Law & Order: UK -

Law & Order: UK


The Times and Guardian review revelations in Britain’s burgeoning Afghan detainee controversy. The Canadian experience is not going unnoticed and Doug Saunders helpfully puts things in perspective for a Canadian audience. Doug has also graciously uploaded what UK documents he has obtained.


Law & Order: UK

  1. "British officials expressed worry about torture claims made by prisoners as early as June 29, 2007, apparently out of concern that the Canadian detainee-torture scandal could spread to their command."

    What is truly novel about the Harper Wrecking Crew is how its tactics, ostensibly deployed solely for domestic purposes, have managed to ensnare and taint and otherwise become a nuisance for foreign governments, even allies like Britain and the US.

    Canada's back and on the World stage, baby!

    • Harper controls the entire world. Everything that happens anywhere anytime is all Harper, eh? You might wanna shine up your tin-foil hat a bit.

  2. Interesting quote "The memo says that a desirable option would be to build a facility in an unused building in Kandahar, but it says that the “proposal is meeting resistance from the Canadians and the Dutch,” who do not want to develop a prison in the former U.S. military building. Documents released in the Canadian detainee case have shown that Canada repeatedly avoided building a detention facility, despite requests from several countries and branches of the Afghan government."
    Where did that resistance come from; the military? Maybe due to lack of manpower. DFAIT? Maybe due to legal questions regarding prisions in foreign countries. Civil Servants in Ottawa? Maybe due to same questions that DFAIT had. Martin/Harper PMO's? Politics of course. Or fear of the vocal Quisling group (Attran and his ilk) would use every bump and scrape that a prisioner had to "prove" that we were abusing the poor Taliban.
    Maybe, like Toyota, we should have bit the bullet and built the damn things afterall.

  3. Hey, at least Canada's leading at something with Harper & the Cons.

    • From "oldest continuous democracy in the World" to "rogue state" in four years.

      To be honest, I'm a little impressed myself.