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‘Let’s be frank’


As noted elsewhere, Maxime Bernier’s Keeping It Real tour made a stop in Quebec City this weekend. The English text of his remarks is now available here.

Let’s be frank: many people in the rest of the country perceive Quebecers as a bunch of spoiled children who are never satisfied and always ask for more.

This perception has some basis in reality. It derives from 40 years of futile debates over independence; 40 years of irresponsible policies adopted by one provincial government after the other living beyond their means and getting us deeper into debt; 40 years of demands to extract yet more money from the pockets of our fellow citizens in the rest of Canada.

We have to get out of this false choice between independence and profitable federalism. We also need to put an end to policies that lead to our impoverishment and to stop expecting the rest of Canada to bail us out with more equalization money.


‘Let’s be frank’

  1. If he keeps this up he's going to displace Jason Kenney as my choice to succeed Harper.

    • I'm going have to second that motion. It will be interesting to see the how the good folks from QC react to these remarks.

      • Yah, me too. Love the idea that the Leader of the Opposition is a guy known for bedding ex-gang biker chicks…

        • As opposed to one who actively supported the Iraq war, or justified torture as a "necessary evil"? Personally, I'd take the biker chick.

      • I'm a pretty-good folk from Quebec, is that enough? I third John G.

    • If Bernier ever becomes PM, I don't want to hear his government EVER claim that any document must remain redacted for national security reasons because opposition MPS can't be trusted with sensitive material.

      • His document's aren't just sensitive, they're ribbed for her pleasure.

  2. Whoa…is he counting on the well documented shortage of feathers and hot tar to let him escape the Chateau Frontenac?

  3. Since the ' left the secrets behind at Julies ' incident people wrote off maxime .. a dangerous thing to do as he is many ways one of those people who it is very stupid to underestimate. It wouldn't surprise me in the least to have him step forward someday down the line as it were.

    • It was his choice to make at that point, wasn't it? Lame duck vs. loose cannon.

  4. Is Bernier "running" for Harper's job, or Charest's job? Or maybe he doesn't care which at this point, and perhaps is just attempting to resurrect and capturet le-centre-droit populist wave that Mario Dumont rode for awhile. Capture the base that Dumont demonstrated was there, and it will make him a player somewhere.

    • I think it's just his long, convoluted plan to win Julie back. Just read between the lines, people…

      "Let's be frank… [I was] never satisfied and always ask(ed) for more.

      "We have to get out of this false choice between [not being together]. We also need to put an end to [this tawdry attempt at milking my stupidity for self-interest] and to stop expecting [better empty suits or slinky dresses to come along. We were made for each other — call me!].

    • I should have written: Pour ceux qui veulent le lire dans sa version originale:

  5. My universe is starting to warp. This is Bernier??

  6. He's certainly a saavy politician, I'l give him that. However, musings do not a Prime Minister make. By all accounts he was an absolute disaster at foreign affairs, not just because he left a book at his girlfriends, but was completely out of his depth running a department of that size.

    • Possibly…but that stuff came out during the media feeding frenzy did it not? I'm quickly learning that once the media have whipped themselves into a frenzy over salacious stuff like this, the usual standards for fact checking and vetting go out the window. I'd take those accounts with an unhealthy portion of salt.

  7. Yet another critique of Quebec without perspective. I agree that there a lot of room for improvement in its fiscal policies and the rhetoric of the separatist movement is getting tedious. However I'm growing increasingly annoyed of people, who think of themselves as centered and objective persons, singling out Quebec as a bastion of socialism that wants sovereignty over its impoverished population and the evil English world to pay for its mountainous debt.

    Quebec does not have the biggest provincial debt, though it is sizable. The debt is not because of its socialist programs, though the efficiency of some of these programs can be put in question. Quebec does not rely on transfer money for sustainability, though the payment amount is the largest of all the provinces. The transfer payments per capita for Quebec is half of P.E.I.'s and 67% of Manitoba's.

    Can we stop the 'us vs them' mouth off?