Kellie Leitch latches on to Trump victory

Leitch calls Trump victory ‘exciting message that needs to be delivered in Canada as well.’

Chris Alexander and Kelly Leitch, November 20 2014. (

Chris Alexander and Kelly Leitch, November 20 2014. (

OTTAWA – The leadership campaign of Conservative party hopeful Kellie Leitch is jumping on Donald Trump’s surprise U.S. victory to fire a shot at so-called Canadian elites.

On Facebook and in emails to supporters overnight, Leitch hailed Trump’s presidential victory as an “exciting message that needs to be delivered in Canada as well.”

Rona Ambrose, the interim leader of the Conservative party as it chooses a successor to Stephen Harper, issued a much more low-key message of congratulations to president-elect Trump.

“The United States is, and will remain, Canada’s closest friend and ally,” Ambrose said in a release. “Our unique relationship has stood the test of nearly 150 years.”

Leitch has aggressively carved out space in the crowded field to replace former prime minister Stephen Harper as Conservative leader.

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The Collingwood, Ont., MP’s campaign has proposed screening immigrants for as-yet undefined Canadian values, while criticizing her fellow candidates as out-of-touch elites.

“It’s why I’m the only candidate who will ensure that every visitor, immigrant, and refugee will be screened for Canadian values,” said her latest campaign missive.

The brashly populist message comes from a pediatric orthopedic surgeon who served as a minister in the former Harper government.

Canadian opinion polls have suggested a strong pro-Democratic sentiment north of the border, but Leitch says she looks forward to working with the Republican president-elect on issues of common concern.

Conservative party members will get an early chance to assess the 12-person leadership field against the new Trump reality when they face off Wednesday evening in the first leadership debate in Saskatoon.

Andrew McGrath, a former press secretary to Leitch when she was in cabinet, responded to her overnight pitch with disappointment on social media.

“You were status of women minister,” McGrath posted to Leitch on Twitter. “Shame on you.”

Trump was the focus of a number of allegations of lewd behaviour from women who came forward after an old tape emerged in which he boasted that his star power allowed him to sexually accost women with impunity.


Kellie Leitch latches on to Trump victory

  1. Kellie Leitch is a member in good standing of the ‘elite’ she claims to dislike……..and what her plan would do is turn Canadians into robots and conformists..

    She is simply doing a PR stunt to make herself stand out from the dozen other candidates

    • Some thought that Trump was just trying to stand out from the other candidates too … actually, he was.

      • All the other candidates were as crazy as him.

        • there are varying degrees of “crazy”? I’d prefer an ambitious feminist leader over one that is a xenophobic, sexual predator.

          • Except what you perceive as just an “ambitious feminist leader” is married to a real sexual predatore who she covered for and who then victimized her husband’s victims, and she’s on record as wanting to attack both Russia and Iran.
            SHE’D START WW3

    • Yet you had no problem when Justin discriminated and vetted Federal candidates for Liberal “Canadian” values? He set the precedent – now others are following.

      You may remember, if you did NOT conform to the Liberal parties values – you were not welcome. Previously elected Liberals were grandfathered into the New Liberal Conformists master plan. You want an living proof of robots & conformists – look no further than our Federal Cabinet.

  2. We had that message. It was Harper. He is now gone. Unlike the Reform elite, Canadian in the vast majority don’t want to be Americans.

    • When were you given permission to speak for the majority of Canadians?

      • B.Causeiknow speaks for everybody depending on the subject….it’s always contrarrian.

      • At the same time as Harper, with 35% support from Canadians, decided that he was entitled to speak for all Canadians.


          Harper won with 39 percent in 2011, not 35. If you have a source that says it was 35, by all by means post it. Even the Globe and Mail says close to 40 percent. He and Justin didn’t do much different in terms of popular vote. Don’t you recall the repeated chants of “ya but 60 percent didn’t vote for Harper…”. Now Justin wants to change the way our elections run when 60 percent of Canadians didn’t vote for him. Very interesting how his partisans are okay with that.

      • All I can say is that’s a brave statement to infer Canadians like Donald Trump but additionally if you become leader of the conservatives I think you will guarantee a liberal majority. You will be hard pressed to find as many ignorant and racist Canadians as The Donald found in the states (I hope)

      • Every time the Reformers under Harper made any comment about policy it was always “this is what Canadians want”….actually it never was and that is why they lost.

