Kenney defends job bank despite outdated postings

Canada Job Bank postings outdated


OTTAWA — The federal government will soon make enhancements to its online job bank amid revelations that hundreds of positions posted on the site have long since been filled, Employment Minister Jason Kenney said Monday.

“We are making improvements to the Canada Job Bank … we will be using new technological developments in the near future to ensure an even better matching of unemployed Canadians with available jobs,” Kenney said in the House of Commons.

The government will work with “private-sector web platforms” when provinces fail to send their own postings to the job bank, he added. Currently, most provinces and territories do so automatically.

The job bank is a critical component of Ottawa’s controversial temporary foreign worker program. Employers are required to post ads on the site seeking Canadian workers for four weeks before they’re able to apply to hire temporary foreign workers.

The government also relies in part on job bank data to determine what regions of the country are clamouring for labour.

But from customer service representatives in New Brunswick to food service supervisors in B.C. and RCMP clerks in Saskatchewan, many of the 110,000 jobs listed on the job bank are no longer available. A litany of postings are several months old; some have been on the site for more than a year.

Some job-seekers also complain that they never heard back from employers after applying for jobs posted online. An email address set up under a generic name by The Canadian Press has not received any replies to multiple queries about various job postings, including at companies that already employ temporary foreign workers.

Bill Wadsworth, a helicopter pilot in B.C., says he applied for jobs at numerous companies that he later learned were given a positive labour market opinion — or LMO — that allowed them to hire temporary foreign workers.

“I had applied to, and had the qualifications, to work for 75 per cent of the LMOs,” he said in a recent interview.

“During my job search, I would contact these companies every two weeks on average. The response was always the same: ‘We have no openings.”‘

Wadsworth said he now views the job bank with cynicism.

“The companies hiring the foreign workers have discovered that all they need to do is post a job online, wait a few weeks and then tell the government they had no Canadian applicants,” he said.

“Regardless of how many resumes they receive, they know there are no government checks in place.”

The NDP’s Jinny Sims, the party’s immigration critic, said the existence of outdated postings on the job bank is just another example of the government’s shoddy labour market data.

“Time and again the minister points to job vacancy numbers from the Canada Job Bank, data that is used to determine labour market opinions,” she said.

“However, that data is often old and postings are not removed when filled. In other words, decisions to permit temporary foreign workers are based on false information…. Some post ads in the jobs bank just to qualify for the program.”

Kenney, however, praises the site. He has said it receives seven million hits a month from job-seekers and that thousands of Canadians have signed up in the last two years to be notified about openings.

“The truth is that the site is a useful platform to connect unemployed Canadians with available jobs,” he said.

“The job alert service is now sending collectively hundreds of thousands of email alerts to unemployed Canadians, making them aware of available job postings.”

Liberal immigration critic John McCallum mocked that defence.

“It does not matter how many Canadians go on the site if the site does not work,” he said. “We know the site is so poorly maintained, so outdated, that job-seekers across the country are facing huge frustrations.’`

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Kenney defends job bank despite outdated postings

  1. Job seekers are trying to find work while the gubmint workers are too lazy to keep the Canada Jobs site current.

  2. LOL probably the same job postings that were there in the 60s when I last saw them!

  3. Sounds like this is the conservatives version of the long gun registry

    • The Jobs Bank has been around for decades…………part of HRDC, the same one that ubder the Liberals managed to lose track of over 1 Billion Dollars, Pierre Pettigrew was the minister at that time, he left and it fell into the lap of the hapless Jane Stewart who eventually had to resign.

  4. Sorry Jason, but you’re all smoke and mirrors and full of hot air. BS does not baffle brains.

    • But Liberal bafflegab sure baffles Liberals.

  5. Hey Jason -you deserve to be an unemployment-statistic yourself, you lyin’ bag of ____.

    It’s bad enough that this Gov’t itself, with it’s destructive policies, has themselves been the root CAUSE of most of these Job Vacanacies,
    but then they make it even worse by lying about it, with phoney stats. ?
    The real sad truth here is, the Unemployment picture is Canada (for “real” Canadians), is actually about 25%.

    They have to hide that from us, because that is roughly the same Unemployment picture, during the Great Depression of the ’30’s.

    • root CAUSE of most of these Job Vacanacies??????

      More like these jobs aren’t filled due to left voting lazy welfare leeches not getting off of the couch.

      • “Job seekers are trying to find work while the gubmint workers are too lazy to keep the Canada Jobs site current.”

        I’d say stick to your own first “post”,
        and stop waffling.

  6. Is anyone surprised? Real data would get in the way of what this government and companies want to do.

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