Liberal motion on statements by members is defeated -

Liberal motion on statements by members is defeated

A proposed reform is set aside in favour of standing


With the vote breaking along party lines—Liberals and New Democrats in favour, Conservatives opposed—the Liberal proposal to amend the standing order related to statements by members was defeated this evening by a vote of 150-96


Liberal motion on statements by members is defeated

  1. Scheer saves Harper then…i guess that’s not necessarily a bad thing; if the dissenters[or anyone else] actually find the courage to actually stand up on matters of real principle for them, from time to time. Not impressed yet!

    • Did you know that Justin wasn’t in the House to vote on his own motion?

      • Yawn

        • Exactly! That’s what I did when finding out that Justin was not that committed to a cause: Yawn!

          • difficult to be committed when you’re in Labrador. What do you expect him to do – apperate into the house for the vote?

          • Yes, difficult indeed to make choices when being a leader. What was PM Harper to do when Warawa came to the fore with his abortion issue?

            Had Harper made the choice to let MP’s open up the abortion debate, then he would have been accused of breaking his promise to the electorate.

            Harper has made the choice to not let MP’s bring the topic of abortion into the House, as promised, and now he is being accused by many people that he muzzles his MP’s.

            What to do when standing between a rock and a hard place? Are we not accustomed into thinking that Harper is controlling everything that goes on? Aren’t we surprised when finding out that is not true. And so Justin will have to make his choices, and he has made some over the last few days. One must live by the choices having been made! That’s life!

          • Except that Harper already DID, so this is a case of closing the barn door after the horses bolted. Promise already broken; what harm allowing another motion to come forward (and likely fail)?

          • Had Harper made the choice to let MP’s open up the abortion debate, then he would have been accused of breaking his promise to the electorate.

            As Keith’s already pointed out, that ship sailed months ago when Harper let his MPs re-open the abortion debate back in September.

            The argument that Harper must silence his MPs now in order to keep an election promise that the Tories ALREADY BROKE is weak sauce.

          • You know what I find weak sauce?

            When a new leader remains in hiding all weak this week, while others set the record straight for him.

            At least Harper knows that when things go sideways on him, he will have to stand on his own record. No need for the presses to point that out!

            The presses have all turned out to be Justin’s excuses in the making. Good for Canada, some do say! Can you believe that!

          • So, your reply to “The Prime Minister broke a promise to the electorate” is “the leader of the third place party isn’t in the public eye enough”?

            What kind of sauce is that?

          • The question of where life begins is a very fundamental question.

            Life of a leadership depends on how well such life is being defended.

            That kind of sauce!

          • The question of where life begins is a very fundamental question.

            Life of a leadership depends on how well such life is being defended.

            Wait a second. Just a second ago you were attacking Trudeau’s leadership. Now you’re back to attacking Harper’s?

      • The reason Trudeau was not in the house was because the Cons bumped the day this motion was originally slated for – Monday – to Wednesday. Trudeau had scheduled to be in Labrador on Wednesday, expecting this motion to be dealt with by then, in support of the liberal candidate in the byelection, called due to election irregularities in the last election by the Conservative candidate.

        Many believe this was done for partisan advantage and to give conbots talking points. Not to mention that Wednesdays allow for less time to debate a motion. 2 hours instead of 4.

        • And many of us believe that if Justin is serious about parliamentary reform, he better deliver. Presenting a motion to have members in alphabetical order when put on a list to speak is like saying: The list is fair enough.

          But what Justin has not done, is give his own back benchers the freedom to speak or vote on issues they want to speak on.

          Anyone can place MP’s in alphabetical order, as Justin tried to do, but that tells us nothing. Absolutely nothing.

          • Oh silly me. Of course a comment results in another talking point. Well played FV.

          • You do realize that Trudeau doesn’t actually control the alphabet, don’t you?

          • But you do realize that Justin does not want his MP’s to talk abortion, right?

  2. Trudeau didn’t even show up to vote on his own motion.

    • Yup. Campaigning in Labrador … an event that was scheduled
      before the Connies pulled their jiggery-pokery with the
      parliamentary schedule after he announced he would be going.

      • Jones is 40 points ahead, hardly in need of a boost.
        Trudeau trying to bask in someone elses limelight, and avoid the embarrassment of his motion to put members statements in ‘alphabetical order’ was defeated, didn’t work as a wedge between CPC MPs.

        • Of course, had he not gone we would not hear the end of his refusal to go campaign, and somehow that proves he is “Not Yet A Leader.”

          • Sucks to be treated like Harper has been treated all this time, not?

            Yup, being in a leadership position ain’t easy. Did Justin not know this going in?

          • Francien “4203 comments” Verhoeven. Do you have a life off the internet or is this about it? Is so, let me be the first to say how sad.

          • Thank you so much for keeping score. It seems to interest you. And you know what they say: try to spend your days doing what interests you (or me). And I like sitting here day after day commenting. Seems to be a problem for you but not so for me. Thank you for being concerned about me, but there is no need to be concerned about me. I am an adult and am capable of making my own choices.

            And besides, the garden is still full of snow. The planting and seeding of vegetables has to wait in any case……..sad, eh all that snow still waiting to be melted. :))))))

            Oh, and please keep commenting on my behaviour if that’s what interests you. I have no problem with that.

          • 4234 comments and counting….while you are excited about being noticed all I can do is yawn. But by all means keep going :-)

          • Thank you for reading my posts. You must think my posts are worth reading. I appreciate that.

    • Trust Fund Trudeau was busy fundraising and campaigning, that’s all he knows how to do. He knows that if he starts talking about actual issues or governing, he’ll just put his foot in his mouth, again. Pretty sure his handlers will be trying to keep him as far away as possible from the TV cameras until 2015.

      • Of course, if he’d flown back to Ottawa after the Tories changed the opposition day at the last minute he’d have been labelled a high flying dilettante, jetting across the country just to attend a vote about the alphabet.

        • He’s still a high flying dilettante. The guy can’t seem to show up in HoC, always campaigning. But I guess the “never ending campaign” is only a bad thing if the person in question is a Conservative, right?

          • I think you’ve found a winning strategy for the Tories.

            Every time Trudeau has a campaign or fundraising event, change the schedule of the House at the last minute, and then complain that every time something important comes up he’s off campaigning!

          • Oh please. Trust Fund Trudeau’s got one of the worst attendance records in the HoC. It’s not like this is the first time he’s missed an important vote, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

            If he wants to be PM, he should at least make it appear that he’s there to do the people work, and not just working for the LPC and his own self promotion.

  3. And so how did the restless and noble Backbench 10 vote? Did their nards get sucked back up inside their weak guts?

  4. If we acknowledge the alphabet, the terrorists win. Putting things in alphabetical order is just the type of freedom-hating, snooty intellectualism I’d expect from a TEACHER (ptooie!).