La Presse pitches its poll in tomorrow’s paper


“CROP’s observations on the federal scene will astonish you.”


La Presse pitches its poll in tomorrow’s paper

  1. Prediction: Ignatieff is polling higher than Duceppe in Quebec?

    I could see it happening, given that the budget wranglings and the coalition debacle must have really underscored the Bloc’s impotence.

    • I didn’t see Ignatieff’s press conference, or watch any of the QP stuff. But I heard his French is terrible (which I find rather surprising). How can he pick up momentum in Quebec with bad French?

  2. I can think of any one of a number of astonishing results of that poll running from the significant drop in Bloc support to massive support for the Bloc, from a Con resurgence to a Liberal revival to an NDP sweep. it is Quebec politics….anything and everything is possible until the next change in the wind.

    Look forward to it one way or another.

    • Of all the scenarios you mentioned, an NDP sweep seems the least plausible. A Con resurgence? Still unlikely, but possible. I read a lot of Quebec political commentaries during the last election. It was interesting to see how most anti-Harper sentiment was predicated on the following assumptions:

      1. He’s an ultra-right-wing, inflexible, conservative idéologue.
      2. He’s a shameless, dangerous démagogue.
      3. He’s a religious fundamentalist with a hidden social agenda.
      4. He’s a tool of Alberta’s economic interests, in the pocket of the pétrolières.
      5. He’s an arts-hating philistine who loathes Quebec culture and wants to jail our kids.
      6. He’s a puppet of George W. Bush.

      Now that Harper has exposed his true colours as a pragmatic chameleon, and shown his willingness to defy his base, it will be interesting to see whether Quebecers change their perceptions. After all, Quebec has a long history of voting for pragmatic, chameleon-like politicians.

      • “now the Harper has exposed his true colours as a pragmatic chameleon”… you could have just said “now that Harper has exposed his true colours as a man with no principles.”

        • Right: “Now that Harper has exposed his true colours as a man with no principles, he is finally in majority territory.”

          ¡Viva la democracia!

  3. Harper tops in despot search!

  4. Is this a poll on Quebec only, a national poll with a Quebec focus, or just a national poll?

    ‘Cause what would astonish me vis a vis federal party support in Quebec is not necessarily the same as would astonish me vis a vis federal party support nationally. I presume it might well be a Quebec only poll, but it could be national too, no?

  5. My guess would be that the Liberals and Bloc are tied for first…

  6. That Stephane Dion is seen as the best PM we never had.

    • If memory serves I believe Alan Fotheringham should be credited with the line – “The best prime minister Canada never had” – with respect to Robert Stanfield?

      Which ties in nicely with the current Harper photo-op extravaganza. I suspect that butter-fingers Harper has just dropped the ball on the current incarnation of the CPC ever achieving a majority government.

      I must admit, however, I have entertained the exact thought you have just articulated regarding Messr. Dion.

      • By the by; while I’m reminiscing about Alan Fotheringham I should mention that, back in the day, anyone who was anyone would read Macleans back to front. One started on the inside back page ’cause that’s where the Foth’s column appeared each issue.

        • And that’s why when Mr. Wells started at Maclean’s he was given the back page gig. If I recall correctly he thanked Doctor Foth in the first piece wrote .

          Thanks for muddifying the fuzzification Stede.

  7. Hey, it’s the Globe and Mail. Unprecedented daily polling coverage!

  8. Prediction: 80% of respondents believe Jack Layton’s mustache should lead the coalition.

  9. Paul… How could leave me hanging? astonishing results?

  10. What could possibly astonish us about Quebec that hasn’t already astonished us already?
    Polls showing that due to the worsening financial crisis and la belle provinces position vis a vis said crisis; Quebec will not be going anywhere for the foreseeable future or the next referendum, whichever comes first?
    Or, maybe they’ve managed to revive Levesque! Ha! We can match that mon amies. We have Trudeau mrk ii , remember!

  11. Geez, I hate to be kept waiting. Now I won’t be able to sleep.

    Dr. Foth used to appear in our local paper – he sure hates Ontario/Toronto. He raves about someone and then when they look like their getting popular or something, kicks the pail over. And, he’s a gossip, but i did like his columns. Unfortunately, and very conservative paper has take over our little town paper and all we get is a couple of their articles by their right leaning writers. Oh, and death notices and junior hockey game results.

  12. Initiate emergency pundit protocol.

    • Please specify the nature of your political-analysis emergency.

      • Merde

        Mr Data, I thought Starfleet Command had canceled its contract with OnStar!

  13. C’mon guys.

    If La Presse is pitching tomorrow’s CROP as “CROP’s observations on the federal scene will astonish you.”, it most probably means : “The Liberals are back! The Bloc and PCC are down!”

    Maybe I’m cynical.

  14. Hey ! At last we can get back to real politics ! We have polls !

  15. It will read that Quebecouis are more outraged at the budget than Danny Williams and if the ROC (except Nfld & Lbdr) does not give them every cent of provincial tax they will seperate.
    And they’ll mean it this time!!! Really! No kidding, this time they really mean it!

  16. Maybe all the numbers are prime. That would be astonishing.

    • I’ve seen all-prime polling numbers before: 37-31-13-11-7. It wasn’t as astonishing as I hoped it would be.

      • Together, we can never be divided.