Let’s replace Question Period with Twitter


Yesterday, the NDP’s Pat Martin asked the government for details of its dealings with RMG. Dean Del Mastro declined to deviate from his script, so Mr. Martin took his questions to Twitter.

This morning, the Prime Minister’s press secretary tweeted a response.


Let’s replace Question Period with Twitter

  1. I hope that the opposition maintains its questioning of the government and the CPC’s use of the services of RMG.  This is the company that harrasses senior citizens in the name of the Conservative Party of Canada to extort donations from them.  A company’s rep, Don Duke, can be heard here harassing two senior citizens:


    This is the company that was involved in repeated unsollicited calls on behalf of the Conservative Party, en français,  to a senior citizen, as reported in Le Devoir earlier this week.  They told the elderly gentleman that he had promised to give $200 to the CPC and that he had to pay.  The older man, a lifelong liberal voter insisted he had made no such commitment.  Nevertheless, he received a letter, which he was able to show to Le Devoir, on CPC letterhead, thanking him for his promise to donate.

    This is what the Conservative Party of Canada does under the leadership of Stephen Harper.  They feign their ignorance of the law to justify their breaking the law.  They claim to hold dear family values while they pay good money (in fact, our money) to crooks so that they can attempt to extort money from senior citizens.

    • Gee, that sounds like Organized Crime to me.

    • Then they brag about how much better they are at fundraising. 

    • I’ve listened to the audio clip.  As I would hope most who read these Comment Boards would know, I am no friend of the Harper Conservatives or conservative ideology.
      The first conversation is quite normal I would say.  However, two of the other examples are just bizarre.  The one with person who isn’t sure that Mr. Duke is really with the Conservative Party and the woman who says to wait and talk with her husband.  They are just rude and dumb-headed.

      Maybe he’s just one “over-enthusiastic” worker in the call-centre or maybe he is indicative of the way the Conservatives run things.  I don’t know but he definitely deserved to be fired.

      • I heard the clips on As It Happens. Like you I thought they were bizarre.  After the clips ran one of the announcers (can’t remember which) quoted the CPC as saying that they fired the the guy once they heard what happened.  If he was an employee of RMG, I don’t understand why the CPC did the firing.  Anyone else hear this?

        edit – OK, I see that online articles quite Harper as saying that RMG did the firing

  2. Is Pat Martin trying to rack up as many lawsuits as he can?

    • RMG has been threatening everyone with lawsuits, and indeed the NDP.

      Maybe the Conservatives will be next…
      Le Parti conservateur assure que ses sous-traitants doivent se soumettre à des normes de professionnalisme rigoureuses. En défaut de quoi, il exige des corrections immédiates, affirme son porte-parole, Fred Delorey. «C’était un comportement inacceptable, a indiqué M. Delorey. Grâce à une surveillance et un contrôle de qualité constants, cette personne a été remerciée l’an dernier.» 

      They have fired the guy, but did they keep the money? Was it indeed passed on to the Conservative Party of Canada.

  3. We might as well get the answers right from the heart of our former parliamentary democracy: partisan appointees in the PMO. Are we going to paint the House of Commons white and rename it too?

    • The Royal House of Steve?

  4. To be honest, limiting both questions and answers to 144 characters each might actually get us somewhere.

  5. Oh my like, GAWD. Like, Tony Clement would be like, the coolest cabinet minister like, EVAH!

  6. Unfortunately, I think we’ll be stuck with QP with twits for until at least 2015.