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Leon Benoit defers to the authority of Stephen Gordon


Conservative MP Leon Benoit seems to have issued a news release that uses the expertise of Stephen Gordon to bolster the case that the NDP is proposing a carbon tax.

Benoit alludes to University of Laval economist Stephen Gordon’s explanation that the “NDP is proposing a cap-and-trade model in which carbon is priced, their policy is essentially the same as a carbon tax.”

Stephen did indeed write those words that Mr. Benoit quotes. But here’s the sentence that came immediately after those words.

But then again, so was the cap-and-trade model the Conservatives offered as an alternative (sic) to the Liberals’ carbon tax.

And here is what Stephen has written about the Harper government’s regulatory approach.


Leon Benoit defers to the authority of Stephen Gordon

  1. Misquoting, quoting out of context…..it’s what Cons do.

    • And defending the NDP is what Wherry does…what is your point ?

      • And here’s Bill….with a prime example of a Con misquoting, quoting out of context, misusing words, general attacking etc.

        • I simply state what is factually accurate or my views on an issue. Surely this cannot be an all leftist love in here ? You do welcome views from those who are not just leftists ?

          • So far you’ve said nothing that’s factually accurate

          • Bill, I tried to start a conversation with you the other day about the Prime Minister supporting a carbon tax back in 2008 – I provided a link to the speech where by his own words he supported a carbon tax, at that point you disappeared.
            Any reason why that was, Bill? I simply stated what was factually accurate, at which point you ran off.

          • Nobody welcomes stupid.

      • Party above country for ever and always, CPC sockpuppet!

  2. Hey, they did this to Sheila Fraser, why would Mr. Gordon be safe?

  3. Pathetic! One of the oldest and dumbest tricks in the book. Looks good on these Cons. How low can we go boys and girls…ask Ignatieff and Dion…much much lower?

    • “Why, just today longtime Liberal supporter kcm2 reminded Canadians how dumb – his exact word, mind you – Dion and Ignatieff were! Ladies and gentleman, Canadians simply do not trust the Liberal Party in these times of woe, with troubles lapping at our shores.” – Stephen Harper.

      • I’m in fine company then. Despite the short comings of those two gents i’d gladly stand with them then a winner like Harper.

  4. Mr Benoit seemed to have missed this line as well:

    “as bad as you may think a carbon tax (or cap-and-trade) may be, the Conservatives’ regulation-based approach is worse.”

    • “…and just now on the internet, Mr. Gordon once again spoke out against the NDP’s carbon tax, saying – his exact words, mind you – how bad it would be! Ladies and gentlemen, in these difficult times Canadians look to the Conservative Party as the only political entity capable of providing stability.” – Stephen Harper.

    • I’m sure they didn’t.

      The PMO is giving you and Macleans the one finger salute, in case you didn’t read between the lines..

    • Having yourself on the boards makes it feel like the scene in Annie Hall with Marshall McLuhan. Too bad the Tory operative “Bill” in the thread above isn’t here.

  5. At what point, I wonder, do Conservative supporters start to feel insulted? Obviously, Harper isn’t doing this sort of thing to sway the rest of us, and they are even laughing themselves now at the entire carbon tax meme. But they are doing it for somebody. The stupid somebodies, again very obviously. Which means the Conservative Party itself thinks its supporters are stupid–maybe not CPC members, but just general “tend to vote Conservative” type supporters. I’d really hate to think they are right and there are that many really stupid Canadians.

    • I think it’s test to see just how dumb their supporters are. At what point does self-respect kick in for CPC voters? There may be no lower limit?

  6. Leon Benoit is still alive?

    • Technically, he speaks but there is no sign of brain activity.

  7. It is Université Laval, it is in Québec City. It has nothing to do with the city of Laval. It is named after Nouvelle-France’s first bishop François de Montmorency-Laval.

    • Yeah, there’s that, too – people make that mistake all the time. We get phone calls asking what the closest Montreal metro station is. “A short walk east of Honoré-Beaugrand.”