Let’s all freak out about Calgary Centre


It’s just one poll and the sample is small and the margin of error is high and the riding has never been anything other than Conservative… but for the sake of finding some excitement in this fall’s by-elections, you could imagine that Calgary Centre might be a race.

As reported by the Globe & Mailthe November survey of 376 randomly selected residents in Calgary-Centre showed Ms. Crockatt with 32% to 30% for Mr. Locke and 23% for Mr. Turner. New Democrat Dan Meades was in fourth place with 12%. The survey is considered to be accurate by plus or minus five percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

If this new survey is to be believed, then the November 26 vote could be much more exciting than most political watchers, including myself, had previously predicted. A similar survey conducted by Forum Research in October found Ms. Crockatt with 48% to 28% for Mr. Locke, 11% for Mr. Turner, and 8% for Mr. Meades. Another survey from Forum Research conducted in August found the Conservatives with 44% to 21% for the Liberals, 14% for the NDP, and 12% for the Greens. It appears that within a matter of months, the 40% margin of victory earned by former Conservative MP Lee Richardson in the 2011 federal election and 23% margin for the Conservatives found in the September survey may have completely evaporated.


Let’s all freak out about Calgary Centre

  1. This is Alberta, Some billionaire may will be willing pony up a nice campaign contribution to remedy the situation.

  2. Meh. This happens every election. Opposition parties get their hopes up. Then the vote comes.

  3. The only campaign with momentum is Chris Turner: his surge in support is even greater than the one Mayor Nenshi had (Nenshi had 16 percent 2 weeks before the poll. Turner has 23). I think we’re in for a jaw-dropping race here.

    • I believe it is Liberal candidate Harvey Locke is the one within 2% points of the Conservative frontrunner. And given Mr. Locke’s bona fides as an Environmentalist and Conservationist the green supporters (and Green supporters) should be rallying around him.

      • I’ve always said the Green Party is the number one reason why green candidates don’t get elected. If they were a political action group, throwing support behind green candidates who have a chance to win they would be so much more effective.

  4. Let’s hope 1CalgaryCentre can rally everyone around one. I don’t care which one.

  5. All I know is I heard corruption is rampant since an Muslim and his friends are in power. Stupid people vote for religious people and end up with old cult followers in power so that wisdom of separating church and state is lost. The only people that can think straight are people who have no cult of god in the way of truth reason and science.

    • So, you’d be one of the “people who can think straight”?
      I’m only asking as you start your post with “All I know’. and then you generalize. Sort of takes the sport out of making fun of you.

      • Close your eyes and just do it for reason and science, and atheism of course.

  6. Lets not and say we did.

  7. I think this is definitely going to be an exciting one to watch. Particularly Chris Turner!

    • See my response to Observer above.

  8. So the rumours that Crockatt is in trouble because genius Steve decided to parachute her into a safe seat may be true then? Chalk one up to democracy, hopefully.

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