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Leave nothing unsaid


Jack Harris was the New Democrat selected to respond on Tuesday to the Justice Minister’s final tabling of the omnibus crime bill. As the opposition member responding to a minister, Mr. Harris was not subject to the normal time limits placed on speeches in the House. And so he spoke—with a few brief interruptions—for three hours. The resulting speech numbers no less than 21,631 words.

The official opposition is generally refusing to roll over and allow swift passage of the legislation, thus apparently ruining at least one photo op so far.


Leave nothing unsaid

  1. Ideologues are much more bolshie than technocrats. I hope NDP intransigence helps former Reform remember what they supposedly believe in. 

  2. Good thing they gave themselves a 100 days to get the bill passed!

  3. I love my MP.

    Multiple parties seem to agree with the child protection rules – why not splinter it off and pass it? Same could go for other chunks of the omnibus bill, easily broken off and passed but they continue to try and push the whole kit-and-kaboodle through. I don’t like this ‘take it or leave it’ approach they have. If you actually cared about the children, truly cared, you’d split it off and pass it ASAP.

    Keep on reading, Jack.

    • They care more about using euphemistic catch phrases that appeal to Con donors than actually doing the right thing.