‘Let’s show him we aren’t backing down’


A note sent to NDP members by NDP President Rebecca Blaikie.

My Fellow New Democrat,

Yesterday Stephen Harper took aim at Tom Mulcair, launching Conservative attack ads right across Canada.

We need your help right now to fight back. A donation of $5, $10 or $20 can make all the difference.

You and I have seen it before – Stephen Harper will do anything to get his way.

The Conservatives are hoping to divert attention away from their scandals by attacking Tom Mulcair – who is standing up against their reckless agenda. They think they can bully New Democrats by spending money on attack ads – because we aren’t backed by big oil and gas companies like they are.

And that’s why I’m writing you.

We need your help right now to fight back against Stephen Harper’s baseless attack ads. Let’s make sure he doesn’t get away with dirty political games. Donate $5, $10 or whatever you can afford – right now.

Stephen Harper knows that Tom Mulcair is his biggest threat. He knows that only New Democrats stand in his way.

Let’s show him we aren’t backing down.

Rebecca Blaikie
Canada’s New Democrats


‘Let’s show him we aren’t backing down’

  1. I wonder if they take donations from non-members? Time for a little strategic donating.

    • The answer, regardless of who the “they” is, is yes.

  2. Time to re-new and up the e-z monthly payment to NDP.ca.

    • It’s perfectly fitting that Wherry’s blog serve as a fundraising and promotion arm for the opposition parties.

      • I don’t remember your comment when Wherry showed the attack ad that brought on this fundraising letter. Surely, you were equally outraged at Wherry shilling for the Cons?

        • Apparently you have trouble understanding this thing called “context”.

  3. Not surprised that Wherry gets e-mails addressing him as a “Fellow New Democrat”. Also not surprised that as a member of the NDP he’d use his blog to raise funds for his preferred party.

    But I would expect better from Macleans.

    I sure hope this doesn’t turn into another scam, like that Liberal fundraising letter requesting funds to fight back. A lot of people donated to a campaign that never happened. Most people would call that fraud. But not Canada’s left! To them, it’s “fund raising”.

    • So if I want to donate to the Conservatives can I send it to Rack Nine and you’ll forward it?

      • Not sure, since I have no connection with anything called Rack Nine. But you can send it to me personally, I’ll be sure they get it.

        • Why then, again, does your name link to it?

          • What in the world are you talking about? Time to get back on your meds.

          • Ah – I see you’ve changed it from Rick Omen >I drinkinthemorning>Racknine to Rick Omen>Idrinkinthemorning>Pat Martin MP. So now that he’s apologized to you are you still taking him to court?

          • LOL! Do you really think I’m Matt Meier?! Here’s something fun for you to Google: “302 Redirect”. It’s not that complicated. But at least I’m having some fun driving you wingnuts crazy! :D

          • No I think you’re just a hired bot. They come and go on here like flies to honey.

          • By “hired bot”, I assume you mean anybody you disagree with. Why the hell else would you waste your time responding to a computer program?

          • Yes, everybody and anybody who makes posts that JanBC doesn’t agree with is a “hired bot”.
            And everybody and anybody on here who makes anti-Harper, anti-CPC, pro-Liberal or pro-Dipper posts is a completely impartial, non-partisan, concerned citizen.
            I’m not making this up.

          • You don’t recognize when people are regurgitating talking points? You need to pay more attention then.

          • Oh, I recognize it. And many of the self-described “progressive” posters on here are every bit as guilty on that count as some of the conservative posters. And if you’re not willing to admit that, then you’re either obtuse or dishonest.

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