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Let’s talk about abolishing the Senate

The NDP attempts to win House approval for the end of the red chamber


The New Democrats have decided to go with their first of their three aforementioned options and the House will spend tomorrow debating whether to abolish the Senate. Presumably the motion will be defeated—with the Conservatives and Liberals voting against—but the discussion might prove interesting, especially insofar as someone will, presumably, have to defend the Senate’s existence.

The NDP has, in the past, attempted to defund the Senate.


Let’s talk about abolishing the Senate

  1. I can’t think of any reasons to keep it beyond tradition and patronage….assuming anyone sees those as valid.

    Reasons to abolish…..useless, expensive, unnecessary, duplication….and the occasional bozo eruptions which distract from serious matters.

    • It’s the one part of our legislature that has a lack of incentive to short-term thinking over long-term thinking.

      • That’s the theory.

        In 66 years, I’ve never seen it happen.

        • Your lack of attention is hardly relevant.

          • You’ve never seen it happen either, so don’t try to be cute.

  2. Abolish the Senate.

    No more need to talk about it!

  3. And who is going to dictate the abolition of the Senate? Certainly not the current PM. What’s the point of mindlessly repeating ‘let’s abolish the Senate”? That’s not going to happen before the SCC opinion.

  4. Only if we discuss a replacement. We need a bicameral system.

    • No we don’t.

    • Why? Bad legislation shouldn’t make it past House committees, and if it does, we have a court system that can reverse unconstitutional laws.

      I’m tired of paying for Mulroney’s/Chretien’s/Martin’s/Harper’s bagmen.