Kiss and make up -

Kiss and make up


The Canadian Press reports:

With some colleagues apparently calling for his head and his leader warning he might be punished, embattled Liberal MP Denis Coderre has used a TV appearance to try mending fences…

Liberals waiting for another bombshell from Coderre found themselves exhaling slightly. Party members had feared the worst when Coderre agreed to appear on “Tout le monde en parle,” a wildly popular French-language talk show on Radio-Canada.

The show will only air Sunday but, if a snippet that ran Friday afternoon is any indication, they needn’t worry.

“I think it’s an opportunity to say that we are a great party,” Coderre said in the clip…

Also appearing on Sunday’s broadcast, alongside Coderre: Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, from the legendary rock group Kiss.

I have just one comment. Legendary?


Kiss and make up

  1. Denis is certainly playing it smart – I wonder if he will get away with it – so the question remains right up front in front of everyone to see – will Iffy cave and roll over kiss kiss make up OR a heavy hand and banishment – Iffy's track record isn't so good so far I wonder what he will do? I seem to recall all of this started originally with the NFLD MP's he didn't whip on the budget, which in turn encouraged Quebec MP's to say to themsleves hey they got away with it why don't we have some love here? ROFL poor Iggy stuck between a BLOC and a hard place indeed!

    • I think what everyone's really wondering is what Harpy is going to do to poison the atmosphere now and make it a 'It's me, not you" moment between him and Jack. Of course, I'm just trying to point out how immature it is to make stupid nicknames up about so-called leaders but i'm sure it'd fly right over the head of pisclone's talking points.

  2. I guess we will have to wait and see. Libs have an obvious desire to downplay interview and have people ignore it.

    Coderre was nice enough towards Iffy personally during his press conference earlier this week but he did call out the Toronto cabal that's running Libs at the moment. And I bet he does not back down from that allegation, which started the argy-bargy in the first place.

    "I have just one comment. Legendary?"

    Certainly. Who doesn't want to rock and roll all night and party every day.

  3. Possibly the best title ever. Or the worst. I can't decide.

  4. Andrew, they didn't say it KISS was legendary for the music.

    I vote thumbs up for the blog title. Très fin.

  5. How is Kiss not legendary?

    • Obviously Mr. Coyne doesn't like one of the three chords.

      • Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not commenting on their musical talents, but I do fail to see how it can be argued that KISS aren't legendary. And there may be levels of legendary, but imho, it's pretty clear that KISS fits the bill.

    • If you take it in a very literal sense, KISS are made up of real living people and not creatures from fantasy, lore, imagination, or legend. Other than that i got nuthin.

  6. AC's definition of legendary:

    Randy Bachman, Burton Cummings and their former band, with Denis Coderre as the mystery guest.

    • I bet Coyne's got a Partridge Family album stashed away in a box in his basement.

      • I saw Billy Cowsill (claimed to be the Keith Partrige real life character) in Vancouver in the early 90's. David Cassidy would never look so earthy.

  7. Cue the inevitable Ace Frehley/Denis Coderre comparisons…

  8. But the gaffe-prone Liberal got into real trouble when Coderre said "I've always been more an AC/DC fan."

    • Lord Bob, I think you misheard, or the translation failed. It's wasn't AC/DC: "I've always been an Ace of Bass fan." RadCan had to call the cops to the studio after that.