Keeper of the flame


As the NDP prepares to select its seventh leader, here is a 1986 documentary on Tommy Douglas from the National Film Board.


Keeper of the flame

  1. I watched this interesting documentary last night. I had forgotten about ‘the waffle’, my parents were part of that movement. 

    The NDP: A Party at the Crossroads

    CPAC looks back on the history of the NDP, from its foundation as the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) in the 1930s to its historic electoral success in the 2011 election, and examines the importance of the leadership vote following the death of Jack Layton.


    • Will the NDP be waffling to the right rather than waffling to the left as Broadbent always favoured?

      Interesting too to watch videos of protests in Montreal yesterday; 200,000 protesters, according to newspapers, that’s more than I have ever witnessed. 


      And I have to deal with illegal strikes and cancelled flights out of Toronto this morning.  All this brings a sense of déjà-vu – not a very comfortable memories actually.

  2. I wonder if the illegal walkout will affect NDPers attendance at Toronto convention?

    Maybe Tony will find some O’Rourke quote…

  3. I haven’t seen a Donald Brittain doc in years. He was a very great documentarian.

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