Let us resolve this like 12 year olds on MySpace


So, like, homeboy Bob Rae goes on his blog this morning and is all like, “Don’t let them take your vote away.” Yeah!

“All weekend, I’d been hearing rumors about this, but today I was really surprised to read press reports about various MPs moving for an immediate vote to elect our Leader next Wednesday, in the Commons caucus,” he wrote. “I thought I’d seen a lot of politics over 30 years of public service, but this one really came from left field. The idea of taking away the vote from tens of thousands of grassroots activists in every part of Canada, and reducing the franchise to just 76 men and women seems so out-of-step with the modern world.  It makes you shake your head.”

And then, like, Iggy emails all his friends and writes in the subject line, “Winning the leadership the right way.” Oh, snap.

“I want to share with you that I will stand as a candidate to replace Mr. Dion under the process outlined in the party constitution, as voted upon by the delegates of the grassroots of our party at the last convention in Montreal, for replacement of a Leader who resigns prior to a leadership convention. I am doing so because our parliamentary caucus and party need leadership now to confront Stephen Harper’s Conservatives,” he says. “Should I succeed in winning the support of the national executive of the party and our caucus as leader, I remain committed to having that leadership confirmed by our party at our upcoming convention in Vancouver, as our party’s constitution requires.”


Maybe we could put it to a vote on Twitter.

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Let us resolve this like 12 year olds on MySpace

  1. Thanks for nothing Wherry. Seriously, why bother?

  2. I thought it was kind of funny anon. Why bother commenting? Oh snap! LOL.

  3. OMG. It was like so totally cool when the coalition was gonna be all that. Too bad that my peeps just didn’t get it, all thinking that they should be able to vote for the PM and junk like that, …like, duh! But this not voting for a new Liberal boss, this is so totally different. This is whack, man.

  4. I’m new to the internets – is this where we vote?

    +1 John Manley

  5. Aonymous doesn’t even have the imagination to come up with a posting name.
    Or does he / she wish to take credit for all the more imaginative Anonymous posts on the ‘Net?
    Two years ago – the current two still standing lost to a surprise candidate who came up the middle.
    They both lost because neither was perfect and without baggage back then – but more obviously because each raised antagonisms with enough other factions that a third alternative (neither of the two) – was selected.
    Not much has changed. The one with the least political experience was supposed to grow and increase in stature. Not seen much evidence of that! The other was supposed to be over the hill – had been there done that! Has at least shown some considerable statesmanship – in these last few troubled weeks.
    And now – what Bob Rae was careful NOT to point out – a meeting in secret behind closed doors – may well select one above the other.
    Does this lot not get it? They are railing apparently against a lack of democracy on the other side.
    Surely it’s time for them to rise above quoting the strictures of their constitution and find a collegial democratic solution between Prof. “On the one Hand – on the other Hand” and Bob “fast on his feet – faster with a quip” Rae – that fully uses the talents of both and avoids creating any further cracks in this party.

  6. I still think a coin-toss is the fairest way. Either that or pistols at dawn.

  7. It really is a farce. How can we sustain our apoplectic paroxysms of rage in the face of this silliness?

  8. Wascally,

    They actually both lost to a surprise coalition. Yup those flashmobs yield the best results.

  9. So former failed Ontario NDP premier Bob Rae who almost seems like an NDP deep cover plant designed to sabotage the liberal party from within, decides he want’s to violate the liberal party constitution in order to become the liberal leader.

    Hmmm. Bob sounds a bit like Stephen Harper eh? Try to win at any cost?

    They both agree along with nearly every other liberal and non liberal alike that the liberals need a new leader before jan 26th.

    Iggy states that whoever the caucus and the executive appoints must also get ratified by the grassroots at an election in May.

    So no franchise is taken away. It’s just delayed for party survival.

    The only possible loser in this is Bob Rae. Ego before party.

  10. Yep, get it on and over with. Let’s focus on the guy who didn’t think the decision by voters in October was good enough for him, and is now promoting mob rule.
    But what does ROFL mean? Right Off Flaherty’s Lies?

  11. Like, totally, whatever, y’know. I mean. Gawd.

  12. what’s a better forum?
    A) myspace
    B) smoke-filled room?

    pretty much a tossup for me.

  13. Aaron,

    I understand your embarrassment but facebook is a valid way of feeling out what grassroots members are thinking. No one said democracy was necessarily dignified, but new technologies are forcing are leaders to be more transparent about their motives and strategies. I think its a good thing. That being said the real problem is that they can’t agree to a solution to this leadership impasse. That’s why i am proposing the following as a solution on, yes…wait for it, facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=38530372477&ref=mf

    Why does it have to be Ignatieff OR Rae? How about Ignatieff AND Rae!

  14. Pistols at dawn would not be fair, Jack. Iggy needs at least until noon to beat his eye brows into submission.

  15. Rae said “76 men and women.”

    Either he’s excluding himself, or this Liberal leadership candidate doesn’t even know how many Liberal MPs are in his party.

    But why would he be excluding himself? Wouldn’t he be part of the 77 MPs that help decide, regardless of whether they support or oppose Iggy as leader? Or would he boycott the meeting altogether, and leave it to the other 76 MPs to decide?

    Unless there’s something I’ve missed?

  16. Screw coin toss: An arm wrestle!

  17. Yawn! Sitting here in Tokyo I can find no one who is overly excited about Bob Rae. He should give up – now.

  18. If the rules exist, why is it so incredibly hard for folks to just, you know, follow them?

  19. “If the rules exist, why is it so incredibly hard for folks to just, you know, follow them?”

    To be fair, those rules exist for “normal” circumstances. I’m pretty sure we can safely say the current situation is far from normal.

    That said, I think the Libs ought to be considering the long game, and install a temporary leader until a proper convention (to which everybody but Gerard Kennedy is invited).

  20. Fun math from the Liberal party, if the coalition goes through:

    The west = Newfoundland!

    (6 seats in Newfoundland, 1 in SK, 1 in MB, 1 in Yukon, 3 in BC, 0 in AB)

    Toronto is >50% of Canada!

    Francophone Quebec doesn’t matter!

  21. What a lot of hot air! Kady – can it – you could heat Toronto for a week!
    Jean Proulx’s idea has merit.
    What – he says in a rhetorical sesne – is wrong with two generally likeminded intelligent people being in charge of decision making on an alternative basis?
    Among other things – it could stop / avoid / limit either of them going off on personal tangents.
    and Lord – let’s admit it – if any of the CPC flowerpots had any cohones – they would have said much the same to Dictator Harper and Mr. Flaherty a couple of weeks ago and maybe avoided this crisis!

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