Law & Order: Irony Investigation Unit


Dona Cadman, Feb. 2008. “In an interview with CTV News yesterday, Dona Cadman stood by her story, outlined in the book, that the Tory officials had met with her husband to woo his vote. ‘Two gentlemen had visited him, offered him a million-dollar life insurance policy and a few other things,’ said Cadman, who is the Conservative candidate in the Surrey North riding once held by her husband. Asked whether she considered it a bribe, she responded, ‘Yes, in a way.'”

Dona Cadman, speaking in the House this afternoon. “Mr. Speaker, despite the Liberals’ best efforts to convince Canadians otherwise, Canadians know it is our party that is the party of law and order.”


Law & Order: Irony Investigation Unit

  1. Canadians know it’s the party that won’t shut up about law and order.

    • But they’ll take the opposition to court to make *them* shut up about law & order.

      Of course, it doesn’t help when the LPC muzzles itself to get out of court…

  2. Looks like the CONservatives have some work to do on the Cadman issue.

    CAITI Online Poll:
    In an interview with journalist Tom Zytaruk, Stephen Harper stated:

    “But the, uh, of the offer to Chuck [Cadman] was that it was only to replace, uh, financial, uh, considerations, he might lose due to an election.”

    In your opinion, do you believe the offer that Stephen Harper was describing, constitutes an attempt to bribe an elected Member of Parliament, Chuck Cadman?
    Yes 89%

    No 11%

    • Yes, online polls conducted by single-issue grudge-holding blogs with notably partisan audiences sure are reliable.

      • That would be different from Harper’s own polling, how?

      • Delano — you misspelled your name. Here, I’ll help:


        • Projecting much?

          It’s an online poll. It tells you nothing useful about popular opinion as such, only the biases of the blogger and their readers.

      • Who needs polls? We’ve got a tape. We know Harper knew of financial offers to Cadman for his vote.

    • Apparently you are a Dipper or Liberal who doesn’t understand the issue?!

      Your quote tries to make the Prime Minister sound like an idiot before people hear what he has to say or what the real issue is. This is a bad situation either way, but it doesn’t need your partisan ways to deal with it!!!!

      Although I don’t agree with Stephen Harper, I don’t think that he is as idiotic as what you make him to sound. Obviously, if Mr. Cadman was so upset or disturbed by this, he would have called the RCMP who would have investigated ASAP on this issue – which is required BY LAW when someone tries to bribe an MP. But obviously, he wasn’t so it was secondary to the issue. But your NDP/Liberal loyalty advertises otherwise. Typical of bloggers.

      I am a green supporter and would like to see all three parties wiped out. But in my own interest, I can’t see you slamming a woman not worth of defamation when she deserves to be persuaded for working hard. Maybe your dick-head character needs to visit her website before making judgments (www.donacadman.ca).

      Think again before you trash the character of another person!


      • Yeesshh !! And i thought the greens had class!

  3. Right Ms Cadman – let the author who respected your husband so much he wrote a book about him hang in the wind.

    You sure don’t have the principles your husband had.

    • Yeah, isn’t that about the oddest thing in this whole story? She (Mrs. Cadman) stands up so well to defend her husband’s honour and ethics–and yet of her own, not so much, it would appear.

  4. the ghost of Chuck Cadman will not rest until justice is done…

  5. “There’s nothing an agnostic can’t do if he doesn’t know whether he believes in anything or not” – Monty Python quote

  6. It seems that none of you understand my MP. Maybe if you all were not members of the Liberal Party or NDP, You would know that Ms. Cadman is a supporter of Surrey North and that her actions are in the best interest of her riding.

    But them again, why would Macleans publish anything but stuff against the Government?! This issue has nothing to do with Dona but rather is a matter between the two parties!

    But lets be serious, its too easy to take cheap shots at a widow then to say it to her face….the typical NDP/Liberal way!

    • The “cheap shot” is that she’s sitting in the same caucus that tried to buy her dying husband’s vote. That’s not a problem??

    • I’m delighted to hear Ms. Cadman represents her riding so well. But, are you not kind of curious on this yourself?

      This question doesn’t depend on whether there was, or was not, a bribe offered and refused. SHE says her husband told her there was a bribe offered, SHE says he refused it, SHE stands behind her husband’s story–and SHE ran for the Conservatives.

      I’m missing a seriously important piece of this puzzle. As it is, it doesn’t make sense!

      • I can only assume that she’s either a person of strong loyalty or is a very ambitious one. In either case, without knowing her i’d say cognitive dissonance all the way!

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