Let’s all have a good laugh about parliamentary accountability


Unable to get via Twitter to his question about Tony Clement’s promised committee appearance, John McCallum tried the Question Period yesterday. John Baird promptly stood on Mr. Clement’s behalf and assured the House that Mr. Clement would be taking questions from a parliamentary committee at some point.

This segued nicely into a lively exchange between Charlie Angus and Mr. Clement.


Let’s all have a good laugh about parliamentary accountability

  1. And politicians wonder why people don’t vote…

    • I don’t think they do. People not voting *is* the goal for them.

      • Seems unlikely, unless they can guarantee the only ones voting will vote for their party.

        • The fewer people vote the easier it is to tailor your message to their needs.
          I think the whole “all politicians are bad (i.e. they are all the same)” message is also actively promoted by the politicians. They don’t want competition from a “new kind” of candidates.

          • But you don’t know ahead of time who will vote and who won’t…so you can’t tailor a message.

            I’ve never heard a politician say or promote the idea that they are all bad. What would be the point in that?

          • Because they’re talking directly to their base supporters who know in their hearts that the people they vote for aren’t politicians, but folk just like them.

        • They have manoeuvred the vote split quite well. 

          • This only works for Conbots…and the politicians could say anything to them and they’d still vote Con.

  2. Tony Clement is a farging disgrace and I eagerly await the most partisan Conservative voices to tell me why this is just not true.

     This is the accountability you voted for?


  3. Charlie Angus is really rather good. 

  4. I wish to shake my jowls, cluck my tongue, and stroke my beard then decry the use of the standing ovation. It was an insult to the standing ovation; unless even John Baird stood to make the ovation an insult.

  5. They all look like childish idiots. Question period has become the kind of impotent ritual the government wishes it to be.

  6. You’re only just getting around to laughing at the notion of accountability NOW Mr. Wherry?

    Please.  Accountability and transparency are SO 2006.

    Get with the times, LOL.

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