Let there be more


Michael Ignatieff talks to Bloomberg.

“We’ve got to bet the store on post-secondary education, investments in research and technology, because that’s where, it seems to me, safety lies.”

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Let there be more

  1. Interesting choice of words: “safety”…..I guess PSE is a “safe” place for some…

  2. yes yes yes

  3. Safety lies — things said in the House of Commons not subject to lawsuits.

  4. I believe you’re clutching at straws.

    I also believe, next election, Canadian voters are going to throw you an anchor. Because, you’re not worth saving.

    • What-the-hell? Here be dragons and suddenly they’re gone?

      Where’s the sport in that?

      • It appears LAF has been Laffed off the island…

  5. ‘s true enuff. Safety for politicians lies in continually expanding their powers and budgets.

  6. Post secondary education?

    Nice motherhood stuff my leader – funny that they didn’t seem to feature in the list offered you by the grassroots!
    Maybe you have this secret royal jelly that connects you telepathically to the Canadian worker bees?

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