Keystone: The Prime Minister and the President chat


From the PMO press office:

“Earlier this afternoon, Prime Minister Stephen Harper received a phone call from Barack Obama, President of the United States. President Obama informed the Prime Minister of his Administration’s decision to turn down TransCanada’s application to build and operate the Keystone XL pipeline.

“The President explained that the decision was not a decision on the merits of the project and that it was without prejudice, meaning that TransCanada is free to re-apply. Prime Minister Harper expressed his profound disappointment with the news. He indicated to President Obama that he hoped that this project would continue given the significant contribution it would make to jobs and economic growth both in Canada and the United States of America.

” The Prime Minister reiterated to the President that Canada will continue to work to diversify its energy exports.”


Keystone: The Prime Minister and the President chat

  1. Hey, Paul, are you just posting something Aaron Wherry’s already posted?

    • Not technically. Your choice of italics is reversed. 

    • Thank goodness that is all it is.  I was worried that you were becoming the new PMO conduit to the public.

  2. How rad is that, PM?

  3. Well, there go the office chairs again….smash, crash, kick, thump…..

  4. Did the PMO also issue one of the photos of Steve talking on a telephone, looking all serious-like?

    • Nah, there wasn’t enough time to assemble the requisite supporting cast of cabinet members sitting around his desk, and Van Loan standing at his side like a valet.

      • Hi-yo!

  5. It must be very amusing to the guy at CAPP who free-handed the oilsands production forecast that has caused all this political activity, crisis, and int’l telephone calls.

  6. “ The Prime Minister reiterated to the President that Canada will continue to work to diversify its energy exports.”

    Wonder how that was received? That should speed things along.

    Would a couple of ph calls to those radical enviros be in order? Nah, the WH would never do stuff like that.

    Probably no lasting damage, and Harper is entittled to vent his disappointment but i have to say this guy has a gift for getting peoples backs up don’t he! Wonder if the Prez bit?

    • As usual you have totally misread the conversation between Harper and Obama—-one that was rehearsed in Hawaii a few months back.

      • We are talking about this one now, right. But if you have a link or cogent argument to make them make it, i’m not stopping you – i have no idea what they said in Hawaii.

        I’m not even really attempting to read anything in really, other then idle speculation. Isn’t that more or less what we’re all doing on here most of the time? It’s why i like to use so many of those funny ? symbols for – i wonder? But since you were apparently there and in the know , or paying close attention to what was agreed to and rehearsed in Hawaii i suggest you clue us in as to just what this ph call portends. I’m afraid i can only speculate and wait for the next macleans post.     
        Just a heads up, read Wells’ tags before you post.

        • this ph call portends what any other phone call between these two neighbours concerning mutual agreements or disagreements would portend—no big deal.

          I suspect they both knew for a few months now that Obama would be forced to delay the project for political reasons, but since they seem to get along well, there won`t be any hard feelings—I doubt if it was at all chilly—I don`t think Obama threatened to let loose Darryl Hannah or Kevin Bacon on us—–or Harper wouldn`t hang up on Obama and call China.

          It`s a big world out there—-this won`t cancel the project, just delay it—-but I bet Obama pays a price for the delay.

          • If it gets him the presidency he’ll be happy.

  7. Presumably PM Harper/TransCanada knew this could happen and were not caught completely off guard. US State Dept was for pipeline before it was against it and now Repubs are using Keystone as wedge issue as well. Pipeline has got caught up in presidential election and that’s unfortunate for TransCanada because I don’t think Pres Obama will ever give approval to build it now.

    HuffPost ~ Aug 2011:

    The State Department on Friday released its final environmental assessment of the Keystone XL, removing a major barrier to the construction of the 1,700 mile oil pipeline, which would stretch from Alberta, Canada, to the Gulf Coast.
    In a report consistent with the agency’s earlier findings, the final Environmental Impact Statement found the proposed pipeline would have “no significant impact” to the vast majority of resources along the pipeline corridor, and suggested moving forward on the project with limited modifications.

  8. Bammy called Betty White on her birthday.

  9. Obama wants to be a radical, foreign, environmentalist, and Hollywood do gooder.

  10. Hey Obama. I am surprised you had the “balls” to call our Prime Minister to his face. You usually say and do things “behind” peoples backs.Good Luck Americans, another one of his steps towards “Bankrupting” America.It is obvious Obama is doing his best to make enemies of your friends and friends with your enemies. He is bowing a little lower to his “Muslim and Arab” relatives and delivering American to them on a platter. He will make you a “third world country” in a matter of time. Come to Canada our American Cousins but keep your slimy President at home.

    • Before you get too far into the spit ball throwing TCP will be re-applying.  Obama didn’t reject
      the project, he refused to be bullied into making a decision without completing the process.  The oil lobby blew a lot of money on this.


    • This one got through the PMO messaging shark fence… there will be hell to pay over this.

    • Yeah, the guy who sent dogs with titanium fangs and SEALs to shoot Osama in the face is afraid of the tubby PM of Canada.

      I assume your use of scare quotes means you’re speaking in euphemisms.

    • “Hey” Ann, what’s with “all” the arbitrary quotation “marks”?

    • What???
      Ordinarily I love a good rant, with one requisite: It should make some, just wee bit, sense!

  11. “Prime Minister Harper . . . indicated to President Obama that he hoped that this project
    would continue given the significant contribution it would make to jobs
    and economic growth both in Canada and the United States of America.”

    HE hopes it will continue! I think I can safely say, all the sane and rational citizens of the U.S. (about 55%) ardently wish the same. Not incidentally, do you know why President Obama has total, dictatorial power to approve or deny the pipeline? Because he says so.

    Or rather, because former Presidents said so. ==> http://www.wnd.com/2012/01/keystone-pipeline-dead-not-so-fast/

    They issued “executive orders,” granting themselves power over pipelines which cross the border. That’s a nice trick! “I hereby declare myself in charge.” Nice work if you can get it.

    But, hey PM Harper — no use trying your rational arguments on Obama. That won’t penetrate the bizarre psychology of Obama and other members of the insane clown posse of environmental millenialists.

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