  3. I posted this to facebook today…Yesterday makes me very proud to be Canadian. In our most recent federal election we specifically chose to go in a direction completely opposite to the choice made by the US. And today, the world is looking to Canada to keep the faith and to show y’all how it’s done.
    If you plan to run on a Trump style campaign, I will do everything I can do to oppose you. I hope your political aspirations die a quick death. You are EXACTLY what Canada doesn’t need.

  4. I support the idea of concerned Americans moving to Canada, on one condition: We’ll do a one-to-one trade. We’ll start by sending Leitch to the US in return for one sensible American who didn’t vote for Trump. Win-win.

    • Agreed.

    • Well Snoop Dog wants to come but he I think he might have an impediment…

  5. Kellie Leitch… we got rid of the ‘elite’ in the last federal election… were you not paying attention???

  6. Shame on you is right.

  7. So “every visitor, immigrant, and refugee will be screened for Canadian values”. Every visitor? I bet that goes over well in tourism-oriented parts of the country. Or business-oriented parts. Or just about anywhere.

    • We are already screening them. That is what the government was doing over in Syria. That is why we only took families. Let’s not pretend to be something we aren’t. Quebec already doesn’t allow people with facial coverings into government buildings. They kicked a Muslim woman out of adult education classes.

  8. To quote a recent Nobel prize winner… “The times are a changin” Kellie Leitch is under the misguided belief that President Trump is politically to the right, and this is good news for her…. somehow??? Nothing could be further from the truth! The Trump victory signifies the end of the fake left /right paradigm, and the death of the MSM in the form it has taken in the last 50 years or so. Kelly Leitch and the Reformers are the past!

  9. In what universe is Trump not an “elite” anyway? The man literally sits in a golden throne.

  10. She can move there then.

  11. Kellie, perhaps you should offer your services to the new administration down south. Seems your values are more American than Canadian right now.

  12. Dear Macleans, and the Associated Canadian Press more generally,

    Please stop with tabloid-like coverage of Kellie Leitch before you even start. Please. Otherwise you just become part of the problem.

    • Um….she’s the one carting around a flag and spouting nonsense.

    • Yes, the media needs to stop treating this fringe candidate like she’s part of the mainstream. If the U.S. media hadn’t breathlessly reported on Trump’s every utterance early on we might have seen a different result on Tuesday.

      • I agree with you in so far as no free media attention is negative when it comes to promoting a candidate. This kind of “values” BS got the Parline Marcois govt elected and look at the red necks that came out of the wood work and divisive policies she wanted to implement. Canada can pretend to be above all of that but we know that Canadians are bigoted. We also know that people get off on negativity. Otherwise why would reality shows where people are absolutely disdainful of one another prove so popular.

  13. wasn’t Chris Alexander the ambassador to Afghanistan when the jailers there were accused of doing those ‘barbaric practices’ to Taliban prisoners turned in by our ‘good guys’? The same practices he has now developed a zero tolerance for?

    There are probably a large number of Afghans, found in the wrong place at the wrong time by Canadian troopers, who might remember Big Chris for his ‘kindness’, if they knew – or if they could. They’d have a zero tolerance for him.

  14. This is disgraceful, even if it comes from a Conservative. That any Canadian who believes racism, bigotry, misogyny, outright lies, and deception on the grandest scale are values that should be respected and held by any Member of Parliament is indeed sad.

    • “Even if it comes from a conservative.” Here is the problem. You lump everyone together. Politics is on a spectrum. Danny Williams, the much beloved premier of Newfoundland identified himself as a conservative but hated Stephen Harper. Pauline Marcois was not a conservative and yet wanted to ban head coverings in the work place, meaning Sikh doctors would have to abandon their faith. Many conservatives are pro-choice and pro gay marriage. Many are fiscally conservative but social liberals.

  15. Kellie Leitch represents everything we feared SOME politicians would do in Canada. That concerns me more than Trump himself.

    FYI Leitch- just as Trump was told: We already “vet” immigrants. It’s called the Immigration and Refugee SYSTEM which reviews all applicants. Hence the average wait time for an immigration application (depending on the category applied for) is well over a year (and in some cases 4 yearws) Wait times have increased by 300% in the past few years. How much more vetting do we need?

  16. Kellie Leitch doesn’t realize that Trump style racists and bigots don’t vote for women. Especially women with K. Wynne style haircuts.

