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Let’s try this again


Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has now tabled the second version of the 2011 budget—the prepared text of Mr. Flaherty’s speech to the House is here.

The two new measures are, as expected, $2.2-billion to complete a tax harmonization agreement with Quebec and an end to the per vote subsidy for political parties.

It will surely come as some surprise that neither the New Democrats nor the Liberals seem keen to support the budget.


Let’s try this again

  1. With lots of new spending, while the global financial crisis worsens.

  2. Try?


    Call it done.

  3. Why was the $2.2 billion Quebec harmonization agreement not included in the last budget?

    • They hadn’t concluded the agreement with Quebec at that time.

      • Yeah, but the agreement still isn’t finalized, so (OMG am I really about to say this) Dennis F has a point.