Kids in prison


Chris Cobb looks at one of the implications of the government’s crime legislation.

“It is badly drafted legislation,” says University of Toronto criminologist Anthony Doob. “The government has a role to make good laws and this isn’t good law. We should penalize according to the harm caused and I don’t think that the 18-year-old who gives his 17-year-old friend marijuana deserves a penitentiary sentence. How did kids sharing marijuana suddenly become organized criminals?”

To the list of those with concerns about the government’s direction, you can the Canadian Association of Crown Counsel, who see a looming crisis in the justice system.


Kids in prison

  1. Is there really a Prof Doob who thinks it is ok for adults to give drugs to minors?

    I find myself thinking  ‘only in Canada … ‘ often these days.

    • I think you need to re-read what he said.

    • Yes there is and unlike Nicholson and Toews he uses his brain.

      • nicholson and toews have brains???

    • You really don’t need to be that literal/obtuse. I don’t think the Prof. is advocating giving drugs to minors. What he is suggesting is that a barely adult going to jail for two years for an offence that technically labels them a drug dealer.

  2. Toots And Maytals ~ 54 46 Was My Number

    Do you believe I would take such a thing with me
    And give it to a police man?
    I wouldn’t do that 
    And if I do that, I would say “Sir, 
    Come on and put the charge on me”

    • So, then, the advantage to unjustly incarcerating young people is that we’ll get better music out of the deal?

      (ETA: I’ve always loved that song btw!)

      • Spot on, Lord K’O!

        My missus was watching music awards last night, I saw parts and it made me despair for modern music. I am thinking some kids in jail on specious ganja charges – like Toots was – will allow them to create better music, at least.

        • LOL

          That’s arguably the most rational argument in favour of the omnibus Tory crime bill that I’ve seen!

          • Ooh, I can hardly wait to get busted. Unshackle the bonds that stifle my creativity Steve!

  3. Nifty:

    Now I can add “Formerly a member of an organized crime syndicate’ on my resume.

    I feel safer already.


    • Hey – if we formed a voting block we could probably  topple the government…

  4. I don’t think Mr. Cobb or the CACC got the memo: critiques, suggestions or comments on the proposed crime legislation package are no longer required.

  5. These kids also need to learn, if you’re going to smoke pot DON’T GROW YOUR OWN!  Buying pot from a gang is one thing, but growing a small amount for yourself and your roomate makes you a threat to society.

    The Tories would simply prefer that you to buy your pot from the Hell’s Angels the way God intended.

    • Yes, support organized crime, don’t grow your own. It’s the Conservative way.

  6. To the list of those with concerns about the government’s direction, you can the Canadian Association of Crown Counsel, who see a looming crisis in the justice system.

    The Tories aren’t interested in the opinions of the police or judges on their crime policies, why would they listen to Crown Prosecutors???  Rule number one of Conservative crime policy is, if you know anything about crime or criminal law policy your opinion is not needed.

    After all, how can we trust Crown Prosecutors???  Those people spend an awful lot of time hanging out with criminals!!!

  7. It deeply disturbs me to contemplate all the lives that may be ruined by the ill-considered provisions of this bill, just so that the CPC can pretend they are making Canada safer for all those who have bought into their fear-mongering, and generate income for their prison-building buddies in the 1%.

    • That’s why you’re a logician and RobVic NicholToewson ain’t.

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