Kids for Nash -

Kids for Nash


The Nash campaign collects pledges from young New Democrats.

Our generation needs a leader who will help lower tuition fees, who will take serious action on climate change, who will work overtime to ensure we have meaningful support to enter the workforce. We need a leader who will listen to us, respect our opinions, and build a strong economy while protecting the environment and supporting all Canadians with smart social policy. As young New Democrats, we want a leader who will fight for a better future for all of us, not just the one per cent.

That leader is Peggy Nash.


Kids for Nash

  1. eric hoffer ~ The intellectuals and the young, booted and spurred, feel themselves born to ride us

    • Young people and intellectuals are the only way the world changes and moves forward.

      • Chairman Mao has defined our future as an armed revolutionary youth organization … So if Chairman Mao is our Red-Commander-in-Chief and we are his Red soldiers, who can stop us? First we will make China red from inside out and then we will help the working people of other countries make the world red … and then the whole universe.

        • Mao has been dead for over 30 years.  Keep up.

          And in any case he wasn’t an intellectual, and it was a step forward for China at the time.

        • All youth are unrepentant Maoists, obviously.

        • That is a flailing stretch even for you. 

  2. Shorter: We want a leader who will spend public money like a drunken sailor.

    • Unlike say….fighterplanes and prisons.

      • Ya, national security and enforcing laws should not be the purview of governments, right?

        • No, that’s wasting money on things we don’t need.

          Education and a clean enviroment are necessities of life.

          • Um, news flash: lots of people get through life without an education. There’s not a country on the planet that doesn’t have some form of self defence, nor a country that doesn’t enforce it’s laws with the threat of violence. You’ve really got to stop living in your fabricated fairy-dust wonderland.

          • Uh….news flash…they may survive, but we are aiming higher than mere survival these days, Rick.

            You know…outside the cave.

            Fighterplanes are obsolete…have been for years

            You wanna ‘defend’ Canada, learn about cyberwarfare.

          • @OriginalEmily1:disqus 
            exactly how many wars have been won using cyber warfare? Answer: 0.
            How many wars have been won using planes? Lots.

          • @Rick_Omen:disqus 

            What year are you living in Rick?  In fact, what century?

            Planes didn’t win in Iraq or Afghanistan and won’t in Iran either….but Iranians hacked a US drone and brought it down.

            WWII is long gone.

          • @OriginalEmily1:disqus 
            LOL. One drone, vs. thousands of bombs dropped. I know which side I’d rather be on.

          • @Rick_Omen:disqus 

            That’s like the Cherokee saying how many wars have guns won?….none. How many wars have arrows and spears won? Lots. I know which side I’d rather be on.

        • It’s fitting, I suppose: fighter planes and prisons for non-existent wars and unreported crime!

          • Well Cons tend to live in the 50’s when that kind of talk worked.

            But if you can hack a drone, you can hack a fighterplane and plunge it into the nearest mountain or sea. You can hack tanks and run them off a cliff….you can sink ships.

            You can bring down satellites….hell, someone recently stole the position coding for the space station…so they could bring that down if they had a mind to.

            And what we have…and stupidly want to continue buying….are arrows and spears.