  17. There is always one in the stadium, sitting alone, who cheers for the visiting team.
    Canadians are simply too-polite generally to toss half-full plastic beer cups in her direction.

  18. Kellie Leitch is our Donald Trump !
    I am sick of the politicians that only think about their next re-election to a cushy job !
    Why do we need more people on the Dole ?
    Why do we need people that have no desire to assimilate , or be one of us !
    Why do we need people who want to change our laws – ie; Sharia Law !
    Say no to Barbaric Practices – Killing of Gays and in the name of Religion !

    • Humbug

  19. Which part of Trump’s message would you like to import to Canada? Sexism? Misogyny? Bigotry? Racism? Hate? Bullying? Lying? Cheating? I live in your riding and you do not represent me or anyone I know. You are the embodiment of our greatest fears – that others would emulate him. We won’t you get away with it.

  20. “Leitch says she looks forward to working with the Republican president-elect on issues of common concern.”

    Be sure to keep your lady parts out of harm’s way, Kelly.

  21. Kellie you must be tone deaf. It was the hard right turn the Conservatives made that forced me to choose Liberal in the last election, like so many other Canadians. Your recent comments are frightening. There is no place in Canada for your Trump style alt-right nonsense.

  22. A message to the left: don’t push people too far with your ideology, tone down the smugness and condescension, and stop trying to shut down any dissenting viewpoints with accusations of racism, bigotry, sexism etc. Don’t push people into the arms of an idiot like this. Screen “visitors” for Canadian values lol what like even tourists?

    • Well there’s a classic ‘blame the victim’ post!

  23. Great title for this article. Leitch ‘latches on to Trump victory’.

    Yep. That’s what leeches do. They latch on.

  24. Nice choice of image there, MacLeans: Kellie Leitch promoting Trump-style politics while standing behind a sign that says, “Zero tolerance for barbaric cultural practices.”

    Of course, someone will have to explain the irony to Leitch; she may not get it right away.

  25. re Latch On:
    Isn’t this title somewhat negative, implying that she only began to hold these views when Trump won, that she was latching onto his coat tails, not intelligent enough to have views of her own?

  26. Yes lets face it trump victory is good news for man Folks like us in Canada. we are fed up with the political correct ness and our Canadians who still don’t get the danger we are going to face now and in the future by brining in criminal emigrants and Radicalized fanatic jihadi muslims who may look innocent out side but boy inside they is a sleeping volcano ready to come out and the correct time and spread all its glory of Islam an drive in with Shariya law & Islam the only way all our men & women nd kids will be taken over and converted ..Proof see whats happening in all E.UCountires oil rich Muslim countries do not take in a single muslim refugee but finance and encourage millions of them to go to the west.Our stupid politicians like Merkel of Germany Our very own Justin the Mushi obama/hillary and the rest of politicians who have no clue who these real muslims are, continue to bring in Muslim refugees in thousand not giving any chance to nonmuslims and now our life is upside down.Sweden is now the capital city for rape its time w did something like what Americans did elect someone who really understands the peoples wish and the future generations.can we imagine in 20 years our kids will be living with these crimes and jihadi maniacs .Folks lets support Kellie she wants to screen all emigrants whats wrong with that ?

  27. yes we need to support Kellie. We the people of Canada are fed up just like the Americans about political correctness nonsence.Safety of the Canada and its citizens and future generation has to come first.Screening who ever comes in is very important now atleast from countries where terrorists exist and countries where drugs gangs,guns robbery are found.When you see whats happening all around the nonmuslim countries (E.U.Countires) bad criminals involved in drugs guns & terror linked fanatic jihadi emigrants are pouring in with the genuine emigrants we have no way to stop this if we do not do something right now before its too late,ur future generation needs to be protected before we leave this world.Can you imagine out grand kids living with these bad elements? Americans have spoken now it’s our turn soon France,Germany and many countries are going to follow wait and see .Kellie is right and we need support her.she is well educated ,smart, and very reasonable.and not racial .She’s being practical.get out of your ignorance folks and look around think of your future generations.

  28. No ones Latching on .Its the truth but people are not ready to face the truth.Cadians have started thinking like Americans nothing to do with Trump.Safety of our nation and its future generation is in grave danger .Screening is must to keeps safe.Or else we will become another E.U country.