Learn from our mistakes


While the Conservatives have spent the last three years lamenting for the possibility of “opportunistic,” “unnecessary,” “unwanted,” “costly,” “needless” elections that could imperil the national economy and hurt the unemployed, the Finance Minister volunteered yesterday that, in hindsight, the Prime Minister probably wouldn’t have plunged the country into an election in the fall of 2008.

One of the most testing times in my career in public service was the recession that began in the Fall of 2008. In fact, we were in the midst of an election when it hit with full force. Had we been aware of the crisis on the horizon, the Prime Minister would have been unlikely to call the election. Nevertheless, that was the situation. So I found myself campaigning for re-election in Whitby-Oshawa while juggling an increasing number of phone calls with the G7 finance ministers as we all became more aware of the breadth of the worldwide economic crisis.

It was during that campaign, of course, that Mr. Harper offered his assessment that if there was going to be a recession it would’ve happened by then.


Learn from our mistakes

  1. ‘Had we been aware of the crisis on the horizon,’

    There’s nothing like an alert PM, I allus say….especially one that claims to be an economist.

  2. So, what kind of information is exchanged in cabinet meetings, anyway?

    • I’m imagining a room full of Don Cherrys….

      • That’s a frightening thought just for the yards and yards of bad upholstery alone …

  3. We should forgive him for pretending to be able to predict the future; as for pretending to be any sort of economist – i’m not so sure. 

  4. What a load of BS. They knew very well there was a recession on the way and it’s probably the reason they called the election when they did.

  5. So.. wait.. Flaherty’s admitting here that he and Harper have the awareness and predictive ability of a cow-pie?

    Well.. I suppose that goes some distance to explaining how he was able to promise he’d cut 4 billion dollars this year.. and why he needed to hire outsiders in hopes that they could actually find it.

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