Justin Trudeau wants to know what you’d ask Stephen Harper

Taking QP to the people


The Liberal leader invites your questions.

Michael Ignatieff tried something like this in the fall of 2010—see here and here for examples. I don’t recall whether Mr. Ignatieff actively solicited questions as Mr. Trudeau is doing now, but (as Susan Delacourt notes as well), during its earliest days in the House, the Reform party had phone and fax lines through which constituents could submit questions that would be asked in the House (note the Speaker’s concern about that gambit).

During the last election, the Liberals promised that, if elected, they would create a “People’s Question Period,” during which the Prime Minister and various cabinet ministers would take questions from the public.


Justin Trudeau wants to know what you’d ask Stephen Harper

  1. There are a number of UK MPs who ask their followers on Twitter what question they should ask if they get called during PMQs. UK House of Commons select committees now routinely use Twitter to solicit questions from the public to put to ministers appearing before them and devote the last half hour or so of that hearing to questions submitted via social media..

    • So what you’re saying is JT is not unique in doing this either. He’s borrowed from Obama’s 2008 playbook “Hope & Hard Work”, and now the UK playbook “ask a bunch of twits what they want”. Me thinks JT is a paper politician….. better make sure not to leave him out in the rain.

    • Questions from JT- OK sure:

      1) Dear PM – would you please raise my taxes to 75% so that I can lead the country by example and show everyone that if I am willing to pay 75% then so can they?

      2) Dear PM – would you please ban me from driving my car so that I can show by example that cars are just not needed?

      3) Dear PM – would you please increaase monitor my electricity usage at home and tax me an additional 40 cents/kwh so that I can lead by example and show Canada that being green is worth it?

      4) Dear PM – would you please arrange that 5 homeless people take up residence in my garage so that I can lead by example that everyone has social welfare responsibilities.

      5) Dear PM – Would you please spank Elizabeth May because she annoys me?

      6) Dear PM – Would you please assign an RCMP human rights monitor to personally follow me everywhere I go, note everything I say, and prosecute me if required so that I can lead by example and demonstrate how complying with human rights speech limits impacts freedom of speech?

      7) Dear PM – Would you please note let me become PM, after the above I realise that I am not such a good choice?

  2. I think Justin should ask PM Harper whether he agrees with Carnegie.

    Andrew Carnegie – The man who dies rich, dies disgraced

    Ottawa Citizen Feb 2013
    At the request of the Citizen, Trudeau’s campaign staff produced a valuation of the company that manages the money he inherited from his father and gave a full list of his paid speaking events in the years before he announced his run for the leadership.


    • That’s simply pathetic.

      • There are no stupid questions, kcm2, as I am sure your wife the teacher would tell you.

        • If that is true, you just proved yourself to be the exception.

        • “There are no stupid questions, just stupid people.”

          – Mr. Garrison, South Park

          • “There are no stupid questions, just stupid people.”

            That’s funny, i like that.

        • Real Rules For Life (a sampling):
          – the customer is very often wrong
          – the needs of the goose and the gander are not precisely interchangeable
          – there are plenty of stupid questions

    • So Trudeau has provided more info on non-political matters in a political sphere, when Harper WON’T EVEN DISCLOSE THE HIGH-DOLLAR CONTRIBUTORS TO HIS LEADERSHIP CAMPAIGN?

      Doesn’t make harper look to honest now, does it?

      • how many more teachers and/or assistants could we employ if millionaire Trudeau stopped giving speeches to school kids?

        • nice doge.

          By nice i mean pathetic.

          • The answer of course, is that Trudeau was hired to bring in guests to fundraisers – the organizations that hired him MADE money by paying them to speak on his behalf!

            A lesser person trying to muddy the waters might say something like they were sad you are hurting schoolchildren by maliciously attacking fundraising activities. For shame.

        • Zero.
          Because the money that’s budgeted for that kind of thing would just go to someone else doing the exact same kind of thing.

        • Please provide the name of the school in which Trudeau gave a speech to school kids, how much he was paid for doing so, and who was responsible for making the decision.
          We may then be able to address your question.

    • Wowsers! He inherited 1.2 million!

      That’s enough to buy an average house in Vancouver.

      • Barely. Maybe a bungalow in burnaby.

      • No kidding. Only losers aren’t born with at least a million dollar trust fund. He’s clearly just a normal middle class guy.

  3. Worth a try I suppose. Nothing new under the sun. So long as he doesn’t start bellowing …REFOOOORRRM!

  4. News alert – Justin Trudeau asks public for questions….. because he can’t think of any himself. Maybe JT’s whole tenure as Liberal Leader can be spent doing exactly what his twitter followers tell him to do real time. “Justin, undo another shirt button b/c 2 isn’t enough”, “Justin, brush your wavy hair back with your hand now”‘ “Justin, look into the camera and smile”…..oohhhh, you’re the best PM ever.

    • At least Trudeau asks people what they’d like to know. Harper, OTOH, doesn’t even pretend to listen.

