Law class


The House of Commons law clerk considers Dean Del Mastro’s demand that the CBC turn over documents related to a matter already before the courts.

The sub judice convention is based on the principle that each branch of our parliamentary system of government should respect the functions of the other branches and not interfere or appear to do what belongs to one of the other branches to do. Our parliamentary system of government is based on a separation of the three basic governmental powers or functions: the executive, the legislative and the judicial. The judicial branch operates—and must be seen to operate—fully independent of both the executive and legislative branches. The credibility of the law courts as impartial arbiters of legal rights and as interpreters of the law depends on a clear recognition by the other branches of their independence.

Mr. Del Mastro previously, if temporarily, sought to have a sitting judge testify before a parliamentary committee.


Law class

  1. As of next Monday, we reach the tipping point- we’re closer to our return date to Peterborough than our departure date of last January. I need to restate that no one on my street voted for the guy. I guess we’ll just have to work on the surrounding streets in 2015. In the meantime, it’s 23 today and sunny. 

    PS- I hope Mr. Walsh isn’t a lapsed Catholic. 

    • In our iredeemingly conservative riding (both federally and provincially), I can never find anyone who voted for them, either. Either I need to get out more or you should put less confidence in your convictions, concerning neighbours’ political inclinations. (Just thought I’d throw that Canadian spelling of “neighbours” in there to expedite your re-acculturation).

      • It’s tough enough writing ‘check’ all the time brother. And ‘restroom’. WTF is a ‘restroom’?

  2. “No one EXPECTS the Spanish Inquisition!”

  3. Every time del Maestro speaks it strengthens my notion that he’s in politics because his family wants to keep him as far away from the family business as humanly possible.

    • So, does that make him a modern remittance man?

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