Keith Martin refuses to stop thinking rationally


His latest wacky idea: decriminalizing pot.

The illegal drug trade and substance abuse must be taken out from the shadows, stripped of their myths and put front and centre on the political agenda. We need to treat substance abuse as a medical problem and use the full force of the law against the organized crime gangs that are eating away at the fabric of our society. Only by doing this will we reduce criminality, reduce use and save people’s lives.


Keith Martin refuses to stop thinking rationally

  1. I think the appropriate response is – No Comment!
    What was this rumour flying around that Iggy wll protect all imcumbents from nomination challenges?
    I hope he has an “on the other hand” for this one!

  2. Pierre Trudeau made his cabinet ministers present both the pros and the cons of anything they brought up in cabinet. A bit pedantic, but with endemic libertarianism breaking out it might be necessary, there just isn’t enough time to explain everything to every libertarian, they’ve got to start devoting some brain power to anticipating consequences for their own genius ideas for a change.

  3. Everybody and their portugese water dog thinks decriminalization is the shiny object this week.

    But I guess there being a lack of CEO’s to worship lately, the Globe seems to think that giving this guy space to say it is special and cool.

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