Kevin Page, undaunted


The Parliamentary Budget Officer talks to Global about John Baird’s vague rebuke.

“What does that even mean?” Page asked in an interview. “Someone has to explain that to me…Does he mean we’re having too much impact? Well I ain’t apologizing for that. I’m not apologizing for the work we did on the F-35s, on crime bills, or the fiscal sustainability reports. Those are all papers the government has not produced, that I produced with help from a group of people you could fit around two dinner tables.”


Kevin Page, undaunted

  1. You would think that there would be at least one member of the Conservative caucus willing to support the transparency and accountability that Kevin Page attempts to bring to the table.

    But, alas…….

    • Oh, come on: what could one MP do?

      • You mean like Elizabeth May or Bruce Hyer? One MP like that?

        • They would almost certainly have to leave the CPC caucus after taking their stand though. Not that such a departure would be a bad thing from my point of view…

          • Yes, they would. But May and Hyer have proved that you don’t need a caucus in order to be an effective MP. And if you want to vote with your former caucus, there’s nobody there to stop you.

        • And MR Wilks was oh so close to joining the group….woulda been interesting.

          • If ONLY his balls hadn’t retreated up into his gut, just for one moment more.

  2. One of the things I like best about Page is his professionalism. And yet, it makes me happy to see him venting just a little at the jackass political hacks who slander him all the time.

    It seems unwise for the government to make this guy angry.

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