Lavender blitz


I’m seeing a lot of this ad since yesterday. Here’s the easiest armchair-strategist question of the day: who do you suppose the target market is?



Lavender blitz

  1. Five year olds who like to draw?

  2. People who talk to themselves?

  3. But PVL’s already in cabinet, Wiseguy.

  4. But it’s a good ad.

  5. This ad is weird. I don’t like the woman’s voice and I don’t get why she has a weird tv up in the corner of her kitchen with a digitally transposed image of Dion on it?

  6. I haven’t seen this ad before so I am not sure who put it out. I would think it was Con ad because it’s pretty plain and the NDP ads have been pretty spiky so far.

    However, I just finished reading Geddes’ article on Layton from last week’s mag and he mentioned a couple of times that NDP are hoping to attract urban women, who are the Libs base.

    So the target market is urban women who are now having second thoughts about voting for the effete Dion. But I don’t know which party released the ad and I can’t read the faint type at the bottom.

  7. Also, how did Harper get ahold of last week’s Hillary pant-suit… I think there could be a story there!

  8. I’m guessing it’s aimed at people who scan the headlines above the fold and consider themselves informed enough to make decisions.

  9. I liked the original version, which ended in a mushroom cloud obliterating mother and tot, dissolving to “Dion. Not a leader. Not worth the risk of global thermonuclear war.”

  10. Attracting urban women is harder than you think. (Don’t ask how I know)

  11. I’m the target: middle-class working mom in the suburbs concerned about job security and paying bills, etc. etc.

    But I look at the ad and think, wow…her kitchen’s a lot nicer than mine. Oooh, I’d love those counter tops. And a TV in the kitchen, eh? Must be nice. And–scuse me? Did she just say SHE can’t afford to pay more taxes? Please! I live in a house that’s a lot less nice, and I would be willing to pay a bit more in tax if it meant saving the environment for my children.

    Many of my friends and co-workers are of the exact demographic that the Conservatives (I assume it’s their ad) are trying to appeal to here. Judging from the negative reactions I hear whenever Stephen Harper’s name comes up, I don’t think they’re succeeding in their attempts to lure urban and suburban women to vote for them…at least not where I live.

  12. “Attracting urban women is harder than you think. (Don’t ask how I know)”

    You owe me a new keyboard. Mine’s shorting out from laughing in the midst of a coffee sip…

  13. For the record, the Liberals have been running ads that are exactly the same – dialogues and monologues from “ordinary” Canadians concluding that a Harper government will see us all living in cardboard boxes.

  14. Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it?  This ad’s trying to attract the disaffected Sarah Palin crowd.  8^>

  15. jwl: “I haven’t seen this ad before so I am not sure who put it out.”

    Your hint’s at the end, where it says “Authorized by the Registered Agent of the Conservative Party of Canada”.

  16. Just when I was getting all upset about the negative Liberal ads linking Harper to Bush, the Tories go and put out this negative ad….

  17. Those that don’t understand what taxes are?

  18. An incredibly miniscule percentage of women who are afraid of their own shadow?

  19. Anyone who forgets that one of the first things the CPC did was raise personal income taxes on the brackets that can’t afford a house with a kitchen like that.

    That’s gotta be some of of the sloppiest camera work & editing I’ve seen in a long time.

  20. Ya, sure – she looks financially strapped.

  21. “the Tories go and put out this negative ad”

    They’ve run other ads like this. I find it interesting they don’t seem to dare put them all online for everyone to see.

    Other then the sweater ads the Tories ad campaign has been nothing more than: “Don’t vote Dion, he’ll screw up the economy!” Which is why I’m amused that they’re crying about the other parties “fear mongering” on the subject.

  22. Her daughter is already taking advantage of the tax break on children’s drawing classes. Must be a Tory ad, though: she was colouring outside the lines.

  23. This is, by far, the most boring-ass attack ad ever.

    Yes, it’s aimed at women. But women tune out advertising after about 10 seconds, just like men do. They won’t even be paying attention when that “grows on trees” stuff starts.

    (Interestingly enough, it’s probably women who are most likely to be turned off by Harper’s gleeful “lookit his bad english!!!” moment. So if he was going after women, he seems to be in even more trouble.)

  24. wow…all your commenters are very smart and can tell when they’re being shown a worm on a hook.
    trouble is…or lucky for some I guess… most regular Canadian voters don’t like or watch or even truly get the Jon Stewart, Maher, Letterman or Wells style of comment so… I bet the ad will work in the Cons favor
    Oh! – We are so not worthy!

  25. I agree with Dave… most don’t get it and many will take this ad at face value, not questioning its factual basis.

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