Let’s not go to the Ex


The government’s decision to skip Expo 2012 meets with criticism from various corners.

The Liberals say the Conservatives spent $50-million to bring the G8 leaders to Tony Clement’s Ontario riding, but don’t think it’s important to invest $10-million to showcase Canada to millions of visitors at the 2012 fair. The Liberals say snubbing South Korea is shortsighted and will hurt the Canadian tourism industry and the economic recovery in general.


Let’s not go to the Ex

  1. Another incredibly short-sighted Harper decision. 
    Only Greece and Canada are begging off….both for reasons of poverty apparently.  That sends a message of confidence for investors right there eh?
    Biggest sales convention in the world and we don’t even show up!
    Not much help for BC’s ‘gateway to the Pacific’, or Ont auto trade deals.
    Although mind you, we’d probably only be pushing Mounties and maple syrup again knowing Harp, instead of high-tech or other goods.

  2. It’s mad money with that windfall coming in from BC. Actually wouldn’t be a budget expense at all.

    Aside, if The Harper Government© can spend money to make Stephen Harper™ look good, then ticketety-boo it’s done. Must be some image problem here.

  3. The media has not mentioned the following fact which impacted the decision (because Edmonton doesn’t matter to the central Canadian media).

    The Harper government refused to back Edmonton’s bid for host a World fair in 2017 to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday for budgetary deficit reasons.

    How could it possibly then justify spending money on Korea 2012?

    • I read about it in the central Canadian media…but that still doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be at the largest sales convention in the world

      After all, Harper justified Tony’s gazebos.

    • How does not supporting a bid to host the thing in future equate to not attending in present?

      There may be a competent reason why we shouldn’t participate in South Korea.  But that isn’t it.

    • So because Ottawa refused to spend money so that Edmonton *might* get a World’s Fair in a few years is an explanation as to why they refuse to spend money so that we can *definitely* promote all of Canada this year?

      In similar logic, if someone were to refuse to blow a couple hundred down at the track, obviously they can’t buy advertising for their business.


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