy because someone he knows knows someone who admits to smoking pot, yet you defend a sitting MP who admits to smoking pot. Seriously, WTF?!

  9. Right on Justin – you nailed it! What a breath of fresh air. The war on drugs failed, and now it is time to make some radical changes to our system, We can’t keep just locking people up.

  10. Mr. Wherry, thank you for the video.

    I’m very dissatisfied with the Harper bunch. We need an alternative and it’s not Mulcair.

    But thanks to your video I now know also, as an absolute certainty, it’s not Trudeau ll either.

    He’s on stage there with that young lady, going through some acting routine. She has valid arguments and he’s not listening to her other than to find a spot to pick at her. And he can’t shut up.

    He’s arguing with a professional who has better knowledge than him and he’s not bright enough to even give a hint that she has ideas worth considering.

    He was intimidating, because he’s the expert, on everything. Just ask him!

    Thank you, again.

    • I guess that pretty much leaves Elizabeth May. Good choice. Smarter than your average Harper acolyte (including Harper), more principled than your average Liberal, and less hairy than Mulcair. What’s not to like, eh?

      • If it turned out that she’s really just a chubby Jack Layton I’d spend half my time worrying about where we might suddenly find her.

        Thanks anyway though and I’m glad to learn I’m not the only one who thinks that mess on Mulcair’s face is a laugh riot.

    • I don’t know what video you were watching. She did not have valid arguments – she was speaking (allegedly) from experience and emotion, and he was bringing rational thought into the mix. Now, I know from experience that when people come from a place of emotion and despair, it is not easy to rationalize with them. This is why I suspect she is making up the story about the daughter, because she seemed more intent on trying to bring Trudeau down than on finding help for her daughter. In any event, Trudeau treated her with respect, even when she was exposed as a troll.

      • Take a look at his parents (soi disant) and tell me how this inexperienced twerp could ever have ever developed a capability for what you refer to as “rational thought.”

        Good luck to you chief!

        • Oh I see. You are not commenting on the video, you are simply relying on your bias against the Trudeau’s.

          Thanks for clearing that up for me.


          • I’ve already commented on the video in a thank you to Mr. Wherry. It’s what sent you into a left butt frenzy in the first place.

            You must be having a little trouble this morning with your train of thought processes.

          • Perhaps you just do not get sarcasm?

          • Perhaps; but think of it this way.

            Maybe I have a strong understanding of sarcasm in the same broad literary sense that I understand irony and satire generally.

            And perhaps my failure to “get it” here has to do with the fact that I’ve become accustomed to looking out for it only when I’m in discourse with someone who has, in my belief, a gifted mind.

            Since I’ve never personally found a gifted mind amongst the supporters of Princess Ignatieff and any Trudeau, I’ve come to believe that such a thing simply does not exist.

            So shucks, please accept my humble apology, I didn’t realize I’d won the lottery.

  11. Wow I’m a pretty die hard conservative but I can’t help but be impressed by Trudeau on this one.

    • Well I’m a pretty die hard Liberal and I think he sucks.