      • Doesn’t his message sound like he’s out of touch with middle class Canadians too? “Hey guys, Harper just doesn’t get…. why don’t you tell me what’s up so I can tell him, cuz honestly, I don’t really get it either”.
        I got a question JT can ask Harper:
        “Dear Omnipotent Leader – who will change my diaper when I wet myself?”
        (Don’t get me wrong dog, just cuz I don’t like JT doesn’t mean I do like Harper)

        • 1) FWIW, Trudeau has openly admitted he isn’t a member of the middle class, so I suppose this could be interpreted as his attempt to understand the concerns of that demographic.

          2) Trudeau is offering to ask questions on your behalf. So if that’s your question, your primary caregiver is clearly negligent.

          3) I’m not a spear carrier for Trudeau, either.

      • at least? it indicated that he cant think of anything to ask. How about “please sir, can I leave the room”?

        • Apparently, Harper’s sheep are so unfamiliar with the experience of being consulted about anything, they can’t even appreciate the merits of the exercise when other leaders do it. Sad, really.

          In any event, he’s asking for questions from middle class adults, not granting permission to leave the room for pre-schoolers like yourself.

  5. Right now I am more concerned about Justin supporting the pipeline. He forgot about the people that supported him and voted for him to get him Liberal Leader. Let Justin answer for once and all does he or does he not support the pipeline. If so why is he ignoring the people that are forced to live in these pipeline , professionals on both sides of the border such as environmentalists, ex vice presidents of the USA, nine noble peace prize laureates, actors, actresses,. and other experts that saying no to the pipeline is the best course of action. etc.. In fact there is a long list of noteworthy people that are opposing the Alberta xl keystone dirty pipelines.

    I do think that Mr Harper needs to questioned and held accountable that does not mean that Justin should not also be held to the same standard. In fact all politicians no matter what party should be held to our standards.

    It would do Justin well if he would really catch himself up on the facts, figures and issues with the dirty tar sands oil before walking in the same shoes as Steven Harper and his con party.

    • he is already on record as strongly supporting it!

  6. I would like him to stop being so negative and accusing Harper of things rather I would like to hear or see him actually propose and idea that might be on soem future platform?

    • Negative? Show us one of his attack ads.

      Regarding a platform, he’s got nearly two years before the next election to show his hand re: policies. If he’s smart he’ll concentrate initially on building party finances and restoring the party’s moribund riding infrastructure…which is what I suspect he’s doing.

    • Of course you would.
      After all, if they don’t put out any ideas, the CPC might be forced to govern instead of acting like the opposition.. and if that happens..


      ..you know, you may have a point. I don’t really want the CPC governing either.

    • The key word here is future. Scarcity cat tactics on loose lips are the trolls only weapons. Being a paid troll sitting on their CPS” 24/7 waiting for the PMO’s war room to ask these dumbed down questions. Shut the hell up, grow up literlyso that your brain can catch up to your words.

  7. Trudeau previously claimed the he knew what Canadians wanted, now he finally admits he has’nt got a clue.

    • Its not like Stephen Harper knows what Canadians want. He selfishly and foolishly chooses to believe that he speaks for all Canadians. For example most Canadians want Harper to resign and a new election. Harper nor the Con Clowns don’t have a clue either.

    • Trust you creeps for making up stuff. Grade 6 or less it appears.

  8. Justin: I remember when you were with your mother & Fried Kemper at Old Sly’s locks on the Rideau with your brothers. You walked my Siamese cat. I have great faith in you and want you to immediately make your voice heard in Parliament about the Duffy scandal. Mike Duffy once was a credible CTV journalist. Now he has becomeanother crooked Tory. Make Canadians see what this corrupt government is costing us in reputation at home and abroad. Stand up and don’t let the NDP steal your chance to shine. Maggie Massey

  9. This is almost unbelievable. His opponents accuse him of being “in over his head”, and his reaction is to go to YouTube and literally ask Canadians to do his job for him. Yup, this guy’s real Prime Ministerial material.

    I guess on the positive side of things this means he actually intends to show up in parliament in the future. Unless of course he just starts telecommuting so that he can spend more time at the lake. Being born with a million dollar trust fund and being middle class at the same time is hard.

    • Sounds like your a bit jealous there Rick. Not only is Trudeau well to do,he also has the intelligence I see lacking over here and also in Harperville.. Try working for a living instead of being such a childish bore. He is as qualified or more of being a PM then your freaky Harper ever was. Filing clerk isn’t exactly qualifications for becoming PM. Time to grow up educate yourself and learn to tell the truth for once in your small world.

      • I’m supposed to be jealous of what? Trudeau’s million dollar trust fund? Ya, I wish I had one of those.

        What intelligence has Trudeau ever displayed? Calling a Minister of the Crown a “piece of shit” on the floor of the House of Commons? Or is it his Senate reform plan to appoint “better” Senators, by appointing Liberal Senators?

        I do work for a living, thank you very much.

        Trust Fund Trudeau’s CV isn’t even close to Harper’s when he became PM. And I’d also like to point out that Harper’s resume in 2015 will have him being PM for 9 years. But you think that Trudeau can run against 2006 Harper in 2015, but that would require a time machine.

  10. ask him why he doesn’t go get a hairstyle.

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